Profiles of the Varied Extraterrestrial Presences from the Third and Fourth Books of Cases by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke (part one: The Gray and Mantid Group)

The last two books by Ardy Clarke that present accounts of close encounters of the third and fourth kind are rich sources of information and insight regarding the wide variety of extraterrestrial beings reportedly engaged in activities on our planet. This paper will use a different briefing format than used for her first two works, where individual cases were chosen to be described in depth with attention on the entities, craft and activities reported. It will be organized by the type of beings reported with notes from different cases providing characterizing details.


More Encounters With Star People: Urban American Indians Tell Their Stories

2016~~Anomalist Books

39 chapters and cases


Space Age Indians: Their Encounters With Blue Men, Reptilians, and Other Star People

2019~~Anomalist Books

3 sections with total of 45 chapters and 42 cases

The third book is based on cases shared by “urban” Indians, those not living on reservations (which is about 78% of the 5 million in the U.S.). In the 1950s and into the 1970s, government policy during this time tried to terminate reservations and many relocated off the reservations.

In her introduction to her 3rd book, Ardy noted:. “Unlike those who lived on the reservation, there was a greater concern about the intention of the extraterrestrials. Another difference that occurred included more detailed communication about their purposes, their planets, and life in the universe. There were also more descriptions of different types of aliens. These issues may be the result of the increased educational level of the participants and their need to question and collect information to explain their experience.”

She also addresses another factor which was not much of an issue in her first two works, due to the cultural milieu of the reporters of encounters in those books:. “When I questioned them about the possibility of the influence of media on their experiences, the majority regarded the question as absurd…..”

Her final book, published in 2019, were cases shared by people who were alive during 1957 when Sputnik was launched to when Americans landed on the moon in 1969, hence the title Space Age Indians. In her introductory note there she writes: “Often the most important things I found were revealed unexpectadly, though they weren’t always obvious. Anthropologists described this sort of insight as ‘limbic” spaces where you free yourself to accept a new vision of life and reality different from what you expect. By opening yourself to the significance of the encounters, you are forced to accept the extraordinary variety of visitations. It’s only by doing this that you are able to understand the depth of the encounters.”

The Grays and the Mantids

Many compilations of published cases involving reports of abductions by beings known as the “grays” are based on the use of hypnotic regression to retrieve memories for periods of “missing time” associated with the clear memory of a UFO sighting. The use of hypnosis as a tool to retrieve buried memories has mixed reviews today, given that behavioral and cognitive scientists over the last 20 to 30 years have come to realize that hypnosis is an unreliable tool for that purpose. So, it’s important to note that among the cases published by Ardy Clarke, none involved the use of hypnosis in dredging up memories. Also, no cases are based on dreams.

The face of the grays is widely familiar. The same could be said for some of their activities, one of which has become the basis for jokes about “anal probes”. (One alertly observing abductee noticed that this way to extract semen was not the most common means of doing so. She described a suction mechanism. Source Book 3, Chapter 17.) Since awareness among the general public seems high regarding some basics surrounding “alien abductions”, Clarke did sometimes probe reporting experiencers for signs of influence from media presentations that may have affected their memories.

In at least one encounter case, recounted by an ER doctor in Oklahoma, possible insight into gray activities was provided to this ER doctor by a different type of ET in the course of interacting following a chance encounter (Book 3 Chapter 5.):. “He said that there are several thousand intelligent life forms and they do not like the attention that human abduction has brought to the existence is space travelers. He said the intent of his people was to travel and explore, but not to change the culture….”. This being explained that there was one activity by the grays which they were powerless to prevent, but that their scientists were helping them develop an alternative to it:. “[The grays] had found human body adrenal glands were a good source of longevity enhancement when mixed with other elements.”. Attempts by this other group’s scientists to find an alternative have been unsuccessful. Ardy later heard from the alertly observing abductee (a young woman English teacher) profiled in Book 3 Chapter 17 that her abductors had a focus on our adrenal glands which she as yet hadn’t figured out. (What was most apparent to this woman was the hybridization effort by the grays.)

