Profiles of the Varied Extraterrestrial Presences from the Third and Fourth Books of Cases by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, part two

This final paper in a series examining cases published by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke will be a concise presentation of described entities and their activities and agenda from her last two works:


More Encounters With Star People: Urban American Indians Tell Their Stories

2016~~Anomalist Books

39 chapters and cases


Space Age Indians: Their Encounters With Blue Men, Reptilians, and Other Star People

2019~~Anomalist Books

3 sections with total of 45 chapters and 42 cases

Cases won’t be as fleshed out in the detail provided in the prior three papers. The intent is to have different entity types and their activities/agenda noted in a terse fashion. These last two volumes remain in print and available to all.

Notes From Book # 3 Chapters

~~Chapter Three

Entities: Very tall and very white human-like beings with long fingers. White uniforms with blue patches. Insignia of circle with 3 dots in a line.

Activity/Agenda: Large scale abductions to observe and study human development (as well as other life forms and natural resources). Covert with neuro and memory control. Examinations carried out and samples taken with respect and permission asked. They note “humans are getting bigger, not better” (referring to intellect and lifespan), which is somewhat atypical compared to other humanoid species elsewhere. “They keep exact notes on every form of evolution on the planet.”

~~Chapter Five

Entity: Tall and slender, human-like, with one piece suit that included head covering. Able to be perceived as animal forms for fieldwork involving animal life.

Activity/Agenda: Fewer come here from this entity’s home planet than in previous times. Animal specimens collected for seeding other worlds. Volunteer humans, well-vetted, also chosen to seed compatible planets without a dominant civilized species.

~~Chapter Eight

Entities: (1) Scientists who conducted experiments and procedures were similar to humans, five feet six inches to six feet, but with large and broad foreheads and (2) security force personnel were small beings with very large cranium, bow-legged, and wearing dark goggles with computerized equipment.

Activity/Agenda: This is a civilization traveling the universe for 40,000 years. Very long life span with population control on home planet. Activity with humans involved abductions for study and specimen (blood, sperm, etc) collection and knowledge downloading. A compound in craft atmosphere enabled neuro and memory control (with “one human in 20,000 immune”). They also take a variety of specimen samples from a wide variety of animals.

~~Chapter Fifteen

Entities: Are human-like with noticeable differences. The arms and fingers longer than humans. They had longer skulls and their faces a few inches longer. Despite the beings resembling each other alot, their skin and hair color varied from dark to light (like humans). Telepathy is their primary means of communicating.

Activity/Agenda: This is a group that developed a relationship a long-time ago with a family ranch, continuing through a few generations back into the 1800s. The basis for this contact were the ranch’s stock ponds to collect water from. There is no set pattern for the timing of their arrival to collect water.

Reportedly, other families elsewhere willingly serve as “protectors” for visiting members of this ET civilization, providing safe space to collect water, do repairs, etc.

Clarke asks about some of the things learned from interactions with this ET group and learns that water is not plentiful on their planet and they became adept at developing multiple uses for it. It’s essential for the propulsion of liftoff, for insulation in space, cloaking from radar, and more in addition to drinking. She’s also told their food is plant based only and when processed “like baby food”. Also, they carry no weapons and have no formal religion.

~~Chapter Eighteen

Entities: Seven and one half foot tall human-like. Huge round eyes. Hairless on head. No ears. A mouth without lips. Openings on necks like a “fish gill”. Skin felt spongy.

Activity/Agenda: Observed by a camper in Alaska siphoning water from a lake. After the craft did that, a light from the moving craft began searching the area and found the witness. The witness reports that next he sees a 7 and 1/2 foot being approach him. The being asks him to come with him which he does without fear and with curiosity. The witness remembers only the initial moment of being onboard a craft and then next being outside his camping trailer around 5 hours later. He has a “big red bump” on his upper arm (gone in a few days).

