Disclosure Journal #2, June 2019

June 2

The show Unidentified on May 31st focused on the pilots who encountered the white, 40 to 50 foot long “tic-tacs” during a training mission off the west coast in 2004.

A very graphic and jaw dropping picture was conveyed.

High strangeness in this episode was an aspect that especially seemed to unnerve the woman pilot (flying alongside Commander David Fravor):

After their initial encounter with the craft, which had zoomed off, the pilots were instructed to go to their prearranged flight location, their CAP point. As they were approaching that, they were informed that craft was now at the CAP point.

Show was well done.

For all reviews of this 6 episode show, i will defer to the excellent recaps by Alejandro Rojas:


There continues to be anti To the Stars Academy fever in various quarters….like not only afflicting traditional skeptics and debunkers but those who are more inclined to see conspiratorial darkness in things like the TTSA working with government insiders.

I am not at this point, as of this fine Sunday afternoon, attending to the time-consuming spat over minor details people seemed confused over.

The most hilarious hit piece came from The Intercept.

Anyway, my sole focus will be on developing a bluesprint for academics and a reference site that aids anyone wanting to study this subject.


The New Paradigm College set on the north shore of Clear Lake at Lucerne California is happening an open house Saturday June 8. I think they will play a role in not only revitalizing Lake County but in the type of education well suited for preparing to live in a world directly and fully cognizant of the reality of cosmic pluralism.

June 9

Here is 1 of my videos from yesterday’s open house for the New Paradigm College in Lucerne, California set on the north shore of Clear Lake:


Episode 2 of Unidentified hasnt been reviewed as yet by Alejandro Rojas but here is his excellent background article on Tom DeLonge dated May 28:


That episode focused on 2 radar men’s testimony and exploring the ufo hot spot at Catalina Island.

Chris Mellon and Lue Elizondo and Tom DeLonge are shown working directly in the field gathering ibfo from witnesses.

One of them, Gary Voorhis, says 2 officials helicoptered to the USS Princeton and in an unprecedented move confiscated radar data records.

This really seemed to bother Chris Mellon, who as Assistant Deputy Secretary of Defebse for Intelligence had oversight of Special Access Programs.

Attention is increasingly focusing on the prospect that there may be seriously off the books operations accountable to none of our elected reprsentatives, including the President and 8 members of Congress getting the same intel briefings.

In that atmosphere, folks are reviving the old mj12 cabal notion and accompanying crash/retrieval stories. Alleged notes by a scientist named Eric Davis, who as reported by Las Vegas blogger Joe Murgia is offering “no comment” on the revived stories, seem to be the basis for this.

For background, see here:

Dr. Eric Davis | Physicist

(Davis works for TTSA scientist Hal Puthoff. Both he and Puthoff favor the hypothesis that an unknown species native to earth is responsible for ufo events.)

I believed in this mj12 stuff myself back in the heyday of these notions back in 80s and 90s, but now accept my true position as a clueless babe in the woods on this particular issue.

Harry Reid has referenced “other programs” with knowledge and info. Whether all that gets exposed or not anytime soon is obviously up in the air.

The SAPs, judging by John Podesta tweeting anyway, was supposedly going to be an aggressive focus of a President Hillary Clinton.

In any event, I doubt that any possible SAP files have as much gold as the unpublished notes of Ardy Clarke. Seriously!

In any event, for many in ufology the hunt is on now for an unacknowledged, specially sheltered, program allegedly working slowly for many years on reverse engineering a recovered intact alien craft.

Dr. Davis’ (still alleged at this moment) notes of an October 2002 conversation with Admiral Thomas Wilson concerned Wilson’s followup to an inquiry (and briefing) in April 1997 by a public delegation that included ufo students Steven Greer and Edgar Mitchell (6th person to walk on the moon). For a detailed compilation of all public references, see Guiliano Marinkovic’s compilation here:


June 19

Ufologists were jolted out of a likely misdirecting focus on juicy notes chronicling a conversation between Dr Davis and Admiral Wilson when Bryan Bender in Politico broke the news today that senior Naval Intelligence officials, aviators, and staff from the deputy secretary of defense office briefed members of Congress on incidents involving ufos.

Senator Mark Warner, ranking Democrat on the Senate Intelligence Committee, was quoted as saying there was a safety issue involved and that we needed to get to the bottom of that issue.


I am so tardy in updating this journal that i failed to note an even bigger jolt earlier in the week. While Donald Trump here tells George that he doesnt particularly believe the ufo reports, many ufologists nevertheless saw a lote of hope in his other comments:

I can’t keep up anymore, lol.

June 20

I dont think the government can continue its coverup operation which for decades entailed taking the edge of the blanket by hand and pulling it over its head (and, that is so even if there is an unaknowledged SAP dealing with this matter).