The young woman teacher in a rural Montana town whose experiences are profiled in Book 3 Chapter 17 told Clarke she played along in a compliant way in order to observe closely what was happening with gray activities. Knowing they were telepathic, she would think about all sorts of things in order to hide her intent. Given this circumstance, Ardy asked her all sorts of questions about what she witnessed. Some key points from her answers:

“I have witnessed women abducted and never returned. They become an incubator for hybrid babies, given birth to several. I have also seen women who are mechanically impregnated and returned to Earth only to be captured again and the fetus removed.”

In Book 4, Chapter 3 of Section 2, a case is profiled that was shared by a BIA cop who was abducted apparently to be quizzed about law enforcement practices. (Later I will share his description of the Mantid being he observed with the grays, serving as overseers it seems.). At one point he shows an inquiring Mantis how people can be identified by fingerprints. He does this by fingerprinting a young woman, dazed or out of it, present with a young man. And slips the inked paper into his pocket and avoids telepathic detection of his intent of checking it out later by focusing on how he would decorate his Christmas tree. Later he used the fingerprint database (Integrated Automated Identification System maintained by the FBI) and learned the woman was a missing prostitue from Las Vegas (gone for 3 years). An interesting aside to this story: the grays find it puzzling that we cage people. If this account is true about the confirmation of the missing prostitute, that could be a confirmation of sorts of what the woman told Ardy.

The reporting by the BIA cop that he was abducted to be quizzed dovetails with other stories in these 2 books, which include a group of doctors examined for their knowledge. And also the young woman teacher telling her story in Book 3 Chapter 17 was not abducted for the hybrid program:. “At first, I think they were smitten with my interest communication and language. Then I became a specimen for aging. They were very interested in how the human body aged, so their experiments on me included taking body samples, hair, swabs and their infernal machine that examined my internal organs.”

Notes From Book 3 Chapters

~Chapter 2: Witness sees possible tall and short grays drilling for samples at abandoned copper mine.

~Chapter 14: Old homeless Indian and Vietnam vet residing at various Death Valley area campgrounds relates a story of camping with five other teens (three boys, two girls) and being abducted by the grays. Initially he perceives them as his friends on the perimeter of their camp but then his next memory is being on a “cold metal slab” being examined by three small grays. The five friends he was camping with were also abducted and retained memory of most of it.

“They stuck suction tubes over our privates [of the boys]. They took blood from each of us. They punched holes in us. They put machines on us and stretched our bodies until it hurt. They nearly squeeze the brains out of my head with a helmet-like contraption.”

One of the women later in her life had a suspicious episode of being pregnant and then not with no signs of a miscarriage.

~Chapter. 17:. Some elements of this young teacher’s experiences have already been noted. Ardy questioned her in depth because, for one, her experience caused her to buy many ufo books (including Ardy’s after hearing from her school principal that Ardy collected ufo stories). Clarke wanted to discern any possible influences on her memory from the extensive reading of ufo literature. Also, Clarke’s questioning was due to the witness stating she was able to observe alot.

Clarke estimates that a certain percentage (perhaps 20%) of abductees (taken by the Gray-Mantid nexus) are immune to the gray’s neuro control that bring about perception and memory dampening. There are other cases in her books where we benefit from the reports of people similiarily immune.

This witness-experiencer also mentioned seeing at times “giant insect-like creatures” who were part of the scene with the grays. They were described as 8 feet tall and very powerful and, to her, terrifying. (These are the beings referred to in the abduction literature as “Mantids” or “Insectoids”.). She thought their role was as “enforcers”. Her opinion of this group of aliens was generally a negative take. Despite that, she did note observing them performing healing surgeries on different abductees.

She emphasized their ability to plant images in people, changing perceptions or creating illusions. She saw that few abductees were beyond the age of 40 and from that observation theorized that it was because perhaps older brains were harder to affect via planted images.

Her experiences began 7 years prior to sharing her story with Clarke and happened 3 or 4 times a year. She is taken while driving on deserted rural roads, never from home.