~~Chapter Thirty-five

Entities:. Very thin, no apparent muscle mass. “Yet they had a forceful grip.” Humanoid with six fingers. Little detail about facial features noted due to a helmet but eyes were like “cat eyes” that changed color from amber to yellow and didn’t blink. Wore “very tight dull silver suits” with “an insignia on their uniforms”. Insignia was “octagon-shaped with a small ball near the center. Black dots appeared at three sides of the octagon. The patch was black but the dot in the center was red. I asked them about the symbols and they said the small dots represented the planets from their system and the red ball was symbolic of leadership.”

Activity/Agenda: The witness was a commercial truck driver taking a nap break at a secluded spot off the interstate in Nebraska when he is taken onboard a craft. Communication telepathic, initially focused on reassuring no harm would befall the witness. And they knew his destination and reassured him he would arrive in time. The purpose of his being taken onboard seems to be to gather information on his job and after taking his blood they inquired about racial differences. “The strangest of all is they said they thought as one. Everyone was connected.”. The witness finds himself after his on board memories mysteriously just a few blocks from his delivery destination.

~~Chapter Thirty-nine

Entity:. Human-like being nearly seven foot tall, very blue eyes which were larger than normal human size, hair blonde and nearly white. Wore pale blue coveralls with insignia on right arm, which was diamond shaped with unfamiliar figures below. Telepathic capacity, but spoke in the store/pizza diner.

Activity/Agenda:. Patrons in the parking lot of a pizza place and convenience store on the edge of a reservation rush into the business after witnessing a large circular craft flying over the business. The craft affects car radios and engines. An hour later the above described being enters business and sits at counter asking for tea. Samples big amounts of sugar and drinks boiling tea water with guzzling ease. Odd interactions. Leaves and gets into what appears to be a “car” which lifts off ground and departs rapidly. As he was leaving owner and staff hear his voice in their heads, suggesting they won’t remember him. Patrons likely hear it too as they later don’t remark on the strangeness but owner retained memory (along with a couple of the staff).

Notes From Book # 4 Chapters

~~Chapters One through Sixteen from Section One

The first section relates 15 stories of encounters with the “Blue Men”. Chapter One is an overview discussing related lore from other sources, beginning with the history of Whitley Strieber’s encounters with a species of blue-skinned individuals (but different from the beings profiled in the first section of chapters in Book # 4): “In UFO literature, the Blue Men are not often discussed. Probably one of the most famous reports of Blue Men comes from Whitley Strieber who described his encounter with beings who had ‘wide faces, either dark gray or dark blue….with glittering deep-ser eyes, pug noses and broad somewhat human mouths’ “.

For section one, I will use the Chapter Six info because the witness-experiencer relating his story there provides in depth background on the same beings profiled in different but similar circumstances (battles in war zones or violent encounters) in the other chapters.

Entities: Eight to nine feet humanoid beings, very muscular with blue skin and apparently not fully solid with their form suffused and surrounded with a glowing blue light. Their capacities are god-like. In Chapter 6, the witness supplies background info for when he is rescued from dire circumstances on a Vietnam battle scene (and returned several days later after the rest of his squad is killed). This is a two species, two planet civilization with the profiled Blue Men practically fully energetic beings and others biologically solid, smaller in size, and settled in a non telepathic circumstance. The facial features of the tall and glowing Blue Men generally hard to discern due to the distorting effect of the bright blue light they animate.

Activity/Agenda: Observers of violent battleground scenes. “They don’t believe in aggression.” Even though they mainly observe, they can be moved by compassion and intervene to rescue some individuals at times. “I learned that their civilization is more than a million years older than ours. Once they lived in a solid, material form, but over time they learned how to turn their bodies into energy….”. There remains a species of solid beings (smaller in stature) who are not only the workers but the creative forces in bringing new technologies and developments, enabled by the freedom to think apart from a telepathic milieu. They had an overpopulation problem before and seek out other worlds for possible living space. Also: “They keep a watch on Earth and they tell me, if we choose to destroy ourselves, they will let that happen.”

