Random Notes and Quotes, July 2019 thru December 2019

July 18 2018

Yesterday, during a radio interview of Tom DeLonge:

DeLonge: You know, there might be. But  I will tell you this: I have met very, very, very high-ranking intelligence officials that have had encounters. Direct…

Ryder: Is that right?!

Allie Mac Kay: Experiences? Direct encounters?

DeLonge: Yeah, there’s actually some really unnerving aspects as far…you know, there’s one thing…there’s one program where there’s hundreds of operatives that have been having contact and they’re trying to figure out what that’s all about. It’s wild.


Joe Murgia of Las Vegas toiled for us and we have now a transcript of this interview with DeLonge on KROQ:


July 20 2019

Blogger Andreas of The Unidentified reports on the laughter greeting a question about UFO incidents that were addreased to an Admiral and the signs of cognitive dissonance in the laughing hosts and audience when the Admiral answers seriously. Read about it here:



Whitley Strieber in his June 26 Unknown Country website journal article suggests The Visitors Are Coming:


“This is likely the beginning of a process of contact that I have been expecting for many years. A long time ago, I got the idea, I think from the visitors, that they would arrive in our midst when there was no longer any doubt in anybody’s mind that the planetary environment was collapsing and we were all facing extraordinary jeopardy.

I don’t think that we are very far from such an event. I don’t know what form it will take, but leading contenders in my mind are a combination of floods and droughts that so damage world agriculture that food prices soar and famines begin to take place.”


The To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences has announced a data collection and analysis role that will include public participation. They call it The Vault:


“The TTSA Virtual Analytics UAP Learning Tool

It is the mission of To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science to collaborate with global citizens in order to help push science, technology, and ultimately humanity forward. To help accomplish this, we plan on building a powerful and robust community of interest platform called the Virtual Analytics UAP Learning Tool (VAULT) where we can enable interdisciplinary collaboration on reporting and analysis of anomalies among the public at large, academia, industry partners, government and every level of law enforcement. 

Our vision is to collect, triage, and partition signature data, utilizing forensic and scientific methodology, into a central database that can be used to shed light on anomalies, trends, and patterns. We believe these data, when analyzed rigorously, could lead to a better understanding of our reality, including some of the most fascinating and mysterious phenomena in the universe. In turn, our vision is to involve the public with the discovery of revolutionary breakthroughs in science and technology.”


On the heels of all the news about Navy pilots encountering UFOs, Rassmussen Reports conducted a phone survey in late June. Only 12% saw this as representing a threat, 61% see no threat posed by these events while 27% arent sure.


Bryce Zabel, a writer, producer and director based in Hollywood has for some time pondered Life After Disclisure issues and has a site focused not only on that but on encouraging public activism:


He has initiated #ufo2020 on twitter to assist in networking to bring sober attention upon the UFO issue.


July 31

Deleted my Twitter account today as we move into the 2020 election cycle and the delirium bound to rule social media “platforms”.

Using links to a spectrum of sites, listed here in my long catalogue of the work of ufologists, should suffice to keep updated.


Bryan Bender of Politico reported (July 30) on the inquiry made by a Congressman:

Congressman Mark Walker Asks Navy Some Questions


August 2

The contents of the 38th report done by scientists for the Pentagon’s so called UFO program, addressing detection of hypersonic objects, has been released. Danny Silva covers the contextual ground, with links to past related stories, here:

5th AAWSAP D.I.R.D. Released by George Knapp; Covers Detection of Hypersonic Vehicles


August 7

Bernie Sanders promises Joe Rogan if he becomes President and learns of an ET presence he will announce it on Joe’s show:


Rogan: “If you got into the office and you found out something about aliens, if you found out something about UFOs, would you let us know?”
Sanders: “Well I tell you, my wife would demand I let you know.”
Rogan: “Is your wife a UFO nut?”
Sanders: “No, she’s not a UFO nut. She goes, Bernie, ‘What is going on do you know? Do you have any access?’”
Rogan: “You don’t have any access? You’ll let us know though?”
Sanders: “Alright, we’ll announce it on the show. How’s that?”


