Research/Analysis UFO Network

Herein will be offered the links to active researchers and analysts addressing the ufo mystery and will include a description of the work focus and content.

Taking up the vocabulary recently used in the course of some reported battles among different folks on Facebook, on the battlegrounds of different groups and pages there, I will break this up into three categories: The Old Crew and The Young Guns and the Young Guns twitter participation network.

~The Old Crew

–Jacques Vallee

Still active, looming large from his perch as elder statesman of the “Invisible College”:

–Kevin Randle

Born 1949, a student of UFOs beginning in high school and who began writing on ufos in the early 70s when he also was a valued field investigator for APRO.

Also, a very long military career, first in the Army and then Air Force.

Many books published, a recent one on Roswell (previously backed by him) suggesting that deeper investigation revealed a weakened evidentiary base for that event involving aliens.

Very active now with looking at old and new cases here:

–Keith Basterfield

Actively researching since 1968 (originally in the United Kingdom, then from Australia), he has held significant leadership roles in MUFON and elsewhere and has published extensively…and, soberly.

Unlike Randle, who has no social media existence outside the comment section of his blog, he is on Twitter and has had many recent ground breaking exposing of key matters, posted at this blog:

–Jerome Clark

Clark has no active presence online except via occasions like the recent interview of him on Paracast.  His body of work can be accessed via Amazon, of course.  He is the senior ufo historian still alive today.  The North Ontario Research and Studies wrote a great background here:

–Alejandro Rojas

Our senior in house journalist:

–Billy Cox

Long-time mainstream news reporter (from southwest Florida) who for decades has provided significant ufo reportage, maintains the “only mainstream news ufo weblog”:

–Leslie Kean

Involved just shy of 20 years now, she is one of the 4 journalists authoring the ground breaking NY Times story on Dec 16 2017.  An established author on this subject, she now has a website that also includes her work related  to researching the evidentiary basis for survival of death:

–Robert Sheaffer

Keeping everyone on their toes, like for a real long time, this established author with a skeptical laser focus keeps very current here:

–Linda Moulten Howe

Long time journalist and senior ufologist, the portal to her work is here:

–Richard Dolan

Well known and popular, he has long focused on the government coverup side of things but lately, with his wife, has been fruitfully branching out into other aspects lately.  His site links to his other platforms:

–Whitley Strieber

Well known author, and contact experiencer, hosts an informative website:

–Bill Chalker

An Australian based investigator who has published key works based on a “forensic science approach” to alien abduction cases.

Like Randle, he has an active blog examing the old and new:

–Barry Greenwood

Going back many decades as also a senior historian (in early days with the Center Against UFO Secrecy)  like all of the above figures, he is somewhat Luddite like Clark in exhibiting today an online presence only now and then thru interviews by online broadcasting hosts.

But, his archival of resources is of immense value:

–Grant Cameron

Inspired by sightings many decades ago, part of a big wave in his region of Canada near the border near the US, he became involved in studying the mystery.

For decades, his studies and published works, and his predidents and ufo website, focused on coverup and disclosure issues.

More recently he has expanded his focus to direct contact experiences and in so doing, upgraded his communications platform here:

–Peter Davenport

The key resource for the ongoing reporting and publishing of ufo events, online in real time by those having a sighting, is the National UFO Reporting Center.

He has maintained this up in the state of Washington for the last 25 years.  He was inspired by a personal sighting when young and investigated now long ago cases.  Prior to the reporting center, he had  rich and varied careers, including as a Russian translator.

–Bruce Maccabee

Today, at 76, Maccabee as a senior investigator, analyst, and historian, maintains an active presence even on social media platforms as well as current cases.

As FUFOR’s first director upon its founding in the late 70s, and long time associate in investigations by the ither major outfits, he shares the old and new in his work here:

–Robert Hastings

Around a very long time (I saw him lecture at a college in the esrly 70s), he is still active and very newsworthy (seeing how fellow Old Crew guy George Knapp just today reported on Hastings’ formal call for military witnesses).

His special focus has been on “ufos and nukes”:

–Manuel Lamiroy

Based in South Africa and engaged as a teacher in the Exopolitics Institute and further as compiler on an online “exopedia”, he took the lead in publishing The Journal of Abduction-Encounter Research after the death of Elaine Douglass:

–John Greenewald, jr

Born in 1981, he is likely the youngest of The Old Crew, but he created as a teen the now long-running (over 20 years) The Black Vault.  Focusing largely on FOIA filings over that period, i see his case files include assigned BV investigators to current sighting reports.

Is very active on social media and in using broadcast mediums.  Go here:

–Greg Bishop

Long-time investigator and author of quality work, also actively engaging as interviewee on many broadcast platforms.

