Introducing “Non Profit Association” Effort: Dawning of Clarity (DOC)

In order to provide a framework for a very small number of people, now only me, to have a formal and identifiable vehicle for action, I have initiated the idea for a non profit association that will be called Dawning of Clarity.

The envisioned action:

1)  to encourage sober attention directed to the ufo mystery by the public, journalists, academics and members of Congress.

2)  to conduct a survey of the general public in public venues and at public events, via tabling, etc.  The survey text is published now at this site.

3) to produce public education materials based on credible bodies of work that help the public, journalists, academics and Congress become informed of the extensive information developed over the last several decades.

It is possible I may register as a lobbyist next spring, depending on developments between now and then.