Dzogchen tantra excerpt

In 1986 in Namkhai Norbu’s The Crystal and the Way of Light I read this eye opening paragraph:


Then, many years later, this in his 1999 The Supreme Source:


Last year Chris Wilkenson (long time practitioner and translator) translated the above referenced text and I here repost the relevant segment from chapter one of the very long tantra. Reposted segment meant to help answer the “who ARE they” question (at this free site):

The world that is below this one, That is called “Consequential Melody,” Has a vastness that is difficult to estimate, And is brilliantly beautiful. It surrounds our cause, our conditions, and our true natures With our teacher’s teachings. Above it, Below it, In the directions and their borders, The breadth of the water is a pleasant experience. Its display is well adorned. (1) Then six worlds below that There is what is called “Retaining Consequences.” The shape of its wheel is pristine. These are the teachings of our teacher, So they are very true. The second is the well-adorned display. (2) After that, To the right of the three worlds, There is what is called “Grief over Consequences.” It is everywhere adorned with rurubies. Its lights and colors are definitely clear. It is a field in which the teachings of our teacher are in control. It has its individual rites that make use of heat. (3) Next, Above these six worlds There is what is called “Pervasive Consequences.” It is shaped like a blooming lotus. It is most pervasive, And has an even surface. An assortment of lights blaze. Their colors are white and red. When our vision is distorted Rough reflections will not appear. The teachings of our teacher Reveal our gathering and our spreading. These are called “Consequences that Conclude the Eon.” (4) The world that is above this one, The highest of which surpass nineteen, Is called “The Club of Consequences.”
It is brilliantly cultivated, And is a delightful experience. It is definitely adorned With an assortment of precious cymbals, In the style of holding them up. The teachings of our teacher have two perfections, Which are displayed by a necklace of skulls. (5) From there, In the north-east of the world, There is what is called “The River of Consequences.” It resembles the shape of a stupa. Its terraces are beautiful. It is everywhere adorned with the five displays. It is the ground from which a variety of melodious sounds emerge. Our teacher’s teachings Will definitely appear in time. (6) Twenty-one worlds above there, There is “The Pervasion of Brilliant Consequences.” In the true nature in which our visualizations are pure There appears a pristineness that
has no outside or inside. The teachings of our teacher Are taught to the elements. The cause and condition for our creation Is Vishnu. (7) From there, The world that is to the south-east, To the left, When the realms of the world are more than six, There is what is called “The Sound of Consequence.” It is brilliantly splendid. Victory banners, umbrellas, and all the rest Are erected there. There are flowers, fresh rains, and scents. They make our teacher himself, And his teachings, Beautiful. He is surrounded by a gathering of reflections That bring out the playfulness of bliss. (8) From there, There is a world to the south-west, To the right.
It is below the one that goes beyond the six. It is “The Wind of Consequence.” It moves and shakes, So we fly, And move backward and forward through the sky. From out of this movement Sound emerges. The teachings of our teacher are blowing in the wind. The application for maintaining the five Is the three. (9) Then, Thirteen constructions above that, There is what is called “The Jewel Consequence.” It is adorned with suns of well-being. It is ornamented with the good things we desire. The practices and writings that it emulates Are beautiful. The image of our teacher’s teachings is perfect. His five-pointed lotus eyes make him beautiful. (10)
From there, Above the north-west border, In the six realms of the world There is what is called “The Consequence of Gathering.” Our offerings are perfect, So we are with goddesses. We are elated by the light, And there is the smell of sandalwood. Our teacher’s teachings are of equal parts. Our beautiful bodies are sixteen years old. We are surrounded by those that are brilliantly young. (11) Nine worlds below that There is what is called “The God of Consequence Who Bears a Conch.” We are maddened by the smell of our breath and voice. There is a flashing and brilliantly blazing light. The brilliantly red is in union with the red. Our teacher himself, His teachings, And his entourage,
Are a perfect pleasure. (12) From there, There is a world that is at war. It is called “The Consequence of the Stars.” The form of the wheels that are constructed there Uses fives and nines for all that it constructs. It is ornamented with hanging bouquets Where the red tongues of the dragon’s lightning sound emerge. The teachings of our teacher Are surrounded by the wind, And strings of light-emitting jewels, While the spears of the nagas Shine out in every direction and border. (13) (2) For the words to the oaths, Those of ourselves and those of others, We use our own words to make things sure and clear. As for the ascertained protection of our own lights, We use scripture, reason, and upadeśa instructions