Paper: Notes from The Communion Letters

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In 1997 Anne and Whitley Strieber published a selected sampling from thousands of “authentic, vivid, first-person testimony selected from hundreds of thousands of letters reporting actual encounters, abductions, and visitations”. This quote is the subtitle for The Communion Letters.

In 2017 Whitley Strieber gave these thousands of letters to Rice University which houses them in the Anne and Whitley Strieber Collectio MS 702 1970-2016 at the Woodson Research Center, Rice University, Houdton, Texas.

Chapter 1: “The First Communication”
Chapter 2: 10 cases; “Childhood”
Chapter 3: 9 cases; “Abduction”
Chapter 4: 17 cases; “Encounters”
Chapter 5: 6 cases; “Journeys”
Chapter 6: 13 cases; “Group Encounters”
Chapter 7: 6 cases; “The Nine Knocks”
Chapter 8: 5 cases; “Sexual Encounters”
Chapter 9: 5 cases; “The Dead”

Chapter 1 notes:

“This book of letters could conceivably be the first true communication from another world that has ever been recorded.”

10 years of letters, about 200,000 reportedly. Anne Strieber selected the ones for the book.

“In this collection we have attempted to choose a cross section that would both evolve some rich new questions and provide much-needed answers to old ones.”

Strieber concludes:

—letters suggestive of large number of experiencers
—many letters recount experiences involving multiple witnesses
—most letters reveal unaided memories (ie not deedged up via hupnosis)
—the unnamed (in book) letter-writers not attention seeking
“In fact, we had a great deal of difficulty even finding correspondents who would be willing to allow their letters to be included in this book.”

Due to certain lines of evidence, such as removed implants and subsequent examination, Strieber feels that “denial of the existence of the visitors is now a purely emotional affair”.

“Somebody or something unknown, operating both in the context of high theater and great secrecy, has approached us.”

In Strieber’s view of things, this approach can be very disturbing and induces stress but not the overwhelming type that individually causes psychosis nor at a species level causing extinction. Instead, he suggests it is a level of stress that serves an evolution allowing adaptation to new conditions.

“These letters reveal that there is a force calling to us…to recognize our true value, and our own real powers.”

For a second I am going to jump over to another great close encounter database, this one presented to us hy retired university professor Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, and share a point made by an apparent ET to a highway snow plower that is 1 many examples suggestively corroborating Strieber’s point [pg 36 of Clarke’s 1st book): “His ability to appear and disappear fascinated me. I asked him about it, but he said that everyone from his world could come and go like that. He said that I could do it, too. I just had to learn how to use my brain the right way. I didnt understand what he meant.”

Chapter two notes, “Childhood”

“If you are a close’encounter witness, odds are that your experiences began when you are a child. Often, it seems that the children of witnesses become witnesses themselves, that close encounters run in families.”

Case: “A Secret About Memory”

Mother of 11 year old shares details of her daughter’s experiences beginning with an experience at age 10. The mother tape recorded her daughter telling her story and in her letter to the Striebers shares some direct quotes from her daughter.

First experienced memory at age 10 began shortly after she went to bed and feeling like a fog coming over her. She saw “friends” or “comforters” who without apparent restraints seemed to control her mobility as they took her to what she described as a stone wall. The mother wrote: “She then felt her ‘soul’ or ‘mind’ go through the stone wall.” Ending up in a gray room, her only memory was “being on some asort of table, like an ironing board”. The girl told her mother: “They took a piece of my mind out so I can’t remember, because they’re not ready to tell you.”

Girl characterizes subsequent encounters as involving experiments and communication entailing them talking “to her in her mind”. She feels they are protective friends.

The girl perceives she is floated up via a beam of light and that she is no longer in her pajamas but instead has a subtler body sense where she feels herself “wearing something that feels like leaves”.

The girl also reported being shown views of another planetary environment with very unfamiliar life forms.

Description of the different beings:
3 feet tall, wet and gray and some others greenish; some with big rounded eyes, others with large slanted eyes; skin smooth, unusual smell; thin with “little pudgy bellies”; four fingers; feet similiar to ours but with webbing. She was shown or told that the beings home planet is damp but that this wet atmosphere is clean.

Case: My Dinosaur

This is a very long letter by a mother relating her experiences along with her children (mainly an older daughter). She provides alot of detail comcretely describing high strangeness factors, especially related to light mechanics and the appearance and disappearance of the beings in their appearances.

She related indications of a hybrid child being introduced to her during an initial wave of experiences in 1989 and in 1995, several months after being a “drunken mess” and having paranormal experiences, she related a delightful interaction with a young and taller hybrid accompanied by 2 short greys.

Previously, to 1995, her first memories were of 4 episodes between August 1989 and June 1990. The first one happened when she was on a dirt road near her house. She just notes a memory of being taken aboard a craft. Her second experience is of laying in bed, momentarily paralyzed, and watching lights coming theough the windows and move around in the house. The third encounter memory is characterized as “dreaming”. (She puts that in quotes.) Her dream-like memory is of “being on a large disk near a reservoir by our house and being handed a hybrid baby while I was told it was my son”. In the last encounter of this wave she is awake in bed at night but paralyzed from the waist up. She smells “cardboard” and hears shuffling sounds next to her. She kicks something and then blacks out.

Nothing unusual happens till August 1992. She had become pregnant before this and now had a new born son along with an older daughter. This experience begins with her hearing her daughter scream out, “stop no”, from a downstairs bedroom.

Going downstairs, she found her daughter had gone back to sleep but found her baby son sitting up and oddly grinning. So she takes him upstairs to rock him to sleep and after awhile gets drowsy and closes her eyes. Suddenly, behind closed eyes, she sees an image of three greys standing in front of the rocking chair. She then opened her eyes “to see an intense light coming from the kitchen door”. At the same time, she “felt a flash of searing heat infuse [her] entire spine”. The light and heat faded as she continued rocking her boy to sleep and things returned to normal.

One of the last things that I will note from this 11-paged letter relates to what happened after they moved to the Chicago area in October 1992. “My daughter told me that ‘Mister’ could not find us here and for the first time in 3 and 1/2 years she quit jabbering about ‘Mister’ and the ‘little Misters'”. (Referencing a tall grey and short greys.) But, several months later (in April 1993) she awakened to footsteps downstairs, which she repeatedly checked without seeing anyone. The next day her daughter related a “bad dream” where an standing-upright “Mr. Dinosaur” and “two blue trolls” hurt arm. (Mom found no signs of injury.)

The final episodes related were in 1995 (in September, October, and November). They involve positive interactions with a hybrid being. The first one in September was perceived as a waking dream that started after she woke to hear footsteps downstairs. She experienced playfully chasing a child, wearing a hood over his “elfish face”. When she asked the child his name, she was surprised by a smiling, “perfectly ordinary middle aged woman” walking through her front door. The lady told her his name (“something like ‘O’dan’).

In October 1995

(Paper incomplete and developing)