Report on “A Tear in the Sky” documentary

May 3 2022

This report will be updated with followup scientific evaluations of findings reported from in the field investigations shown in this documentary.

This documentary was hosted and produced by Carolyn Cory. It records a civilian based scientific expedition executed from 2 rooftops in Laguna Beach, another one on Catalina Island, and from a highly equiped van. The two rooftops were adorned with scientific equipment and cameras (regular, night vision and infrared) and were manned for five days by an organized team known as UAPx.

The sites were chosen based on events experienced by US Navy assets (the USS Nimitz and USS Princeton) in 2004 during training missions in this same area when mysterious tic tac shaped objects were witnessed and encountered. Key founding members of UAPx were part of that training mission.

Catalina Island has an extensive history also of documented and filmed UFO events and the documentary opens with different residents referencing that. TV star William Shatner, physicists Michio Kaku and Travis Taylor provide their commentary throughout.

The key founding members of UAPx are introduced: Kevin Day, Gary Voorhis and Jeremy McGowan with others including Kevin Knuth, Jason Turner, Dave Altman, and Michael Hall (an incomplete list).

At different times during the five days of this operation, anomalous events were witnessed and recorded by traditional and experimental equipment. Concurrent with visual signs were periods of the registering of high energy spikes. For example, on the third night, a solid white spherical object suddenly manifested when triple spikes on gamma readings were indicated.

One of the interesting features shared was team member David Mason’s conversion of light to sound, revealing unique acoustic patterns to objects sighted.

At 6:26am on July 15 2021 David Mason began recording on infrared a flurry of objects coming out of the sky and entering the water. The speeds were amazing. There were dozens of tracks, making this very similar to the types of radar readings Kevin Day was reading when aboard the USS Nimitz back in 2004.

The biggest finding came from the 8 following weeks of examining data from the “cosmic watch” registering of high energy events. This finding gave the film it’s title! Concurrent with a high radiation burst, there appears a rapidly opening and closing in the sky 1.2 kilometers off shore and at an altitude of 1700 feet. Small dots of speckles are seen in that space (each dot estimated at 35 to 50 feet in length).

This report will updated by further scientific efforts to examine this mysterious anomaly.

May 4 2022

A live youtube show of UAPx members addressed questions last night related to the documentary show:

Hosting was Jeremy McGowan and participants included scientists Matthew Szydagis, Christopher Altman, and Kevin Knuth and Navy vets Gary Voorhis and Jason Turner who were witnesses from the USS Princeton of the tic tac during the 2004 Navy training exercise.

The five day expedition was funded by the film production people.

Anomalous data is still being analyzed with alot of raw data also yet to be gone through, including 600 hours of FLIR infrared imagery from 8 FLIR cameras.

Several anomalous events are being investigated and analyzed still, including the “tear in the sky” that seemed to contain 53 “speckles of dots” still unidentified but potentially identifiable after further work.

No conclusions have been established regarding any of the puzzling events being examined.

Kevin Knuth described the process of a peer review by scientific experts in related fields. A paper will be eventually submitted to a science journal and editors will assign one to five experts to review the paper and recommend or not it’s publishing or corrective editing.

The men noted some errors in the documentary of a relatively minor nature and some of the frustrations experienced.

The tear in the sky event happened at 3:59 am on 7/16/2021 and remains a puzzle as the scientists search for possible “normal” causes.

In early June at a conference hosted by the Scientific Coalition for UAP Studies, the 3 scientists identified above will present a summary of this study:

They are scheduled for a nearly three hour session of the “Anomalous Aerospace Phenomena Conference” in June 3rd.

“Professors Knuth and Szydagis, with Christopher Altman, will together present a summary of the most interesting findings from the first expedition of UAPx to the US West coast and Catalina Island, near the site of the USS Nimitz tic-tac incident. Sensor readings drawn from visible-light camera videos, long and shortwave infrared imagery and radiation detection running in parallel simultaneously with the other sensing modalities, including a custom-built quantum random noise generator to serve as a baseline. We will be presenting what we believe is, to the best of our knowledge, one of the few sets of unclassified, non-governmental, multidimensional sensor data of UAPs—in some cases, from different angles of what could potentially be the same object.

Multiple inexplicable objects and phenomena were captured that call for explanation and further expert analysis by the scientific community. Over 278 and nearly 1000 hours of video were combed through manually and by custom UAPx neural networks. These were found to contain both everyday phenomena……which could be used as controls for temperature, position, size, and speed determination—and also UAPs demanding our attention, for which we have robust estimates of shapes and sizes, applying super-resolution imagery in some cases………”