A Necessary Briefing

Congress through relevant committees is now addressing the issue of “unidentified aerial phenomena”. The rise in reported incidents by military personnel is the driver behind this direction of attention and energy. (A few full time twitter debunkers of all things “UAP” assert that “UFO fanatics” conned Congress into addressing this mystery.)

At this point, the near-end of 2022, the NDAA and IAA legislation appropriating funds for the Pentagon and Intelligence Community contain language which will free people to testify unencumbered by non disclosure agreements and classification laws. And, the pending bills also contain a reference to bringing forth information about retrieved technology.

Therefore, given reports of people waiting to testify about sensitive “legacy” special access programs related to the signs of a very advanced technology operating amidst military operations and alleged attempts to understand and exploit that tech, we may be getting to the point where attention will naturally gravitate to seeking out the identities of those behind the growing exhibitions of technology still beyond the reach of human capabilities.

It appears that current focusing remains fixed on examining sightings of craft. The intelligences behind the presence of these varying unidentified craft remain faceless. And, so far, public examinations and discussions haven’t begun to rectify this “facelessness”.

Close encounter of the third kind cases, where beings associated with UFOs are seen or even interacted with, is an aspect of Ufology that has historically even made many Ufologists nervous and avoid in order to safeguard their reputation both inside and outside this field of study.

Two prominent features of these cases contribute to suppressing interest in looking in this direction: high strangeness events, essentially magical displays apparently from an extremely advanced technology, and the Oz factor, the evident manipulation of human perceptions and neurology.

The time has come to prepare concise and effective briefing material to prepare the press, Congress, and all of us to go into this strange territory, where only rare figures have gone to chart honestly and others roamed to unfortunately exploit and create cultic religious like movements.