Overview of Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind (with new category added)

Lecture #12 (currently unfinished, in development)

The term “close encounters of the fourth kind” is a reference to a portion of the features that Webb and Bloecher identified in their Type G category for cases commonly referenced as Close Encounters of the Third Kind. (See lecture #9)  The partial feature for that category, which overall is basically pointing to cases where people go onboard the craft and have some extended contact with the unidentified beings, is the abduction of people with many of them taken onboard after the beings have employed some form of neurological control of them.  Now there are a growing body of published cases presented to us by retired Montana State University professor Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke which appears to have expanded our view into the activities of multiple advanced alien civilizations and is revealing possible glimpses into civilizations that work with selected humans who participate willingly and without neurological control or altered awareness a factor in their experience.

Therefore, in this lecture I am introducing a new sub-category to “Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind”.  The cases involving the Grey/Insectoid project where abduction is employed in what appears to be the largest-scale alien operation will be labeled CE4-A cases and contact where abduction is not employed will be noted as CE4-B.

Needless to say, these beings are mostly unidentified, their originating point unknown, and the point of their presence and activities largely a mystery.  Yet, in an odd way, the beings in the CE4-A cases are very familiar:  the two types of aliens “coming out” at the end of Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind were Hollywood visualizations of the Greys and Insectoids!  (Though in the movie, the Greys’ eyes are not all black and as huge as in “real life”….the image in the movie seems perhaps based on the description given by Betty and Barney Hill of the beings in their 1961 encounter.)