–Jack Brewer

A long time observer, analyst and reporter who often casts a critical eye on the ufo community ways, his in the weeds approach to examining all aspects can be found here:

–Albert Rosales

He has, after years of posting compilations online of direct encounters with unknown beings, mistly associated with ufos, he has published many volumes now documenting all time oeriods since the earliest of such reports:

–Robbie Graham

Lecturer and writer, author of Silver Screen Saucers (2015) and UFOs: Reframing the Debate (2017)

–Frank Stalter, James Iandoli, and Chant Hannah
UFO News Network Sunday
Interviews with figures in the ufo field
by co hosts long in the field, here at this You Tube channel:

Chant Hannah site:

–MJ Banias

Terra Obscura is a writing project aimed at critically exploring the culture, the people, and the ideas that shape what society considers inexplicable. Using aspects of philosophy, critical theory, and cultural studies, TO questions the common ideologies that form and inform our knowledge concerning bizarre incidents, anomalous paranormal events, UFOs, synchronicities, and other events people consider “strange.”
MJ Banias is an educator, writer and blogger. He was a former field investigator with the Mutual UFO Network, has been featured on multiple podcasts and radio shows, and contributes to Mysterious Universe and RoguePlanet. His work has been included in Fortean TimesFATE Magazine, and in a book entitled UFOs: Reframing the Debate.

He lives in Canada with his wife, two children, and a massive cat.
Above description reposted directly from his site in order to include the other key active resource links:

The above  by no means covers everyone of note, and doesnt include any from the grumpiest section of the old crew (ie those noted to have disowned young guns and to have been abusive in their dismissal).  Note: some of the old crew may be fairly young, but studying this matter for many years.

—Good Recommendations from others to add to list (ongoing):

-David Haith

Retired journalist from UK. [Will add most suitable link when determined.]

~The Young Guns

A self-identifying network of newer ufo researchers has apparently adopted the appellation used by Old Crew guy Grant Cameron, who in appreciative remarks called them “the young guns”.  Young Gun Dave Beaty has formed a Facebook Group, as of Feb 15th, for this developing network.

I am not on FB, but I see many of the young guns in action on twitter (some of whom may be not so young in age, just relatively new to ufo studies and shared research). Update late 2019: against my better judgement, i am back on FB, singularly focused on ufo subject.

This category section of the list also will be updated over time.

–Teresa Tindal

From Arizona, she had a vivid daylight sighting at the age of ten and today brings a focus on foreign embassies and their knowledge and attitudes related to this mystery.

Perhaps inspired by the big reveal of Dec 16 2017, she began recently posting her reporting and analysis here:

–Danny Silva

He has been seemingly very inspired by the big reveal of Dec 16 2017 and in late October 2018 began publishing one of the best online resources addressing developments with a particular focus on TTSA and AATIP, his contributions often groundbreaking and received with growing appreciation by the old crew:

–Joe Murgia

He also has a site, also with a recent birthdate (May 2018) that is jaw droppingly good, focusing on bringing groundbreaking information to our attention.  Also seemingly inspired by the big reveal of Dec 16 2017 to publish.

He is a film maker in Las Vegas.

His site goes deep into the weeds on matters especially related to AATIP and TTSA:

–Andreas Freeman Stahl (an alias to keep privacy)

A clinical assistant in neuroligical rehab, and family man, he has a months old site also.  Like all young gun sites, the content and appearance are very high in quality.  He identifies working with team members Keith Mayoh, Jason Goldthorpe, Sven Koblow, Christopher Flynn.

This young gun recently scored a great interview with old crew guy Nick Pope:

–Ryan aka You Tube’s “UFO Jesus”

Luis Elizondo reportedly loves watching this you tube channel, heavy on analysis based on mostly good reporting.

He is active on twitter with his speculative musings.  For his continued chronicling and analysis on youtube, here is his library:

–Erica Lukes

Inspired by a series of sightings in 2013, she for a time became active in MUFON and was Utah state director after serving as a field investigator.  Today she works through other vehicles for investigation and also serves as a key journalistic resource on a digital radio network:

–Ryan Sprague

With a popular journalistic podcast, “Somewhere in the Skies”, he is also co host of the tv show on CW called Roswell: Secrets Decoded and an established author:

–Mike Damante

He is an established journalist, formerly as a reporter for the Houston Chronicle and now teaching journalism in that city, and also an established author who provides this hub for developing news and info:

–Bruce Fenton

Bringing in the important focus on genetics and anthropological studies with groundbreaking research and insight, he and his wife are established authors and lecturers:

–Paul James Dean

He is an Australian UFO Researcher and FOIA investigator, with notable results.

He publishes newsworthy articles here:

–Diana Walsh Pasulka

She is now an established author working from her base as professor of religious studies (and dept chair) at the University of North Carolina.