~Chapter 20: A 28 year old woman relates that her first experience occurred 11 years prior (at age 17) when she and her two sisters (ages 11 and 12) were on a long drive home from an out-of-town state basketball championship game. Fifty miles into the trip while on a deserted road, driving slowly to avoid hitting deer, the young says that “suddenly a light appeared and the whole landscape wasa washed in light. I slammed on the brakes and yelled at my sisters. I kept yelling at my sisters [and shaking them], but they didn’t even move.”.

As she’s failing to wake her sisters up, she sees 2 figures approach her car. She tells Ardy that she felt these beings were affecting her sisters and could feel attempts to do so with her now that she had stopped the car.

She was taken onboard their craft into a hot and suffocating room. She saw four shadowy figures. Two of them put placed on a table where she felt immobilized but without any restraints. She is awake at first but sees her sisters “slumped in the corner like rag dolls”. Then one of the figures “placed a metal device over my face” and realizes she must have blacked out.

She didn’t know what happened next, only that her next memory is of “sitting behind the steering wheel of [her] car” with her two younger sisters asleep in the back seat.

She tells Ardy that she now is aware that “they harvested my eggs and used my eggs to make hybrid children”. She explained that she got this information after “being taken a few months ago” when walking home after visiting a cousin during the night.

As she was approaching her house she saw a bright light in the woods across the street from her house and walked over there to check it out. When she sees “a strange craft hovering about 20 feet off the ground”, she started to run but is stopped by small beings with “big heads and big eyes” and grayish-white skin color.

After being taken onboard, she is led down to a corridor to a room and sees in another boy in another room sitting down. The beings “said he was my son”.

His hair was dark but very thin or sparse. She was told he was two years old, but to her eyes he appeared smaller than the two year old humans she was familiar with. Also, he had the biggest, roundest eyes I have ever seen.”

She reported that only once did he look her way. She smiled at him but he remained expressionless. She begins feeling maternal instincts and wants to go to him in the room but is not allowed to do so out of a concern of passing on a disease. As she is led away, resisting somewhat, she becomes upset that she can’t take care of him.

Prior to leaving, the beings inform her that they had harvested eggs from her to create seven boys of different ages, the one she was being shown the youngest.

~Chapter 25: There is no actual description of the abducting entities in the story related in this chapter but the scene and m.o. is presented in a way that is suggestive of the grays. Clarke first met this witness-experiencer at a national conference held in Denver in the mid 1990s and bonded as the only 2 American Indian university professors at the conference. At one point, Ardy goes off to interview two experiencers and when asked, explains to her new friend she collected UFO stories. The friend disparages the subject, which she explains decades later was due to her concern Clarke could lose her university position because of it. Some time later Clarke’s friend retires at age 56 and begins exploring the traveling RV lifestyle. In 2013 she contacts Ardy with some urgency and she shares her own story of contact.

She describes being in a campground where she sees a strange light come into the area. She heard the other campers exclaim “UFO”. That night otherwise remains quiet and she just assumed the light was from a helicopter. The next morning she heard the few other campers depart, leaving her the only camper on scene (but with the park center open).

That night she watches a stunning lightening storm for awhile and then retires. She is soon awakened by her RV being shaken and thinking someone is rocking it, gets and loads her gun. Then “suddenly the whole vehicle was engulfed in a bright light. I looked out the window and saw some red lights. I thought the park rangers had arrived…”

She goes outside, with gun in hand, and still sees the red lights but with no rangers or vehicle in sight. When she starts walking towards the lights, she begins feeling a mist fall around her and the lights shifting from red to white.

At this point she sees a figure emerge from the mist and tells him to stop and further yells she has a gun. The figure ignores that and continues coming to her. She feels unable to raise the gun or run, physically immobilized. They go to the edge of a ravine and there she hears the being telepathically convey that she is safe as they float to the bottom of the ravine where there is a rounded craft.

After entering the craft she is led into “a massive room filled with other people. There was a strange smell..,” which she thinks is a drug affecting the comatose people sitting alongside the “stone-cold white silvery walls” on seating “molded into the craft”. Some people are standing and she goes up to a large man who she thinks may help in resisting. She can’t get his attention even after hitting and kicking him. Without expression he walks away. She tries the same tactic with other men and some women without success.