~~Chapter 3 From Section 3

This case is based on the incident described here:

Here is the information posted at the above site, with the unidentified authorities interviewing the train crew likely part of the story published by Clarke:

“The following is the official report by the CSX Engineer:

Paintsville, Kentucky — At exactly 2:47 a.m. on January 142002, while working a coal train enroute from Russell, Kentucky to Shelbiana, Kentucky, our trailing unit and first two cars were severely damaged as we struck an unknown floating or hovering object. I know it was 2:47 because my watch froze, and to this day shows that time.

Along with my watch the entire electrical systems on both locomotives went haywire. Approaching a bend near milepost 42 in an area referred to as the Wild Kingdom, for the many different types of animals spotted there, my conductor and I saw lights coming from around the way.

This ordinarily means another train is coming and will pass on the other track. The outlay of the area is this, the river, #1 track, #2 tracks and a straight up mountainside, carved out for the laying of these tracks. I killed our lights as not to blind the oncoming crew.

As we rounded the corner our onboard computer began to flash in and out, speed recorder went nuts, and both locomotives died. Alarm bells began to ring and that’s when we saw the objects. Apparently scanning the river for something. At least three objects had several “search” lights trained there, the first object hovered about 10 to 12 feet above the track.

It was metallic silver in color with multiple colored lights near the bottom and in the middle. There were no windows or openings of any kind that we could see. It was 18 to 20 feet in length and probably ten feet high.

With both engines dead as we rounded the corner we made little noise and the first object did not respond in time, I estimate that we hit the object at 30 mph with 16,000 trailing tons behind us. It clipped the top of our lead unit then skipped back slicing a chunk out of our trailing unit and first two coal cars. The other objects vanished.

Our emergency brakes had initiated due to the loss of power and we stopped approximately a mile and a half to two miles after impact. Our power restored after we were stopped and we notified our dispatcher, located in Jacksonville, Florida of what had happened.

We were told to inspect the cars to see if they’d hold the rail and try to limp into milepost cmg 60 which used to be the Paintsville yard which is no longer in full operation. We checked everything out and the cab of the rear locomotive was demolished and smoking, the second two cars looked as if they had been hit with a giant hammer, but looked like they’d hold the rail.

We pulled into Paintsville yard at approximately 5:15 am. The huge overhead lights lining the yard were noticeably dark and the only lights came from what we assumed were railroad officials vehicles parked near the end of the track. We pulled to a stop and began unloading our grips off the wounded train. We could hear what sounded like an army of workers immediately tending to our train.

Vehicle doors slamming, guys running by in weird outfits and lights glaring from all directions, the one thing missing was railroad officials.

A guy named Ferguson shook my hand and asked me to follow him into the old yard office. We did, once inside they, and by they I mean I have no idea who these people were, began to ask us hundreds of questions, they then told us for our own protection we’d be medically tested before we could leave.

I asked repeatedly to talk to my road foreman or trainmaster and not only were these requests denied but they confiscated my conductor’s cellular phone.

Hours later we were led outside the old yard office and the strange things continued to happen, the 2 locomotives and two cars were removed from the rest of the train we had brought in and my only guess was parked 4 tracks over under a huge tent like structure buzzing with activity.

We were led off the property and told, due to national security, our silence on this matter would be appreciated.

We were then put in a railroad vehicle and taken to Martin, Kentucky were we went through questioning again with railroad officials and were then drug tested. After all of this we were sent on to Shelbiana, where we took rest for 8 hours and worked another train back to Russell. Working back we passed by Paintsville, no sign of the engines, cars, tent, people, nothing.”

Clarke’s reporting witness, at the time of the incident only 15, had just finished his night shift in a coal mine at 3 am and was headed home to eat breakfast. A few miles from home he sees a light in the woods and thinking “somebody might be in trouble” he drives his truck in that direction. His truck sputters out a couple of hundred feet from the light source so he approaches cautiously on foot.

