Chronicle of Current Events, Volume 1

October 15 2018

It has been a year since the press conference announcing the formation of To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences and there is alot of summary recapping to do to get this Chronicle record caught up.

The 1st entries here will attempt to do that, but without so many of the distracting storylines and issues that many amateur journalists and researchers (like on YouTube and blogs) attempt to bring to our attention.

That public conversation Luis Elizondo wants us to start having, basicly examining the impact of ET visitation on us Sapiens, has not as yet taken hold. Despite intense media coverage for a couple of weeks after the big NY Times story on Decemver 16 2017, there are as yet no signs whatsoever of any such conversation.

Maybe when the attention-grabbing pig named Trump is removed, or resigns after a plea bargain, then maybe we will have enough O2 left in the room to begin a focus on this, together.

Right now, we have a 2015 survey of Americans by IPSOS to help us understand the current status of attitudes re: UFOs and possibility that there is, and has been, ET visitation.

While over 50% feel there are UFOs, that doesn’t mean folks necessarily think they are signs or indicators of an alien presence in our midst.
A significant plurality do, though, with 45% feeling ET visitation is a fact. It looks like about a fifth of Americans think we are alone overall while 79% do think there is life elsewhere in the universe.

Here is the link to the IPSOS detailed report:

October 16 2018

Watching Tom DeLonge having to waste so much of his valuable time yesterday in addressing lazy and erroneous reporting of a $37 million TTSAAS debt, I realized that any significant recapping, beyond brief references, would be a wasteful use of this chronicle.

Instead I will focus on core and generic issues related to us adapting to or coming to terms with an extraterrestrial presence potentially existing in our sphere of existence here on this planet.

So, recaps here will entail more of a focus on stuff like this case and the implications from it and others:

While You Tube journalists and analyst/commentators are often full of the type of tasty crap for which there is a significant market, I am with Luis Elizondo in regarding the oddly named “UFO Jesus” channel as pretty good in addressing the type of issues requiring more of our focus. Here UFO Jesus examines why the big reveal of last December has essentially been greeted with a collective yawn:

October 18 2018

Back in April after midnight one night, sitting by a west facing window with a view of a close by hill dense with trees and spotted with homes, a blast of light suddenly shone thru the window. Then I saw moving silently just above the tops of trees a massive rectangular craft with a large number of red lights on the bottom, which had perhaps groves… I just saw the following fresh report posted at the website of the National Reporting Center. (BTW, several weeks ago I finally shared on my now deleted Facebook, set to friends only–thus 60 people, what I had seen.)

And, seeing it, OMG:

 NUFORC Home Page 
Web Report Indexes : by Event Date | by Location | by Shape | by Posting Date

National UFO Reporting CenterSighting ReportOccurred : 10/12/2018 06:00 (Entered as : 10/12/2018 6:00)
Reported: 10/18/2018 1:07:48 PM 13:07
Posted: 10/18/2018
Location: Simsbury, CT
Shape: Rectangle
Duration:60 secondsI am a stay at home mom, who has never paid much attention to UFO’s. 

Last Friday, my kids were still asleep in bed, when I awoke at 6 am. I was in the bathroom and it was completely dark outside. All the sudden I noticed a bright light shining in through a large window. The light was travelling slowly across the bathroom floor, which has 3 large windows in it. I noticed it immediately, as we live deep in the forest, far away from neighbors. Our house is located on 8 acres of forested land, and the bathroom is on the second floor. 

I walked over to the window and looked up, and to my utter shock and amazement, I saw a gigantic rectangular shape moving slowly just above the tree line. The window was open, and I heard a low humming noise coming from it. I was awestruck as I tried to make sense of what I was witnessing. The craft was as large as a 747 airplane in length, as it slowly passed by. I couldn’t see any of the sides or the top as it was so low down and close to our home, less then 50 feet from the house. I could only see the bottom, which was filled with rows of red and white lights. There were 3 rows of glowing illuminated white round lights the whole length of the craft on each side, for a total of 6 rows. In between the white rows of lights were 2 rows of red glowing lights. The lights were dim, similar to car headlights pulling up in front of the house at night, but were clearly round shaped.

It was only one single craft, and due to its size and low flight above our home, it blocked out the night sky as it hovered slowly past.

I was frozen in the spot, and didn’t even think to run and try to capture the image on my phone, which wasn’t on me. At each of the four corners were red blinking lights. The shape was definitely flat and rectangular, like nothing I have ever seen in my life.

The craft glided by for about 60 long seconds, and slowly drifted out of my line of sight, over the trees. As it got further away, the lights turned to look bluish, and I could no longer see the detail of the round lights. I called my husband right away, as he had already left for work, and then I called to report it to the local police, who had not received any other calls and didn’t know how to respond.

I was very scared to witness this, and am still having a hard time coming to terms with it. I know it was much too large to be a drone of any type, and all other indications about its shape, sound, height, and movement prevent me from believing it was anything identifiable as man made.

