Notes from “Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (Alien Abduction, UFOs, and The Conference At M.I.T.)”, C.D.B Bryan, Knopf, 1995

(Incomplete and in development)

In 1962 I first read in a book by the Lorenzens about the 1957 South American abduction case reported by Antonio Villas Boas.

In 1967 I read about the Betty and Barney Hill case in John Fuller’s best-selling book, Interrupted Journey.

In 1973 I followed national news coverage of the abduction story reported by two men from Pascagoula, Mississippi.  (Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker.)

In late 1975 I followed the unfolding drama in news coverage surrounding the reported abduction of logging crew chief Travis Walton.

In 1980 I saw and read Missing Time by Budd Hopkins, a New York artist drawn in to this subject by an old Long Island grocer he had befriended and who shared his abduction experience with him.

Throughout the 1980s these types of cases became a increasingly frequent focus of media attention.

A good resource for studying these types of cases is the above book, as it details shared reports by those undergoing direct encounters as well as the information and analysis from all the major figures involved in investigating this matter up to 1995 when the book was published.