In a clearing beyond the woods, he sees a “silver spaceship” (60 foot circumference, 18 feet high estimated) on the ground with a gaping hole and a few 5 foot tall persons around it. He remains hidden. From a distance he is only able to make out their relative small size and their clothing, silver jumpsuits that gave off a “shimmering, silver glow”.

“I watched as they patched [the hole]……They brought this thin sheet if matching colored material and placed it on the hole and it clung to the side like it was part of it.”. As they inspect the repair job, the witness from his hidden position sees flashlights and voices approaching in the distance and he gets up and warns the beings.

They look in his direction and go into the craft which then “began to spin”. It comes and hovers over him and he hears “strange voices in [his] head” telling him thanks for helping them and that they want to return the favor by enabling options beyond the type of work he’s doing. “Suddenly a bolt of light came out of the ship and it struck me. I felt like my brain was electrified.”

The craft then ascends and leaves quietly (and with no lights) and the witness remained well hidden as around then people soon arrive. They were going around taking soil samples, taking photos, and “one man with a machine that he pointed at the ground”.

(The next day the witness sees the newspaper account of the train/UFO collision.)

After this event, the witness notices “that I could read things I could never read before.” He now makes enough money having his writings published that he stopped working in the coal mines.

~~Chapter 4 From Section 3

Entities: (1) One human-like being around 6 and 1/2 feet with “round eyes larger than human eyes”. Dark skinned. Hair not seen as there was a covering there as part of overall suit. Instruments attached to wrists, “not weapons”. Telepathic. (2) Three “synthetics” (alien used term) who are “crossbreeds of biological parts and mechanical parts”. Maintain and pilot craft, do not sleep or eat, tolerate different atmospheres.

Activities/Agenda: Witness is a young Afghanistan war vet who after service bought 200 acres in Alaska to breed and race dogs. The first winter after he built his cabin, in January after the nearby river had frozen with ice twonto three feet deep, a UFO “with a circle of lights outlining it” settled quietly on the river one night. The witness was first alerted to the scene by his cabin interior lighting up.

Going outside, he watched as a few beings were engaged with something on one side of the craft. They didn’t touch the ground as they moved, seemingly floating over the ice.

When one of his dogs began barking, they saw him. One of the beings begin coming to him. The witness first raises his shotgun, but lowers it when the being reassures him that he has nothing to fear. The witness is amazed that the being is airborne.

The witness assumes the being is part of the military and manning an experimental craft and displaying secret technology, despite the fact that the being when asked where he was from pointed to the stars. The being basicly proves for the witness otherwise when he “picked me up and flew me into the craft”.

Unlike the being who greeted him, obviously biological in nature, he sees a small crew of synthetically engineered humanoid artificial intelligences at observing screens (a few were also outside). In the center of the room was a transparent tower made of “some kind of strange plastic that melded to my hand” and which “went back to it’s original form” after he removed his hand. The witness is told that the pliable material able to withstand any shock. The tower ran from the bottom to the top of this upper section of the craft. It was the power system of the craft, not dependent on any sort of fuel bit instead gathered power from the atmosphere to recharge.

The witness is next shown a lower level which included a living area. There was a “web of silky strands” suspended int the air like a hammock and equipment for nutrition. He also saw plants in glass containers.

The being told the witness they thought this area was abandoned and that they would not have done their landing for maintenance needs if they knew it was. The witness reassures him they are safe on his property. The being said he would see him again, which he does three more times by the time he shares his story with Ardy.

The second visit, a year later in January, the being accepts the invite to visit the cabin. “He was fascinated with my book collection. He picked up an axe and asked me how to use it. He was interested in the plane that I used to shave logs. He put his finger in a sugar bowl and tasted the sugar. He tasted the salt too.”

