A Journal, Volume One

March 5 2022

Alot has happened related to the so-called UFO subject since the ground-breaking NY Times article of December 16 2017. Much of the focus of the extensive chronicling by many individual communication vehicles and publications has been on the growing governmental coming to terms with significant realities or “facts of life” long ignored, denied, stigmatized and ridiculed. I won’t focus on that side of this story, ie the long coverup history and efforts to effect disclosure. Instead, I will chronicle unfolding revelations and understandings related to the intelligences associated with what is called most commonly now The Phenomenon.

The Phenomenon is the evident presence of a very advanced technology exhibited by craft operating in the multiple arenas of air, land, undersea, and outer space and includes the observation of multiple types of non human beings (as well as signs of forms of artificial intelligences.)

This journal will also share speculative musings regarding The Phenomenon, by me but mostly coming from others.

This website has emphasized the presentation of information related to cases of close encounters of the third and fourth kind so this journal will continue to stay in that lane, chronicling what I hope is a deepening understanding of the presence of “others” existing and operating covertly for the most part, but seemingly becoming progressively more visible since growing human developments especially in the aftermath of World War 2.

March 6 2022

Near the end of 2021, articles appeared based on an interview of a Cambridge University scientist by the BBC’s Science FOCUS magazine that gives an explanatory basis for why we appear to see so many humanoid beings in these close encounter reports.


While most cases reveal beings who are human-like, there are notable variations in the biological features from the homo sapiens appearance. These variations can be understood to be due to different types of suns, atmospheric pressure, atmospheric content, gravity and other planetary conditions.

Simon Conway Morris, an evolutionary paleobiologist in the Cambridge Department of Earth Sciences, asserted with confidence that evolution in other settings around the universe has led to the rising of human-like beings. The theory underlying this proposition is called “convergent evolution”. An online definition: “In evolutionary biology, convergent evolution is defined as the process whereby distantly related organisms independently evolve similar traits to adapt to similar necessities.”.

Another Cambridge scientist (a zoologist) named Arik Kershenbaum also has addressed the question of evolution on other planets and came to the same viewpoint, as he is quoted here in a Quanta magazine article from early 2021: “Because evolution is the explanatory mechanism for life everywhere, then the principles we uncover on Earth should be applicable in the rest of the universe.”


March 7 2022

Rice University has been the scene just now of a multiple-days conference called Archives of the Impossible:


Lead paragraph from above article:

“The Archives Of The Impossible conference at Rice University in Houston celebrated some of the biggest names in paranormal academia, UFO history and the massive vault of archives that house  the work and notes of Jacques Vallee, Whitley Strieber, Ed May (physicist contracted by CIA during Stargate program) ,Richard Haines (ex-NASA scientist)and others. While the conference was supposed to happen in October of last year, it was delayed due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The conference offered a hybrid virtual and limited in-person attendance, and also served as  an initiative coming to fruition after 6 years.”

March 8 2022

Some observations from Jacques Vallee and Whitley Strieber, given to reporter/author at Archives of the Impossible conference recently held at Rice University:


March 12 2022

A Harvard staff writer ponders the question of how we may be able to communicate with ETs and mutually comprehend each other.

How to talk to extraterrestrials

Harvard scientist Avi Loeb is mentioned. Loeb has become a figure known to be addressing the UFO subject despite being a part of a major academic institution that has kept the subject at arm’s length.

My own major takeaway from the above article is that in pondering the possible nature and dynamics of communication with off-world beings, what has been observed as happening in close encounter of the third and fourth kind interactions is not referenced at all.

It is largely the purpose of this website to change that ignoring…..and the reservation in factoring in this information from those types of encounter reports.