At this point two beings come in and take her away and telepathically ask her why she’s resisting. “I told them I wanted to leave and what they’re doing was against the law.” She threatened to call the military and the government and is told they already know about them and their activities.

The beings put her through an examination, with her inside a scanning cylinder, and then immobilized her in a chair with a metal band around her head. Then they inject a long needle into her at the center of her chest below the neck. She passes out and when coming too she hears their puzzlement that she hasn’t responded to their first “treatment” to instill the mind control that makes people comatose and with no memory. (They are only able to control her body movements.)

They tell her (telepathically) that very few people have been immune to their procedures and they place her on a “slab” and “placed a metal helmet over my head”. As she becomes agitated “another alien, one I hadn’t seen before, approached me and told me to be calm”.

“As he talked to me in a robotic manner, my head started to get hot and hotter. It became almost unbearable until a cool breeze engulfed my head and then the helmet was removed. When I demanded to know the purpose of the head contraption, they said they had collected my life’s experiences……They said the machine allowed them to view my life from birth. It would help them understand the defenders.” (Defenders are those immune to their mind control features. They tell her that “they were collecting data on all defenders to learn about the differences in their brains that allowed them to resist.”. They also study the “compliers”, those who don’t resist or remember their experience. The beings claimed their research was shared with government scientists.)

She tells Ardy that when they released her they told her that they’ were not worried about her being believed. She explains to Ardy that she contacted her because she felt obligated to warn her! For when they said she wouldn’t be believed, she had told them about Ardy Clarke and her work and that she knew her. Despite the woman’s concern they would come after Clarke, Clarke reassured her that they are likely already aware of her and her work. In followups, Ardy learns her friend has not been taken again and lives in a heavily armed Idaho community.

Notes From Book 4 Chapters

Ardy Clarke’s fourth book is divided into three sections to basicly cover different extraterrestrial entity types. Some of the cases in section two of that book relate to the species focusing of this paper. Because cases therein include Reptilians and Human-type beings, in addition to the small and tall grays and the Mantis beings, I am reposting here a short excerpt of the chart by the academic Thomas Bullard (Indiana State University) that describe the range of beings reported by those abducted by this overall group:

Short Gray (“standard”) humanoid
Short to average height (less than 5′ 5″)
Tall Gray
Insectoid or mantis
Nordic (tall, blonde, attractive human)
Ordinary human
Hybrid (human-humanoid alien mix)
Monster, oddity, robot, ape
Mixture of two or more types in one crew”

~Chapter 3 From Section 2: This encounter incident was shared by a retired Bureau of Indian Affairs police detective who had been assigned to many remote regions in the west. He reported many episodes of witnessing a variety of types of UFOs while working out in the field (especially away from reservation towns).

From the BIA cop’s report it appears the encounter he relates to Ardy was no accident but instead based on a desire to inquire about his law enforcement activities. He was told by a Mantis being that they had been observing him for some time and had some questions.

The incident began this way: “I was on a reservation in the southwest. I had been investigating a drug cartel that had encroached onto the reservation. I had a tip of a drug house where the drugs were processed and distributed. I was on my way to the address when I suddenly saw a tall creature on the edge of a highway….It looked like a giant grasshopper.”. He shined a spotlight on it, seeing it crouch down and then standing up appearing as a human.

Finding this unsettling, he attempts to drive away but his car dies. And when reaching for his gun, he becomes immobilized. He finds himself being escorted off the road by this now human-appearing being and is reassured his car will be secured off the road.

He next remembers being onboard after an unknown period of unconsciousness. (His experience lasted 3 and 1/2 hours altogether.). The Mantis, still for the time being appearing human, enters the room where he’s kept, followed by 2 small grays who respond to the being’s “strange clicking or grunting sound” by moving to the back of the room and standing as if on guard.

The cop describes the grays as 4 feet tall with large heads and eyes, thin with long arms and tiny legs. Their skin is ash colored.