All the communication was wordless, telepathic. Which should have been a clue to believe the beings’ claim of being from off planet when the witness first assumes he was part of a secret government project.

The being told the witness that after their sun had burned out, they had created artificial suns underground to sustain life in underground settlements on a cold planet.

The story of the second visit ends when the being asks about a small puppy that was unable to walk and likely going to have to put to sleep. The being asks to take the puppy with him. A year later he returns with a vibrant puppy, healed. In fact he was in better shape than the other dogs of the same young age.

The visits all were short as he wasn’t really allowed to interact with humans. The landings at this spot had been something of a traditional stop before to do maintenance.

~~Chapter 5 From Section 3

Entities:. “Very tall white beings”, human-like, and “smaller men who stood in the shadows and followed us.” That’s the only feature description shared but other factors include “they do not eat food but have a method of feeding their bodies through energy” and also “use energy to induce sleep”. Telepathic.

Activity/Agenda: The witness was fired from working a uranium mine in New Mexico after developing an illness. After his last shift, he drove 20 miles out into the desert to decompress and skywatch. Then: “..…like a lightening flash in the night, I saw a UFO larger than our little village come into view.”

The witness feels himself rising up towards the craft and seeing his pickup below. Then he sees that he is put in “a cubicle of blue light for a few minutes” and afterwards the tall white beings are seen. They reassure him they mean no harm and inform him that their examination of him has revealed “uranium poisoning with cancer” throughout his body. They ask for his permission for them to treat him and he agrees.

The treatment required 7 sessions one week apart, executed with him going to this location in the desert. The treatment: “They took me into another cubicle, and ran a blue light over me. Then they took me out and wrapped me in a fabric-like gauze and immersed me in a tub of something that looked like blue jello.” He”s kept there for around an hour. His skin felt cool in the gel but inwardly he felt heat.” After this treatment he was again examined in a cubicle with a blue light ran over him. They also took blood and skin samples. And placed a metal instrument over his head.

They report that the treatment helped and returned him to his truck with instructions to return a week later to the same location for further treatments.

The witness relates that these beings spend time monitoring area uranium mines. UFO sightings are reportedly common. The witness lives in a village near Albuquerque.

~~Chapter 8 From Section 3

Entities: Human-shaped with facial features obscured by goggles and a faceplate. “They were luminous and covered from head to toe with a uniform like a hazmat suit.” Telepathic.

Activity/Agenda: The witness is part of a work crew in Yellowstone Park in 1989 at Lewis Lake. He was working the night shift with dawn approaching when the incident happened. He was preparing to head to his trailer on the other side of the lake to sleep when suddenly he saw a “luminous object” appear directly over the lake. The craft began siphoning up water. While this is happening for about five minutes, he feels that an electrical charge has hit him.

As he is driving back to the other side of the lake, he sees the craft land in a field and stops to see what’s happening as two forms exit the craft. They are quickly seen at his truck window, “peering in at me”. He remembers them placing an instrument against his temple and then being unable to move on his own.

Taken onboard the craft, they remove his clothes and place him in a glass room, attaching him to the wall in a standing position. They ran lights up and down his body for a minute and then take him out with ash all over his body.

Next, he is moved into another glass enclosure and placed in a chair where they attach instruments to his arms and head. He’s left alone there for a short bit.

After final procedures of taking blood, skin and hair samples and testing his blood, they inform him his blood is defective and that they have no need for him. “The next thing I knew, I was behind the wheel of my pickup and headed toward the campground.”

The witness quits this job, returns home and finds out later from tests at the reservation clinic that he has treatable leukemia.

~~Chapter 9 From Section 3

Entities: Tall very white beings. Either wearing shiny silver suits or loose white garments.

Activity/Agenda: The reporting witness stated he went camping with his grandfater in an isolated location adjacent to the Panamint Mountain range in the Mojave desert from the age of 12 to 18 (once a year). Each time they saw the above beings exit a craft and go in and out of the valley floor which seemed to open up to them.