((NUFORC Note: We spoke via telephone with both the wife and husband, and both of them seemed to us to be responsible, sober-minded people. We strongly suspect that the wife’s account above is accurate, and a sincere account of a strange event. PD))

October 21 2018

Just posted the beginning portion of a USG report on the 2004 USS Nimitz incidents that was published by TTSAAS after Harry Reid enabled their release to Las Vegas journalist George Knapp, here:

Here is the portion presenting the eyeopening and jaw dropping “key assessments”:


Soon after Ed Komarek and I co founded Ooeration Right to Know and organizers came forth to enable a rally and demonstration at the White House in Juky 1993, I had identified our 2 key goals:

1) to promote a more serious inquiry of the ufo mystery…and,
2) to encourage disclosure of classified ufo related material.

Thanks to the Associated Press report on our July 1993 event including a quote by me stating these goals, millions of people saw them (As grand Marshall I was onstage at Lafayette Park laying out the rules for demonstrating on the white House sidewalk and I had made general remarks.)

After the revelations coming out first through the doors of the NY Times and onto countless TV news broadcast sets and into newspapers, it seemed at least a partial or beginning fulfillment of our goals had been met.

But, like noted in an earlier entry, the public conversation hasn’t started yet.

Since that is the case, we have to look at the fields of anthropology and psychology and historical studies in order to examine factors in us that suppress the start of a public conversation on this.

In an earlier entry I mentioned the analysis by “UFO Jesus” (young man named Ryan) at his popular you tube channel—thank God a sensible one.

He proposes that us sapiens as a rule are not free thinkers and require the “daddy” authority of governments worldwide releasing classified material to a greater and faster degree in order for this conversation to be jump started.

October 22 2018

In line with the discussion on public inhibition in applying pressure to even address the ufo issue, here in three parts is the late James Moseley speaking to us at the 1993 White House demonstration and making the point we needed more people to respond:

October 29 2018

As part of the catching up recap, here is a link to an informative presentation by TTSAAS associate Dr. Hal Puthoff this past summer in Las Vegas:

Fresh in the news is what seems to be some upcoming new revelations. Luis Elizondo and Tom DeLonge were just in Rome for a public conference presentation and TV appearance and also for private meetings with government and Vatican officials.

Am attempting to sort it out via chosen info sources on twitter.

A boo boo by Luis in his slide show, wherein he showed as real that famous lens flare photo wrongly used as a photo showing UFOs buzzing the capital bldg in DC in 1952, is causing yet another distracting stir.

TTSAAS will, for the second time in 11 months, will say “oops” and “sorry”, but undoubtedly some will waste their time and energy fixating on this.

October 30 2018

Joe Murgia took the time to do a transcription of the Elizondo and DeLonge public presentation in Rome:

November 10 2018

The UFO Jesus channel latest report shares the content of Luis Elizondo’s resignation letter to James Mattis and discusses the exposed forces within DOD and the Intel community suppressing both attention and info on this matter:

As you can see, Ryan gets upset over these obstacles and the secrecy imposed.

Yet, it became clear to me, watching various folks try to jumpstart on social media activism efforts for disclosure, that almost no one was responding to attempts to apply public pressure for disclosure.

Maybe we should focus on the subject itself and perhaps stop wasting so much time on “coverup” issues?

Decades ago, Donald Keyhoe steered alot of ufological attention onto the question of government activity addressing UFOs, and presumably involving suppressing public awareness.

The road he paved became widened in the eighties with wild tales of deep government conspiracies and dark alliances.

All along we had all the Intel needed. But, how many have focused on taking the path pioneered by Coral and Jim Lorenzen?

The beings associated with this mystery have interacted with many people, or been seen in action by them.

PS: as predicted in an earlier entry, Luis Elizondo apologized quickly for his boo boo during a presentation in Rome.

November 11 2018

Have started studying the HUMCAT database at where direct encounter cases from 1790 thru 1977 are compiled. Here is a sample from the 1910 to 1939 block of cases:

13-01 July, 1913 Badlands area, Montana Type Gr
J. L. Buick & another prospector were startled by a small brown man saying “Peace be with you, my friends.” Sitting on apatch of sand was a silverjy round
object nearly 100 ft in diameter, with central dome <fc a small conning tower; no
wheels underneath. Around it were other, small men in brown picking flowers, peb bles, 6;c., k sone mining a rock outcrop. The occupant told the witnesses they I
were from another planet which had secretly been keeping tabs on earth for over a
hundred years; they had learned English via spies working in a U.S. circus. The
craft rose silently & then took off. Next day it came back, & they were given k
tour insidei 5 concentric saucers with diminishing air pressures, the outermost
being evacuated. As to lift, "gravity is only a different type of magnetism", so
it can be controlled by an electromagnetic drive: they can do 9000 mph, and havfe
artificial gravity inside the saucer. Rockets, they,were told, had tailed for ' space travel.
i' :„•'•-' •' ' Investigator;
Source; Witness's letter of 9/24/56 to Donald Keyhoe.

November 12 2018

The "why" question does seem evident after perusing the credible portion of ce3 and 4 reports: we have a resource rich planet allowing visitors to cultivate and develop from that for it seems other planetary environments and these visitors often express concern for our ravaging and mishandling of these resources: