Light and Energy Phenomena in Close Encounters of 3rd & 4th Kind

This paper provides examples of light and energy phenomenon associated with the reported activities and capacities of observed alien craft and entities. I use the word “alien” here to mean that the craft and entities are “unfamiliar” and typically unrecognized as being part of the human cultural order.

The several examples here are representative of commonly observed activities and capacities reported by persons encountering unknown or unidentified craft and beings. There are many good databases available to draw from, but here I will use several cases drawn from the first 2 (of 4) books by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke. Her in depth interviewing of reporting experiencers bring out a wealth of details.

ENCOUNTERS WITH STAR PEOPLE, by Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, 2012

~~~Chapter One, “Missing Time”

A couple, a tribal police officer and his wife (tribal high school teacher), are on a road trip to Billings, MT in 2006 when they stop to examine dead cattle at the side of the road. Air smelled “metallic”. Three dead cows exhibited signs of precision incisions with missing body parts.

They get back in the truck, and while discussing whether to report this, they notice that “a dim light was moving just behind the trees”. The light started moving in their direction and at that point the husband tries to start the truck.

There are multiple attempts to start the truck without success as the couple realize that “it was more than a light. It looked like a large cylindrical propane tank. It moved full circle around the vehicle as if studying us. It was huge. The length of a football field at least.”

Then “the craft settled over the pickup, shining lights so bright that it blinded us. I reached for Tim’s hand and thst is the last thing I remember, until we found ourselves sitting in the truck, on the opposite side of the highway from where we originally parked. The craft had disappeared, but even more perplexing, the cattle were gone too.”

The couple drive to their hotel in Billings and realize they are 4 hours late, beyond their expected time.

The husband while unpacking in his room realizes his gun is missing so in a panic he has them check out and return to the site of the encounter. The wife finds the gun a little way off the road. She and her husband show the interviewer, Dr. Clarke the location (“down over the hill over there”) and note that “it was like someone had thrown it away”.

The husband showed Dr. Clarke the gun: “I examined it carefully. From all appearances, the gun seemed like any other .357 magnum, but a closer examination revealed a barrel that was completely closed. It looked like it had been melted…”

~~~Chapter Two, “An Encounter That Pre-Dates Roswell”

This is an intriguing and surprisingly credibly-based case that I wont describe here the details of, instead just noting this passed on obaervation (as a grandfather related to his grandson, who would later share with Ardy Clarke after 25 years of friendship):

” ‘Gramps said that he often saw the Star People picking up rocks and plants. At first, when they saw him, they vanished before his eyes…As time passed, Gramps said the star men realized he meant no harm and they didnt disappear when he approached. Overtime, it became clear they were concerned about their craft. They didnt want it discovered.”

The beings encountered by “Gramps” [a solitary Indian with closest neighbor miles away] in 1945, over a period of a few months before being rescued, were described this way:

“They were taller than him [at 7 feet or more] and white…He described them as being so white you could almost see through them..They had long, slender fingers, much longer than humans. Their hair was white. When the sun shone on it, Gramps said it looked like a halo surrounding their heads…He said their eyes changed color depending on the light”.


“He was particularly interested in their clothes. They wore a one-piece light-green outfit. He told me there were times he saw them wading in the riber and when he approached them the suits were dry..”

~~~Chapter Five, “An Alien, a Spacecraft, and an Alaskan Blizzard”

This encounter story was shared by a snow plow driver who also reported witnessing alien capacities similiar to what was described in the Chapter Two story.

The snow plow driver was clearing a highway buried in the midst of a blizzard when “about an hour into the shift that night, I got a call from Bill, the other driver [working in the opposite direction], that there was a strange glow up ahead of Lucky Gil’s. He asked if I saw it. Before I had a chance to respond, I came upon a disk setting in the middle of the highway. It covered the full two lanes. It was round with bright orange lights at the bottom. I stopped within 20 feet of it. I flipped my lights up and down. I tried calling Bill, but my radio was dead. Suddenly, blinding white lights came on and the craft moved upward and was gone. I watched until it was gone, but that was not long because the storm cut visibility that night to nearly zero.”

After the craft departed, he found that his vehicle engine was off, but he restarted it ok. Starting to drive, he felt a bump and stopped to check it out. At that point, he saw first one hand (each with 4 digits), then another on the side window, and finally a face: “It wore some kind protective gear on its face, but I saw the eyes, big dark eyes staring at me. Suddenly, it turned and ran across the road to a stand of trees and disappeared”.

The driver thought that was the end of it, but in an instant the being “reappeared in the middle of the road ahead of me. Somehow I understood that it was cold and needed a place of shelter. I offered him to come inside my snow plow but he wanted nothing to do with that”.

Ardy asked how they were communicating and the driver really didnt know. But, he noted also the being (who he sensed was male) had conveyed his predictament was the driver’s fault. As he would learn, there had been a craft malfunction which the being had gone out to check on. His comrades had evacuated quickly.

“I invited him inside again. I told him I had to clear the roads and I could not leave him outside in the cold. Reluctantly he came inside, but not like you and I would climb inside. HE JUST APPEARED…. [My emphasis]

I will omit the details of their interaction, due to the limited focus of this paper, but the reader would find some interesting info there! Eventually the craft reappears and the being simply disappears from the truck cab and is seen in front the craft outside, gesturing briefly to the driver.

But, one important point was made by the being when the driver asked the being about his capacity to appear and disappear: “..he said that everyone from his world could come and go like that. He said I could do it, too. I just had to learn to use my brain in the right way. I didnt understand what he meant.”