He demands an explanation from the being as to why he changed his appearance to that of a human and he is told that it was to put him at ease. He does see the being in it’s true form later and provides Ardy with a detailed description:. They are around 7 feet tall and “sometimes drop to the floor and sit on their haunches like grasshoppers”. Also:. “Aside from their formidable size, they have arms and legs with several joints. At each joint, there are long hairs maybe four inches long. They are like wild hairs in a beard. It is the only place I saw hair on their bodies. Their unusual joints allow them to manipulate things like a juggling act in a circus. They have long torsos, rounded middles, and long necks…..[Their faces] are shaped like a big triangle with rounded edges, with these big slanted, black eyes. Their chins come to a sharp point……Their skin is a combination of light green and tan. They appear to have a protective shell about their middle, similar to a beetle.”

The being tells the cop that they had been following his movements and “were interested in what I did with the people I captured”. The cop attempts to explain but “he seemed very confused. He told me that there was no need to put people in cages; there were other methods.”

At this point he directs the 2 grays forward who grab the cop by the arms and escort him down a hallway following the Mantis being. “We came to a room that smelled like a hospital. There I met humans…[who] were motionless. They looked awake, but we’re in a trance-like state. They didn’t speak, blink their eyes, or move the slightest.”

The Mantis being next “asked me how I would go about identifying the individuals I captured.” The cop explains about fingerprints:. “I took my fingerprint pad out of my breast pocket, took the hand of one of the transfixed female captives, and pressed her thumb into it. I carefully transferred the print to a small notebook in my breast pocket. I showed it to him. I explained I could use the print from her thumb to identify the person. He seemed interested in the process. When he was distracted, I slipped the notebook back into my pocket and kept thinking about Christmas.” (He reports doing that to avoid revealing his intent to put the print through the database later.)

He see three females and three makes in their 20s in this room. The 2 grays take him back to the holding room and a bit later the Mantis escorts him back to his car.

Later he puts the print through the FBI-maintained Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification System and finds that the print is is of a young woman who at the age of 17 had gone missing from Las Vegas. She had been arrested for prostitution four times. Her roommate reported her missing after last seeing her “getting into a car with a strange looking man driving a Cadillac. She had no known relatives…”

The cop is devastated by this and soon retires early. He has no idea of the purpose behind this.

~Chapter 8 From Section 2: This incident involved a doctor working in an ER and involves 3 other doctors also. One of the other doctors like the witness-experiencer telling the story to Clarke is not dwelling in a trance-like state effected by the beings taking them from different circumstances. The ER doctor for an Indian hospital recounting this story remembers the experience in the aftermath and finds the other doctor who was awake and responsive too during the time they were on board. Later, they compare notes directly and even in person.

There were significant gaps in their memories during the unusually long abduction time (3 days). In the case of the doctor Ardy interviewed, he had gone on a solo hunting/camping trip, scheduled for 3 days, and was later surprised to learn he had been gone for 6 days.

In this case, there are three different types of beings from the complete possible mix in Grey/Mantid abduction operations, as identified in the Bullard chart, that are evident:

–the small grays

–reptilian humanoids

–human-like humanoids (in charge of operations)

The doctor had just gone to bed on the second night of camping when the darkness was blasted by an intensly bright light. He leaves his tent, shields his eyes, and “watched as a huge craft quietly set down in the meadow where I camped.,’

Several beings are observed exiting the craft and moving about, one of them moving towards the witness. The witness stands up and the being looks him over briefly before letting out a “shrill call”. Two large beings come to the beings’ side who points to the witness. The doctor is grabbed but not before shining his flashlight and discerning “the being was about my size, about five feet six inches tall.”. This being is human-like and the doctor perceives it as a female with “light colored hair falling beneath her helmet”. (When seeing another human-like female who was completely bald, he suspects the other one may have been wearing a wig.)

The large beings escorting onto the craft “were like huge lizards, yet they walked upright like a man. Their skin was shiny and slick except for their heads, which were bulky. They were brown and green. A huge stubby tail rested on the floor. They had huge mouths like lizards that wrapped around the sides of their faces…..”