Also, they would see the craft go inside the Panamint Mountains. The witness saw at their isolated for the first time, at age 12, a massive UFO hovering a couple hundred feet off the ground near their campsite: “It was about the length of a football field. It was oblong, like a tube. It made no noise and appeared suspended in mid-air. It was not moving at all. It was dark, not shiny….There were several white, dim lights underneath it, and one in the front that was like a strobe light…”

The then-young witness was afraid watching the strobe light come near the campsite but his grandfather calmed him down, apparently already aware of local lore surrounding these beings.

Then, next: “We watched it for several minutes, and then it began to move toward the Panamints and away from us……As it neared the mountain, the strobe light became more intense and the craft moved slower and slower, when suddenly it was as though the mountains opened up and the craft moved inside.”

They decide to stay up, drinking coffee and roasting marshmallows, and keep a watch. At midnight the craft emerges from the mountain and land on the desert floor. The grandfather puts out the fire and they watch as several tall beings exit and walk to a spot only 50 feet away. “As we watched, we saw the earth open up and the beings disappeared under the desert floor.”

“There were six of them that went under the earth, but about an hour later, eight came out of the earth and boarded the craft and we’re gone in an instant.”

The last witnessed episode occured when the witness was 18 and his grandfather dying of cancer. The grandfather at that time actually walked out to greet the beings, who reportedly assured him he would be among the stars soon. The witness never subsequently went camping there in following years.


In Conclusion

Near the end of 2021, articles appeared based on an interview of a Cambridge University scientist by the BBC’s Science FOCUS magazine that gives an explanatory basis for why we appear to see so many humanoid beings in these close encounter reports.

While most cases reveal beings who are human-like, there are notable variations in the biological features from the homo sapiens appearance. These variations can be understood to be due to different types of suns, atmospheric pressure, atmospheric content, gravity and other planetary conditions.

Simon Conway Morris, an evolutionary paleobiologist in the Cambridge Department of Earth Sciences, asserted with confidence that evolution in other settings around the universe has led to the rising of human-like beings. The theory underlying this proposition is called “convergent evolution”. An online definition: “In evolutionary biology, convergent evolution is defined as the process whereby distantly related organisms independently evolve similar traits to adapt to similar necessities.”.

Another Cambridge scientist (a zoologist) named Arik Kershenbaum also has addressed the question of evolution on other planets and came to the same viewpoint, as he is quoted here in a Quanta magazine article from early 2021: “Because evolution is the explanatory mechanism for life everywhere, then the principles we uncover on Earth should be applicable in the rest of the universe.”

Now to conclude with some key points from the afterword chapters in Ardy’s third and fourth books:

~~From Book #3, published 2016

“To date, more than fifteen hundred individuals [American Indians off and on reservations], people who neither sought nor desired to profit from their encounters, have convinced me of the veracity of their experiences. That does not take into account the three hundred plus individuals I have never met who contacted me through email about what happened to them.”

“All the individuals I interviewed recollected their encounters without the intervention of hypnosis.”

“…….I believe that the encounters with Native people should teach us that we should approach this phenomenon with more humility, a sense of humbleness, and openness to the potential that alien life forms exist on Earth and are engaging humans more often than we know.”

~~From Book #4, published 2019

“Like other interviewees in my previous books, those who shared their accounts were not prompted to reveal their encounters in the hopes of celebrity or financial gain. They were often reluctant to share their story and did so only when assured of anonymity.”

“[It] appears [that] the activities of the various Star People or alien entities have not changed significantly since the first abduction event. It does appear that some of their motives have evolved, but the main purposes of their visits have not changed. They are still using humans for procreation. Some are malevolent, but others are benevolent. Some appear to want to help the human race; others appear ambivalent toward humans and consider them to be nothing more than specimens to be studied. Some show an abundance of concern for humans through healings; while others appear to mock the pain of captives.”