For the last 6 years she adopted a focus on the ufo matter and has just published (early 2019) a book that radically breaks new ground:

–Luis Elizondo

Lue became manager in recent years of a special program at the DOD in the DIA called the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program and resigned in October 2017 to join the civilian based operation known as the To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences.

While this new young gun is catching up on UFO lore history, he has been, and is, also making history with his new collegues.

–Chris Wolford

A young man from Michigan who has experienced sightings and a clear earlier encounter with beings from a landed craft (when age 4), he actively engages in a broad network of researchers despite now painfully suffering a debilitating neurological disorder.

The participant before as a guest or in many panels on broadcast shows, he started a you tube channel after encouragement to do so:

–Dave Beaty

A tv producer and documentary film maker, his well done short film graphically representing the famous 2005 Nimitz Encounter has been very valuable.

He has a venue on FB, where I am not, but can be found on twitter @dave_beaty .

–Joshua Cutchin

A full time author and professional musician (tuba) since 2015, he now lives in Georgia.  Was a contributor to Robbie Graham’s UFOs: Reframing the Debate.

—Good Recommendations from others to add to list (ongoing):

~Young Gun Twitter Participation Network

Here are some of the very active participants in, and contributors to, the research and analysis process that are evident on twitter.


CEO~~IP Licensing Consultant–Lover of tea, music art, nature, ancient world cultures, science, culinary delights and volunteering.  California.


Paris.  Photography, painting, Ufo disclosure, ttsa, remote viewing, science, art, nature.


From Roswell, profile just says “transmitting from area51”.  Identity unknown but very active engagement and sober research and analysis is evident in the course of that engagement, which includes diving deep into historical matters.


A Youtuber from the U.S. at:

That channel is “RealColeyUFO” and she has been very active since going on twitter in Sept 2018:


Wife and mother actively engaged on twitter since Oct 2018.  Interested in UFOs, parapsycholigy, spirituality, consciousness, etc

–Ivan Buchanan-Januskevich

From Scotland, the UK…fascinated by psychedelics, aliens, and left wing politics.  Hopes in his lifetime for an integration of all 3 into the mainstream.

–Kikiala Diallo

Very active engagement:



Only on since Dec 2018, is  very engaged:

–TTSA Agent

Profile expresses he is “helping inform people of our future” and has been active on twitter doing so since May 2017:

–Christopher Wolford

Chris is listed above also in Young Guns section with his new youtube channel linked there.  Very active participant of twitter network here:

–deep prasad

“Using quantum computing to change the world, 1 simulation at a time.  Engineer, physicist and ufologist.”

Very active since Dec 2017 here:


Computer scientist, interested in new technology, science.

From Deutschland and actice since Sept 2016 here:


Very active, from Ireland, since July 2018 on twitter here:


Interested in ufo/antigravity/esoterica.  From London, England, he has been active on twitter since Dec 2018 here:


“Skipping the continuum, reality through galaxy.”

Since July 2018, very active here:


“Official account for /r/UFO on Reddit.  Not to ne confused with /r/UFOs!  W hate blurry dots, and so can you.”

Active since arriving very recently, Dec 2018, on twitter:

–kevin collins

Very active since June 2014:

–The Paranormal Media

Very active:

–Omnitalk Radio

Very active since July 2016:

–Dan Eli

Exploring cosmic and metaphysical topics. UFOs/UAP topics, very active from Feb 2018 from here:


“Awakening a world from a lie.”  On twitter since Feb 2017:




Already noted as young gun in previous list section, as member of Andreas’ blog team.

–Engaging The Phenomenon

James Iandoli was identified in the previous section of this list compilation also…as one of 3 co hosts UFO News Network Sunday.

On twitter itself since only Aug 2018, he notes there: “Research and Field Work investigating UFOs and related phenomena: UFO/UAP, CE-5. Consciousness, and more.”

–Disclosure Team Sacramento

On twitter since only Jan 2019, they seek “disclosure of matters relating to UFOs…” [and also paranormal, spiritual, scientific, cobspiracy, and nde subjects]:


On twitter since June 2018, he identifies his interests: “Post scientific papers and reports on UAP, consciousness, esoterica, religion, and anomalous phenomena.  Throw in a few clues of my own. [Am a] Non-Conformist”

–I Want To Know

–Vincenzo Pinelli

From Napoli, Italian Free Research at

–API Case Files

—Good Recommendations from others to add to this list (ongoing):


By no means exhaustive, this compilation does cover a wide range but excludes scammers and cultist movement figures, some more well known than clearly more sober and honest folks.  That is why you dont see names like Wilcock, Goode, Salla, and Greer, to name a few.

I thought i would share my vote on who the all-time ufological and contemporary MVP researchers:

All-Time: Coral Lorenzen (Jacques Vallee runner up)

Contemporary: Ardy Sixkiller Clarke (Jerome Clark runner up)