~~~Chapter Sixteen, “Abductions of a Different Kind”

This chapter has 2 different reported incidents. The first was related by a cousin of a former student of Ardy, reportedly taken several times over the years since his first encounter at the age of seven.

This first incident happened when the boy was returning to his rural home on his horse from an errand in the city that his father had sent him on. He had purchased supplies and was carrying a bag of them:

“Suddenly from nowhere, lights appeared. It was so blinding that Lucky spooked and me and the supplies fell to the ground. Quickly, I began picking them up. I could only think of my father and how he had trusted me to run this errand for him. I didnt think to look up nor did I see the 2 men approaching…Suddenly two figures stepped forward and led me away..They led me to the center of the light, and suddenly I find myself going upwards. I am holding onto the bag. I am afraid I will drop it. The next thing I remember, I am inside a shiny room with no pictures and no flowers. It is a cold place and I cannot understand this because it was so hot outside.”

The 2nd case profiled in this chapter involves a bright young woman whose father has Ardy meet with to encourage her return to college. She works an ordinary job and shares with Ardy the reason why she feels pursuing the path of an engineer no longer mattered.

The woman shares her story accompanied by a cousin (in college studying chemistry) who was part of the incident. The conversation (like all interviews by Ardy,tape recorded) starts by the woman noting she heard Ardy collected encounter stories and she proceeds to relate what happened to her and 3 cousins when they went camping “last August” before school’s start:

“About a mile up the canyon, that’s where we saw it, Jennifer said. It was a huge circular object with red and white throbbing lights at the bottom that lit the canyon wall. I can’t forget the lights. They gave a reddish glow to everything.

Yeah, added Rosebud, it was the reddest red I’ve ever seen. Almost like a bright red burgundy……

….We just froze in our tracks when we saw it, said Rosebud. The horses spooked and balked. We dismounted. We were afraid of being seen. Terrence insisted we just leave and go back to Grandma’s and forget the whole thing.”

Jennifer, though, is curious and they move closer:

“As Tererence steered Rosebud closer to the canyon wall, Jeff walked out in full view of the craft. I started to follow him and that’s when it happened. He disappeared. He was gone in an instant.”

They quietly wait two hours for Jeff, hidden in the shadows of the canyon walls. Eventually they see him walking “out of the bright light like nothing had happened”. The craft slowly ascends, clears the canyon walls and rapidly departs.

Jeff remembers nothing. His body has become disturbingly reddened and he feels very sick. The doctors at the clinic diagnose a bad sunburn and keep Jeff at the clinic for a few days.

SKY PEOPLE, Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica, 2015

~~~Chapter Two, “A Double on Another Planet”

This story was shared by a villager in Belize and here I will just note his first encounter, in the late 1950s when he was very young:

“It was the day after lights appeared in the sky. My father took me out to watch the lights zip around the night before. The first time I came into contact with the space people was the next day in our garden. I was tending my little garden thst my father set aside for me, when white balls of light birst out of the sky and dropped to the ground around me. Out of the balls of light came these little men. From that moment, I remember nothing, only that they brought me back to the garden. There were 4 of them. Two were holding my hand and telling me I was now their friend. I did not understand it at that time.”

~~~Chapter Four, “Men Who Walked Through Mountains”

This next story was related by the manager of the hotel where Dr. Clarke was staying in Belize City. The incident he shared happened when he was 18, when living many years prior in a rural village 60 miles away from Belize City.

He reported that he and three cousins were going to the ruins of an ancient Mayan city that had been significantly overtaken by vegetation. It was a place where they could get drunk, but the event they were about to witness aborted those plans (and ended going forth these drinking gatherings).

As they approached the site, they smelled something strange and upon arriving at the old plaza, they aaw a long, tank-shaped craft and entities “dressed in gray suits”. The beings were tall, thin, with light hair. Later, when closer, and from a hidden position, they saw the faces closer, they saw that they also had high foreheads but otherwise looked normal.

“They wore very strange uniforms. They were two-piece. The shirt was like a tunic that came down over the waistband of the pants. The oants were tucked into boots. The strangest part about their uniforms was that when they moved about, the colors changed to match their environment. When they were close to their craft, the uniforms were dark gray to match the craft. If they were near trees, their uniforms became green and blended into the jungle. When they climbed the temple, they were the color of stones. My cousin, Albert, said it was a military secret…[and] we decided that only U.S. soldiers would know how to do that..”

That conclusion would soon evaporate:

“The four of us remained hidden and watched the scene…At first, they seemed to be checking their craft. They walked around it, occasionally stopping and recording something on a glowing tablet they carried. After a few minutes they walked towards the temple, but they didnt climb the stairs; they walked through the stairs. We were all struck speechless…We knew that underneath the temple was a cave..”

They sneak into the cave to spy on them and now see they that have high foreheads and thus realize these beings “were no ordinary humans”.

“As we were coming to that conclusion, they moved to the west. We decided to follow. Behind the main plaza temple, there is a small mountain. It was actually another temple but it was totally overgrown with trees and grass. We watched as they walked through the mountain. We were totally shocked. At this point, Javier decided he was going aboard the craft that was sitting in the plaza. He ran toward the craft. We followed. But just as we entered the edge of the plaza, the strange men reappeared out of nowhere. Like a puff of smoke.”

They are seen now, so Ardy asked if the beings attempted to communicate with them:

“No. They disappeared again and it was less than a minute when the craft moved upward and within seconds was gone. We watched it climb above the trees. It stopped briefly overhead as though examining us, then it was gone [after rapid zig zag movements]”.

The incident happened in the late afternoon with a bright sun.