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(With a special emphasis on the often stigmatized close encounter cases of the third and fourth kind.)  


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General Overview and Hypotheses

Lecture: Introduction (includes summary of the hypotheses)

Lecture 15: And, in conclusion…

The United States Government and UFOs

U.S. Government and UFOs lecture series, part 1

U.S. Government and UFOs, lecture series part 2 (conclusion)

2022 Defense Legislation Establishes New UAP Program, part one of text

2022 Defense Legislation Establishes New UAP Program, part two of text

Close Encounters of the Third and Fourth Kind

Close Encounters of the Third and Fourt Kind lecture series, part 1

Close Encounters of the Third and Fourth Kind lecture series, part 2 (conclusion)

Paper: South American CE3 cases from 1976 Lorenzen book

Paper: Light and Energy Phenomenon in Close Encounters of the 3rd & 4th Kind

Paper: A Systematization of Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s Published Cases (part one)

Paper:. A Systemization of Cases Published by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, part two

Paper: Profiles of Varied Extraterrestrial Presences from the Third and Fourth Books by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke (part one: The Gray and Mantid Group)

Paper: Profiles of Varied Extraterrestrial Presences from the Third and Fourth Books of Cases Published by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, part two,

 Paper: Part One Sample of Close Encounters Cases

Paper: Part Two Sample of Close Encounter Cases (1900-1940)

Facebook Thread Examining Hypnosis As Memory Recall Tool

Military/UFO Encounters

Military/UFO Encounters lecture series

Civilian UFO Groups and Efforts

Paper: History of Civilian UFO Investigations

Examining Notions of Ancient Aliens


Paper: The gods of ancient India and Persia

Paper: The Birth of Civilizations and the Gods

Paper: Part 2 of The Birth of Civilizations and the Gods


Introduction to Xenology (Courses by Manuel Lamiroy)

Humanoid Catalogue (Center for UFO Studies)

Albert Rosales Online Archive of Close Encounter Compilation

Close Encounter Cases Collected/Investigated by Preston Dennett (YouTube)

 Exophenotypes (Developing Paper by Manuel Lamiroy)

International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research 


In Lecture number 1, a suggested outline of this course of study for academic institution is introduced:

Lecture One: Introduction

Lecture Two: Military/UFO Encounters, part one

Lecture Three: NY Times, May 26 2019, gives 5 US Navy pilots a voice

Lecture Four: Military/UFO Encounters, part 3

Lecture Five: American Government’s Very Beginning Examination of UFOs

Lecture Six: Project Grudge, February 1949 to March 1952

Lecture Seven: The Shifting to the Debunking Mode and the Robertson Panel Agenda

Lecture Eight: 1953-1969, US Government Tries to Put UFOs Out of Sight

Lecture Nine: Surveying the Databases for Close Encounters of 3rd and 4th Kind Cases

Lecture Eleven: Overview of Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Lecture Twelve: Overview of Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (with new sub-category added)

Lecture Thirteen: The Issue of Hidden Government Programs

Lecture Fourteen: Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind and Military and Intelligence Officials

Lecture Fifteen: And, in conclusion….

Enabling Ourselves for Relations with Advanced Intelligences

Our situation looks dire as a significant number of human beings are slipping into madness and dark nastiness and a deepening narcissism that may very well turn out to be a major factor in manifesting an extinction-level of us and other species.

The acuity is such that an old familiar phrase, “working on ourselves”, comes to mind as the task needed to liberate ourselves. That task necessarily requiring individual work and also at the level of the whole culture.

The nature of this work doesn’t entail strained muscles nor a pressured self-consciousness striving for an idealized goal. It also doesn’t require the common vocabulary of the New Age movement where this type of work is often burdened with sore muscles and fruitless striving in search of an abstracted Ideal (“love and light”, “higher dimensions”, “higher frequencies”, etc).

The New Age movement and the UFO movement now often intersect in ways that seem to be manifesting a breeding ground for new religious movements. The New Age movements forming since the beginning of the 1970s represent a cultural appropriation and remaking of a variety of long developed spiritual tools and insights from animistic paganism, the subtle perceptions of shamanism, the transformative energies of the medieval Tantric practices of India and many other places, and the primary liberating realization in the radical non dual practices and teachings of Advaita Vedanta, Kashmir Shaivism, Dzogchen, and in the esoteric streams of the 3 major world religions.

Looking at the traits evident in close encounters of the 3rd and 4th kind, we see beings with capacities and an awareness far beyond the common attainment of human beings. In fact, based on those types of cases, the Pentagon program known as the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program produced a slide for apparently internal presentations and which we know about from it emerging after it was found at an unsecured page at Christopher Mellon’s website.

It is now known famously as Slide 9. Its contents:

“DoD Threat Scenario (AATIP Sub-Focus Areas)

The science exists for an enemy of the United States to manipulate both physical and cognitive environments in order to penetrate U.S. facilities, influence decision makers, and compromise national security

— Psychotronic weapons
 — Cognitive Human Interface
 — Penetration of solid surfaces
 — Instantenous sensor disassembly
 — Alteration/Manipulation of biological organisms
 — Anomalies in the space/time construct
 — Unique cognitive interface experiences
DoD Advantages
 — DoD has been involved in similiar experiments in the past
 — DoD has relationships with renowned subject matter experts
 — DoD controls several facilities where activities have been detected
What was considered “phenomena” is now quantum physics”

In the traditions of India, yogic-meditation practices often have the side effect of manifesting what are called “siddhis”, meaning powers or enhanced capacities. The primary point of such practices is not to cultivate those powers but for the direct realization of ones essential nature as the sense of Being, non dual and non local Consciousness Itself and unconditioned Bliss.

The above capacities in the DoD slide are siddhis being examined by them, as noted in the final lines. That includes remote viewing and psychokinetic experiments.

The unusual capacities described above are commonly reported in cases of close encounters of the 3rd and 4th kind:

Bodily penetration of solid surfaces
Going invisible and reappearing
Psychokinetic control of human biology, neurologically.

One of my favorite stories from Dr. Ardy Clarke’s first book involves a snow plow driver from Alaska who is astonished by a small sized alien able to go from outside his cab to inside by just instantly appearing there. He asks about it and receives a telepathically delivered answer that humans also had this potential: “He said I could do it too. I just had to learn to use my brain in the right way. I didn’t understand what he meant.”

We have the tools already in place, developed naturally by us over a long span of time, that should by themselves enable our capacity to relate to advanced non human Intelligences. There is no need to sit at the feet of either an alien or human savior either, which would be a disempowering colonization of our being.

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