Recent Personal Encounter Experiences

April 2018

Sitting up quietly after midnight by west facing window, blinds up. Suddenly a bright white light blasts through the window, not a diffuse beam but thick and concentrated. There’s no possible ground source with rising forested hill to my west, only a gap in to tall trees. I get up and look out. Over a treeline behind a lonely house on the hill, I see (from a position to the left rear of the object) a large squarish craft silently hovering. Quite large in size. I mumbled “that isn’t normal” and don’t go outside as this craft shined a light into my place. I kinda shut down.

June 2020

Out for a late night walk to river. I notice a darkish silver sphere of light just hovering over a notch in the ridge, silently. This is about 2 miles or a little less from me. Apparent size is a dime at arms length.

This object begins to dart rapidly over this area, and then comes to rest again just above the ridge. Then it slowly ascends at a 45 degree angle a couple of hundred feet and stops. After a minute, an identical object just suddenly appears about a hundred feet to the right, and a little above, of the first one. Now I am stunned! Both objects now elegantly descend in tandem and hover over the notch in the ridge.

I get excited, raise both arms, and think loudly COME HERE! They both flare up dramatically. At first it looked like they were edging forward, but no. I do it one more time and they flared up again! The only time in this episode they did.

A little bit later, the original sphere just instantly disappears and I see a pencil dot size light over a different ridge to the south, at least five miles away. Then the 2nd object does this.

Very shortly after, the first object instantly manifests at the original closer spot....and the second soon followed. They do this back and forth several times, spanning 3 ridges parallel to each other. (I have a side angled view.). Then are gone. Back home 5 minutes later, I check flghtradar24: nothing.