Another type of beings, small in stature, who were involved in administering later a procedure, had large craniums and large eyes that “seemed to wrap half-way around their heads”.

The entry space was as big as a football field and contained six transparent tanks of a heavy liquid in motion like a lava lamp. The doctor asked about that and is only told it has something to do with the atmosphere. He sees and asks about other features embedded seamlessly into the concave walls and is told they’re related to the guidance system.

The doctor then described being taken to another level and into a small room with three other men, two seemingly oblivious. The aware person identifies himself as also a doctor, but from New York City. He had no idea how he ended up onboard this craft.

“Both Fred and I were subjected to experiments where the abductors informed us that they were copying all our knowledge.”. The doctor describes being examined by the small beings (who sound like small grays but I’m not completely sure of that) via “a tube with a machine that encircled [his] head”.

His next memory is of a human-like female in another room having him disrobe and apparently sperm taken by “a large suction like apparatus”. When he initially resisted disrobing two reptilian humanoids did that for him, leaving scratches (he shows Clarke the scars). He was immobilized without physical restraints during the procedure.

When released he initially fails to recall this abduction and continues his hunting trip. Recall comes flooding back on his last day camping. He later hunts for the other doctor from New York City and succeeds. They compare notes. The NYC doctor informs the witness that the 2 comatose men were also doctors.

~Chapter 9 From Section 2: This case was related to Ardy by a young woman attending a conference in Phoenix where her mother was a keynote speaker and who also was a long time friend of Ardy. The case involves the young woman’s long time study collaboration with a Mantis being! She is a recognized professional nowadays in the field of entomology. In an end note following the story, Ardy wrote: “I keep in contact with Doli. She is one of the most amazing women I have ever met. While she has traveled with the Insect Men to some of the most remote locations on the planet to study insects, she cannot reveal what she has learned. Despite the fact that she travels a different path in the field of entomology, she remains a well-grounded individual who is considered brilliant among her peers and professors…..”

After sharing her story, she tells Ardy that while these beings have allowed her to study THEM, “it is research that I cannot divulge in scientific circles for fear of being discredited, but it has been a most fascinating journey”. She added: “You should understand that as an academic. Someday, the people of Earth may make contact with them. If that day comes, I want to be ready to help humans understand the nature of the Insect People. I know if that day comes, human reaction will be one of fear and hostility. Humans always try to destroy what what they do not understand.”

This young woman’s story begins at the age of 8. She was visiting her grandmother’s farm. One day she went out by herself berry picking. “When I got to the bottom of the ravine, I saw this giant, flattened, silver ball among the shrub trees. Honey, my little puppy, began to bark and back away, but I couldn’t resist going forward.”

She then reported that she felt a hand on her shoulder and turns to see a “huge insect”. She tells Ardy she strangely didn’t feel afraid, that she was a collector of insects and already had a deep interest and love of them. She was able to understand this beings’ thoughts.

The being invites her on board and shows her his collection of insects. This begins a long relationship: “Every year since our first encounter, I have seen him. My grandmother left me her home after she passed. I still spend my holidays and summers there when I have a break from school [at the time of first telling Ardy her story she is a PhD candidate]. I go there to meet my Insect Man.”. Ardy asks her how he knows when to meet her there and is told “telepathy”. The being is of course with others. Her impression is that he’s the “leader” of the crew.

“He was interested in the evolution of insects on Earth as well as paleontology as it related to entomology. He studied how insects of Earth had changed over time and the effects of the environment on the evolution of the insects.”

Ardy asks what her overall perspective of them is: “That they are extremely intelligent beings, and because of their environment they evolved as the dominant species on their planet……They do not have the environment found on Earth, so their development is different. This, I am focusing on the developmental process, the biometrics of movement, the molecular genetics, and biomechanics of the Insect and how it relates to the evolution of the Insect Men.”

Having read Ardy’s books, this young woman decided to accompany her mother to the conference knowing Ardy would be there to hear sher story: “I knew it was time to tell my story. There are not many stories about the Insect Men, but those that do exist are frightening experiences. I’ve had just the opposite.”

