MORE Notes from Encounters with UFO Occupants, Lorenzen, 1976

The first article of notes from this book covered chapters five and nine of this book.

Both of those chapters covered cases from South America.

This 2nd article will cover cases from America, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere.

Parts one and two of notes from this book can be read here:

Coral Lorenzen reports that in this 1976 book she and her husband are only noting a representative sample of cases compiled from newspaper reports and/or direct investigation by their APRO field investigators (with such cases at that time numbering “several hundred” ):

Page 119: “There is a considerable larger number of landings of UFOs which involve the observation of strange beings than we can possibly present within the pages of this book, and so we have chosen those which are a fair representation…of different types…”

Part 3

Chapter 8: The Entities in Europe

Italy, 1947….earliest European report of sighting a landed craft with occupants was made by artist R.L. Johannis while painting near a creek. He reported seeing “A disc-shaped object (30 feet in diameter) land” and then “two child-like sized beings (about 3 feet tall) stand by the object.” Attire reportedly seen: “dark blue coveralls with bright red collars and belts and a spherical, transparent helmet on their oversized heads.” The description of the beings: greenish-colored faces, eyes large and plum-colored with vertical line in center, no eyelashes, hands clawlike with 2 sets of four fingers positioned opposite each other.

When the artist “hailed the creatures” that “gesture may have been interpreted as hostile, for one of the beings touched its belt and projected a thin vapor, which dazed the artist and he fell onto his back.”

Johannis said he was able to roll over to see the beings approach to within a few feet of him and then examine his easel and the painting knocked over when he fell. Panting hard, the beings picked up the painting, larger in size than them. Then the artist says they returned to their craft, which rose, hovered, “and—disappeared”.

In synch with the pattern of UFO reporting peaks or “waves”, like in the South American cases already noted in the 1st article and also worldwide, the next reporting of an encounter with non humans and landed craft in Europe occurred in 1954.

England, 1954….late in the afternoon, Jennie Roestenberg and her 2 children saw “an aluminum-colored disc” hover over their house in the town of Rampton. The object was reportedly tilted at an angle, presumably so occupants could observe below.

The witnesses here reported that there were transparent panels and through them they could see 2 beings with “white skin, long hair, and very high foreheads, giving the impression that all features were located in the lower half of their faces.” Their attire included transparent helmets and “turquoise-blue suits like ski outfits.”

France, 1954…unidentified man in sparsely detailed report is said to have approached “a landed object which looked like an aluminum trailer”. He saw “two small beings in silvery clothing who grunted like pigs”. They shortly reentered their craft, which then “glowed red” and departed.

France, 1954….farmer at night was walking back towards town when he “saw a man of average height, wearing a helmet, who made friendly gestures and entered the brush, after which a cigar-shaped object, estimated 16 feet in length, took off”.

France, 1954….this next reported encounter received some significant international press attention due to the witness going to the police and there being a police and air force examination of the scene afterwards.
Also witnesses in the area reported the same reddish glow of the departing craft as noted by the witness in his account.

The post incident examination revealed no footprints, but did show
“five places on 3 of the wooden ties [of railroad tracks] which had identical impressions, each about 1 1/2 square inches. The marks were fresh and sharply cut…” Railroad engineers estimated pressure equivalent to 30 tons would be needed to leave impressions like that from a landed craft.

Also: “An examination of the gravel of the roadbed showed the site of the alleged landing the stones were brittle as if calcified at a very high temperature.”

The incident happened near the Belgian border at the small home of a 34 year old metal worker named Mauruis Dewilde (in the nearby steel mills) and his family of wife and kids. Their house was in the midst of woods and fields and with the garden area adjacent to the National Coal Mines railway track. That track would be the scene of action.

After his family had gone to sleep, Dewilde was up reading the night of the incident when he got up to check what his dog was barking at.

He approached his garden, saw a “dark mass” on the railroad tracks several yards away with his now whining dog crawling on her belly in a slow approach to it and at the same time he heard footsteps to his right. The dog began barking again and Dewilde reacted by shining his flashlight towards the area:

“….Less than 3 or 4 yards away, beyond the fence, were 2 creatures, walking in single file toward the dark mass on the tracks. Both creatures were dressed in suits similar to those of divers, and light was reflected off glass or metal in the area of their heads. Hi the entities were small, less than 3 and 1/2 feet tall, but had very wide shoulders and the helmets covering their heads seemed enormous. The legs looked very short in proportion…and Dewilde could not make out any arms.”

Dewilde began to rush to a gate with the intent of cutting them off or grabbing one of them, but as he got close, “he was blinded by a very powerful light somewhat like a magnesium flare which came from a square opening in the dark mass on the tracks.” This immobilized him.

He heard their steps as they saw them heading for the tracks. When the light went out, he regained his ability to move, by which time “The Dark object had begun to rise, hovering slightly..[with] a whistling sound [And the appearance of what seemed like] dark steam” coming out of the bottom.

Dewilde then woke up his wife, and then went to the police.