Lecture #3: NY Times, on May 26 2019, gives 5 US Navy pilots a voice

Lecture #3 was going to cover (according to the plan) some more well-documented “military/ufo encounters” in a part two examination of such from the past 7 decades, plus.

But, the NY Times upended those plans over the Memorial Day weekend of 2019.

They reported on unusual experiences “during training maneuvers from Virginia to Florida off the aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt..” that were shared by five Navy pilots (with the writing team of three).

From the summer of 2014 to March 2015, ” strange objects, one of them spinning like a top and moving against the wind” were present.

Helene Cooper, Ralph Blumenthal and Leslie Kean, as on the historic Devember 16 2017 Times reporting, were the authors of this latest reporting on military/ufo encounters.  Their lead paragraph finished noting that “Navy pilots reported to their superiors that the objects had no visible engine or infrared exhaust plumes, but that they could reach 30,000 feet, and hypersonic speeds”.

“What was strange, the pilots said, was that the video showed objects accelerating to hypersonic speed, making sudden stops and instantaneous turns — something beyond the physical limits of a human crew.”

Events and their features were fleshed out for the NY Times team by the 5 pilots interviewed, 3 of whom “declined to be named”.  The two going on the record are Lt. Ryan Graves and Lt. Danny Accoin.  The pilots flew Super Hornets and are part of a squadron called the VFA-11 Red Rippers, based out of Naval Air Station Oceana, Virginia.  At the time of these different incidents, the 5 pilots were part of a training exercise in preparation for deployment to the Persian Gilf (where they later did go into combat).

About 2 weeks of saturated news coverage followed initial NY Times, Politico and Washington Post coverage in mid December 2017 of military/ufo encounters that appears to be on the increase.  And, most of us then saw the first two of the three videos that have been released so far (at end of May 2019).

The so called Tic Tac video represented a very short glimpse of incidents that happened off the coast of San Diego in 2004 during the training exercises of the USS Nimitz.  With this incident we had a good picture of what was encountered from the report released by the Pentagon’s small Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

The executive summary and conclusions:


With this latest NY Times reporting, we have a little more information on the 2015 incidents that happened off the coast of Jacksonville, Fla and are related to the “Gimball” and “Go Fast” all-too-short video clips we have seen.

The Gimball one is the spinning top object mentioned above. The pilot mentions seeing a whole fleet of them, but we see only a short clip, set just above the clouds and level with the jet filming, an object that at its center is a large sphere with a somewhat flat disc outer rim rotating around the center portion. There is someting of a strange aura evident.

In this fresh reporting we learn the Gimballs were observed on January 20 2015 off the coast at Jacksonville, Florida and the Go Fast filmed below the jet and just above the water was a few weeks later.

As each jet had (early on in this period) a radically upgraded and improved radar system installed, pilots began detecting the objects before a little later having visual contact.

At first they all theorized that they were encountering a product of a secret government project, but….

“The pilot and his wingman were flying in tandem about 100 feet apart over the Atlantic east of Virginia Beach when something flew between them, right past the cockpit. It looked to the pilot, Lieutenant Graves said, like a sphere encasing a cube.

The incident so spooked the squadron that an aviation flight safety report was filed, Lieutenant Graves said.

The near miss, he and other pilots interviewed said, angered the squadron, and convinced them that the objects were not part of a classified drone program. Government officials would know fighter pilots were training in the area, they reasoned, and would not send drones to get in the way.”

Today, all the pilots interviewed refused to offer an opinion on the nature of what they saw….and the Navy statements seemed eager to point out that it didnt necessarily mean extraterrestrials were involved.

The widespread reluctance to use the “e” word right now, or even chat with others about this story was characterized or noted in a very funny tweet by MSNBC host Chris Hayes (from the morning of May 28 2019):

“I’m confused: did the NY Times break the story of us being visited by aliens and we all just shrigged and went back to our barbecues?”