A couple of weeks ago, an in depth article on Special Access Programs was published by Tim McMillan and Tyler Rogeway for The Drive:



August 8

I am still on Instagram but dont see this by Tom DeLonge there anymore, but Danny Silva caught it and posted at http://www.silvarecord.com :



August 13

Blogger Danny Silva interviews Chase Kloetzke who has taken uo libbying in DC:

Lobbyist Kloetzke Believes President & Various Members of Congress Viewed Classified UFO Videos


Just saw posted at Reddit r/ufo that the host there has started some smart organizing!!

Don’t Storm Area 51

Hopefully, the Lone Wolfie Way preferred by ufologists are coming to an end, but I have no further expectations of that anymore. As of today i have decided to ignore most (not all) of the ufo community and work in promoting the academic adoption of ufo studies only in the public square.


August 19

George Knapp and the radio show staff from coasttocoastam.com posted yesterday this from Luis Elizondo:

“Did the Dept. of Defense authorize the release of three purported UFO videos in 2017 and 2018? That question has largely been settled but continues to generate questions among some researchers. This week, in response to a FOIA request, the Pentagon released additional information about the email communications between the requester Luis Elizondo (pictured) and the DOD. After reading some of the hostile comments posted on social media, George Knapp reached out to Lue Elizondo for further comment. Elizondo sent this statement:

Once again, this is yet another attempt by a few antagonists to bend facts around their false narrative. What the emails actually prove is as follows:

1) I did indeed work in AATIP

2) I was in a Senior position

3) The videos were coordinated for release the proper way and the decision was a group decision

4) The Pentagon and not Luis Elizondo approved release

As for the notion by the conspiracy theorist that some how I released the videos under false pretenses is further negated by the following:

A) At the time of the request, AATIP was still a small and sensitive program that I was not at liberty to discuss among a broader audience. As such, I used the term UAS as a general phrase that people could understand without specifically highlighting UAPs.

B) That individuals who were also part of the AATIP and UAP effort and who ultimately authorized the release were CCd on all the emails so those who needed to know, absolutely knew. This is the “OCA” or better known as the Original Classification Authority. This is evident by the fact that the Pentagon chose to redact their names, namely because they are still part of the effort and work at the Pentagon.

C) It was the Pentagon and not me who believed releasing the videos to a broader audience would be easier. One can read my emails to see I wanted to keep the videos protected but they felt releasing them at the unrestricted level would be easier and more efficient.

D) The reason why it reads “Not Applicable” under the section “PUBLICATION” is because last I checked you can’t “publish a video” you “release a video”. As such, I did not want to confuse DOPSR by indicating I wanted to publish the videos…we wanted to release them instead. Proper English grammar.

—Luis Elizondo”

My note: while the constant nitpicking and feverish imaginings have been the chosen path for some, based no doubt on different perspectives and intents, there really isnt a reason to spend much time on these illusory issues surrounding AATIP and Elizondo.

I want to reassure our ET visitors (who happen to drop by and check out my courses here) that many of us are keeping our (mostly friendly) focus on YOU. (PS: dont pay much attention to Tom and some others who call some of you bugs and would like to nuke you away.)


August 21

Miss alot of people on twitter, now that I left, but can stay focused better on project having done so. Deep Prasad seems fine, judging by tbis commentary on in-fighting in ufology (largely over the merits of ttsa):



September 15

A few days ago, Bryan Bender published an update:


The congressman/ranking homeland security cmt member Mark Walker (R-NC) is making these inquiries of the Navy. This was interesting (from above article):

“In the recent interview, Walker, a former pastor, also acknowledged that he is open to the possibility that there are no easy explanations — or the answers could change how humanity perceives the known universe.”


Lecture 9 done, cover ce3 and 4 databases (a basic survey).

Starting lecture 10, which will likely be much longer and take some time. But viewable online as I add to it.



September 20

CNN report on Navy confirming ufo film


September 30

Revived an old twitter account when I saw it pop up on this recently resurrected laptop (have been using phone to type all lectures, etc here!). Renamed it to suit a one-pointed focus on the project of encouraging academic institutions adopt a course of study for the public and also establishing a vehicle for witnesses and contact experiences to share in a safe venue that follow strict standards.

The focus of my activity there and elsewhere will be on engaging the academics and not ufologists in general for the most part. Monitoring developments in ufology remains crucial but there are a lot of distracting soap operas and wasteful displacement of attention going on now in that field, more than usual, so working in the public sector domains makes more sense. Especially with the doors opening up on this subject with Politico and The New York Times taking the lead still.