Lecture 15: And, in conclusion….

The collection of papers and lectures here is only a very initial entry into what will be an ever-expanding, and never-ending study for us, as our species naturally expands its perceptual and physical reach beyond our solar system.

The information conveyed in the lectures and papers represent our initial recognition of unidentified presences, exhibiting a technology and capacities beyond anything known to have been developed by humans.

While documented reports of UFO sightings, including sometimes encounters with non-humans associated with UFOs, exist prior to the 1947 establishment of UFOs as a matter of universal attention and awareness, a basic analysis of the patterns of UFO events since the start of world war 2 could fairly be suggestive of a response to our developments taking us in dangerously self-destructive directions.

At the end of 2017, and up thru the end of 2019 as i write this, the UFO subject has begun to receive the type of sober attention that has long been non existent from key public sectors: government and congress; journalism; academics and academic institutions; scientists; religious leaders; and the public overall.

But this beginning manifestation of sober attention, to date, has been extremely anemic. The purposes of this site are to encourage the academic world to bring serious attention to the subject and, at the same time provide introductory educational content.

It appears, from what various figures from inside the government and particilarly Congress are saying in light of the revelations since 2017, that the initial factor that will arouse serious attention will be the issue of our security and vulnerabilities.

The lectures and papers here do cover the history of past U.S. Government national security-related assessments. And, from the wealth of data available in close encounters with the wide variety of beings encountered, we can also gain some insight into the threat question.

When it comes to the focusing of contemporary civilian and uncredentialed ufologists, it appears the attention gets mostly directed to the role governments have played and what they may be covering up.

There appears to still be a reluctance in ufology to take stock of close encounters of the 3rd and 4th kind. They may not be up to the task, which is why I visualize the people with the available resources of major academic institutions taking up the task of welcoming encounter experiencers to share what they experienced or are experiencing.

While drones, chinese lanterns, Elon Musk’s starlink satellites, exotic military craft and more are often the basis for sighting reports, there does seem to be a rise in truely puzzling reports as indicated by the growth spurt of them at the National Reporting Center, http://www.nuforc.org There the cases where something reported as unusual is likely misidentified are noted in parenthesis by the Center’s director.

There has also been a rise in significant and credible personal revelations of people encountering and interacting with various types of beings (consistently described types).

Where will this lead? Are we ready?

To aid inquiring academics I am devising a reading list (which will be in development for awhile):