March 14 2022

Stuart Davis recently interviewed Jim Semivan, a retired CIA employee (25 years with the Directorate of Operations, retired in 2007). Semivan opened up a little about his (and wife’s) contacts with non human intelligences (first around 1990):



The archived “paranormal” material at Rice University includes the housing in a collection library the letters sent to Whitley Strieber by people sharing close encounter experiences. There are thousands of such letters, a small percentage already shared in the book The Communion Letters. For more info, and links:


March 19 2022

The various presentations at the recent Archives of the Impossible conference at Rice University are being posted at Youtube now. Whitley Strieber uses the account related in one of the letters sent to him as a metaphoric and mythic story revealing a progressive and adaptive thread of contact with present non human beings in a manner that is not paralyzed with fear, though stress is involved:

March 27 2022

An academic anthology of papers has just been published by Cambridge, many writings UFO-related:

April 8 2022

After a long wait to hear the release date for the documentary about the mass encounter event at the Ariel Elementary School in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, a notice went up that the website for it is undergoing changes to reflect the film’s release in April 2022!



All but one of the 38 science papers/studies done for the previous DOD-based UFO program known informally as AATIP (Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program have had the text released publically via FOIA requests. The English tabloid The Sun was one such recipient and that lead to sensationalistic and lurid wording and headlines concerning unintended biological effects experienced by those experiencing encounters with unknown and advanced technological systems. Some screenshots from the paper stirring all this recent excitement:

The above list of references is the first of four reference pages.

All of the 37 studies can be accessed here:


The tabloid coverage:


A more serious publication interviewed the author of the relevant paper, revealing unintended biological effects to many military personnel affected by the energy from craft:


The author, Dr. Christopher Green, was noted observing:

“The Wayne State School of Medicine professor said he believed some of the injuries he has seen arose from patients being too close to ‘subtle, highly powered, highly modulated microwaves’ and suggested in his study that soldiers could have been accidentally hit with powerful radio or electromagnetic frequencies from the propulsion systems of these strange hovering and rapidly moving aircraft.”

Here is an example from a case published by Ardy Clarke:

“The 2nd case profiled in this chapter involves a bright young woman whose father has Ardy meet with to encourage her return to college. She works an ordinary job and shares with Ardy the reason why she feels pursuing the path of an engineer no longer mattered.

The woman shares her story accompanied by a cousin (in college studying chemistry) who was part of the incident. The conversation (like all interviews by Ardy,tape recorded) starts by the woman noting she heard Ardy collected encounter stories and she proceeds to relate what happened to her and 3 cousins when they went camping “last August” before school’s start:

“About a mile up the canyon, that’s where we saw it, Jennifer said. It was a huge circular object with red and white throbbing lights at the bottom that lit the canyon wall. I can’t forget the lights. They gave a reddish glow to everything.

Yeah, added Rosebud, it was the reddest red I’ve ever seen. Almost like a bright red burgundy……

….We just froze in our tracks when we saw it, said Rosebud. The horses spooked and balked. We dismounted. We were afraid of being seen. Terrence insisted we just leave and go back to Grandma’s and forget the whole thing.”

Jennifer, though, is curious and they move closer:

“As Tererence steered Rosebud closer to the canyon wall, Jeff walked out in full view of the craft. I started to follow him and that’s when it happened. He disappeared. He was gone in an instant.”

They quietly wait two hours for Jeff, hidden in the shadows of the canyon walls. Eventually they see him walking “out of the bright light like nothing had happened”. The craft slowly ascends, clears the canyon walls and rapidly departs.

Jeff remembers nothing. His body has become disturbingly reddened and he feels very sick. The doctors at the clinic diagnose a bad sunburn and keep Jeff at the clinic for a few days.”


The Webb Space Telescope has been doing well in preparing to do its work…..a process planned for 6 months. Discerning signs in the atmospheres of exoplanets, with 3 planets in the Trappist solar system 40 light years away a likely an early job for Webb, may bring us earthshattering news soon:


April 17 2024

Lynda Thompson raises key points to address in “protecting experiencers and abductees”:


April 29 2020


May 12 2022

A documentary has been done on a group I co founded in the 1990s:

A subcommittee of the House Intelligence Committee will a hold on May 17 open hearing questioning 2 Pentagon figures regarding the setting up of a UFO program.