Chapter 2 From Section 3:. This case involves two high school friends age 15 at the time of their incident. and their two horses. The girls are also daughters of neighboring ranchers and acclaimed rodeo champs in their area of competition. They had gone camping on a school break and we’re with their horses. After it gotten dark, a brief intense rain storm ensued and they waited that out in their tent. Afterwards they mounted their horses bareback and directed them to a nearby pond to get water. As they started riding, “a bright light came down from the sky and shined directly on us” which frightened the horses and caused them to speed up to the pond, the girls tightly holding on. Then they perceived an unusual stillness and quiet and next thing they knew they were ascending while tightly holding onto their limp horses. “The next thing we knew, we were in a huge strange room” with several small grays approaching them (beings described as small, bald and with huge black eyes). The girls yell at them but the beings just stare back.

Soon tall beings, more human looking, came into the room. The girls describe them as dainty, thin with sparse hair and long faces and skin extremely pale and white.

These beings telepathically reassure the girls about their horses and then the girls reported “they took blood samples, a strand of our hair, and scraped our skin. After that the beings inserted a long unfamiliar “glass tube or a glass needle”, after being reassured they wouldn’t feel pain. The girls don’t but show a year later to Ardy Clarke the remaining scar near their navels. To Ardy they looked like dime-sized blood blisters.

After this last procedure, the tall beings say the girls are too young to be “specimens”. And the grays escort them to their horses. In an instant, they find themselves sitting on their horses as they drink from the pond.

The girls had been told by the beings that they were looking for breeders and had some concern the beings would return when they were older.

The girls also wondered what they did to their horses. They were now amazed by how younger and more energetic they were in the aftermath and how more responsive and aware the horses were to directing cues.


This section began with an excerpt from a chart by Thomas Bullard showing the range of the type of beings observed with the Grays and Mantids. Here is an excerpt of a chart by him (in 2017 edition of The UFO Encyclopedia edited by Jerome Clark) showing activities seen from different collections of cases:

Alien beings acquire and transport subject to UFO)
Intrusion (Onset of strange appearances, feelings, reactions)
Restlessness, anxiety, premonition
UFO appears (present during initial stages of capture)
Beam of light appears
Drone, buzz, hum, or musical sound
Oz Factor (Strange changes occur in physical environment)
“Vacuum” effect, stillness, silence, absence of traffic
Vehicle interference, electromagnetic effects
Time lapse (Changes in consciousness or behavior)
Behaviors inappropriate to the situation, involuntary acts
Paralysis, creeping lethargy
Missing time (loss of memory)
Full consciousness maintained [note; in 2 studies with data on this, one had 8% and the other 7%; important to note for later points made]
Procurement (Alien control abductee and transport to craft)
Beam of light or drawing force pulls, lifts abductee
Beings appear
Escort being touches or holds abductee
Abductee floats or feels sensation of floating
Enters craft suddenly or with momentary memory lapse
EXAMINATION (Beings subject abductee to probes and tests)
Preparation (Beings prepare abductee for examination)
Abductee undresses, changes into smock or robe
Cleansing (application of liquid to skin, bath of light)
Abductee lies restrained on examination table
Physical examination (Attention to body)
Manual inspection (beings touch, use handheld instruments)
Eyelike device scans abductee
Instrumental examination (devices probe abductee’s body)
Beings collect samples of blood or other body materials
Reproductive examination, taking of genital materials
Neurological exam (Attention to head or mental functions)
Mind scan (close, intent staring by alien)
Tiny object implanted or removed; close attention to head
Behavioral, emotional tests
Envisioning, operation of machines, staging
CONFERENCE (Meeting, conversation, lecture, instruction)
Topics of conversation
Interrogation (question and answer session)
Explanation (beings reveal their origin and purpose)
Task assignment (beings teach abductee, give mission)
Warning against certain human actions
Prophecy or images of future events or catastrophe
TOUR (Abductee visits various parts of the craft)
Visit to incubatorium, nusery
Touching, holding infants, play with children
Instruct, socialize hybrids