Journaling the Psychology and Sociology of UFO Studies

February 20 2012

James Moseley was our spotlight, shining a light on the psychological and sociological currents in ufology up to his death in 2012.

Since the revelations of December 2017, we have had an intense surge in activity and interest, and it has occurred to me that examining the unfolding milieu of the “ufo community” is in itself an important focus that brings to light the issues we will have overall as a species in adapting to the presence here of multiple extraterrestrial civilizations.

This examination can be done, I think, without the soap operaish bent of Jim Moseley or without afflicting unnecessarily psychological hurt on anyone. So, dont look for much in the way of gossipy gotcha morsels in this journal. Instead, there will be more of a generic look at psychological and sociological currents without freeze framing too much specific people and events.