JOURNAL (vol 2), April 2021

Volume One Journal, covering March 2021:

~~~April 1

My poll at twitter has expired. People were asked if in general their friends and family would be relatively at ease with the confirmation of extraterrestrial visitation. Over a 4 day period, 55 twitter users responded:

Yes: 61.8%

No: 9.1%

Equally mixed reactions: 29.1%

Today is April Fool’s Day and the Washington Post published a “perspective” column in it’s Outlook section entitled “We need to talk about UFOs”. The author, Daniel W. Drezner (professor of international politics at the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University), noted that while it was April 1st, his column was no joke:

His main point seems to be that this visitation by observing “others” doesn’t seem comparative to the destructive impact of so called advanced human cultures encountering allegedly less advanced human cultures.

A few days ago Pentagon Press Secretary John Kirby was asked about the upcoming UFO report:

~~~April 2

I will be reposting the series of papers examining the cases presented by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke at Medium in order to try and reach a broader, perhaps “mainstream”, audience:

Aside from posting news articles at the Operation Right to Know group on Facebook, I have gone inactive on Twitter and Facebook and plan an in-the-streets approach to spreading public ed on UFOs and lobbying academic institutions to direct attention and resources to that subject.

Just prior to the pandemic, I managed one excursion for that end:

As I go into self-executed exile from social media AND the so called UFO community, I shift to the lobby effort:


AND, finally:

This next item is from a YouTube aired long interview that the Black Vault’s John Greenewald just did with former CIA Director James Woolsey on a wide range of subjects. UFOs came up and this excerpt is jaw dropping, a mic drop moment:

~~~April 3

I just stepped into SETI turf and found out that I can’t include “UFO” in the title to posts at that subreddit community. My entry there will likely be regarded as the arrival of a village idiot…for awhile, lol:

That segment of that Greenewald interview with Woolsey that addressed UFOs is now secured on YouTube:

~~~April 5

Brandon Fugal interviewed by Utah local news:

An update from the Navy’s top officer revealing source of puzzling events affecting battleships in a training exercise 100 miles off the southern California coast in 2019, remains unidentified’ and similar incidents are happening to the military forces of nations worldwide:

~~~April 6

A news article relaying James Woolsey’s stunning story (see YouTube video above):

And, multiple news orgs are now spreading the revealing answer by the Chief of Naval of Naval Operstions, Admiral Michael Gilday, about puzzling UFO events during recent battleships training exercises:

,~~~April 7

Photos of 3 differently shaped objects, taken by the crew of a fightér jet off the east coast in 2019 and remaining unidentified, have emerged:

~~~April 8

More has leaked (material used in classified briefings for Intel insiders last May 1st):

~~~April 13

Now my focus shifts to finishing the last few papers examining cases published by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke and càrry out my one-person lobbying of academic institution campaign. A letter with an addendum identifying potential specific study areas has been drafted and posted at this site. Already there has been letters sent out:

First Wave of Mailing, Lobbying Academic Institutions
1–Marc Tessier-Lavigne
President of Stanford University
2–Persis Drell
Provost and on Faculty Senate Steering Cmt
Particle physicist
Stanford University
3–Judith L. Goldstein
Chair, Faculty Senate Steering Cmt
Political Scientist
Stanford University
4–Stephan Graham
Dean, School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences
Geology, Energy Resources Engineering
Stanford University
5–Garry Nolan
School of Medicine
Stanford University
6–Ryan Ayer
Research Administrator
Kavli Institute for Particle Physics and Cosmology (KIPAC)
Stanford University
7–Risa Weschler
Director, KIPAC
Stanford University
8–Bruce Macintosh
Deputy Director, KIPAC
Stanford University

There will be mailings to persons also at UC Berkeley and UC Davis. Resistance to my idea is expected to be strong and from all recipients but it is worth the try and at least may soften resistance.

All of my activity on social media has now ceased. I will engage for the next several months in real life circumstances and then retire from further work on this front.

~~~April 23

Further mailings:

9–Carol Christ
UC Berkeley
10–A. Paul Allivastos
Provost and Vice Chancellor
UC Berkeley
11–Randy Katz
Vice Chancellor for Research
UC Berkeley
12–Lisa Alvarez-Cohen
Vice Provost for Academic Planning
UC Berkeley

13–Gary S May


UC Davis

~~~April 30

So much is happening, and projected to heat up, that I will let Ryan Robbins report on that:

NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt did a major segment with correspondent Gadi Schwarz on April 26 and 60 Minutes reportedly doing a show this month. 2 of their producers have recently become a presence on ufotwitter, one of them asserting “UFOs are real”.

Since this subject now has secured a foothold among the news media as a serious matter to-be-addressed, this will be the last entry.

To date, there has been one response to the recent mailings:

Since I included only my po box address and website URL in my letters, they got the email addy from my website. They checked it out, I presume:

Dear Mr. Jamieson,

Thank you for your letter to Chancellor May. Due to the amount of correspondence he receives, the chancellor is not able to respond personally to all of them, but we thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Office of the Chancellor

UC Davis