Not long after the New York Times article of December 16 2017, many people came to twitter to focus on the UFO subject, some to network and engage in activism directed towards journalists and politicians, others to provide developing news via blogs, and others to talk and share.

Over time various mainstream journalists and public influencers joined in as full participants. And, with the subsequent bursts of news, many other people joined in.

There have seen many emotional ups and downs at this venue, a lot of snarkiness, egoic posturing, desperate attention-seeking, and even most recently (August 2021) the launching of a lynch mob upon a researcher/investigator.

At the very least, the value of ufotwitter in show casing the immature features of our species so graphically should be recognized. These are the issues we have to address in order to enable an adult entry into the galactic milieu. This mess becomes treasure when seen in this light.