Summary Descriptions of MUFON Cases, part one

This paper attempts to broaden the audience and thus public awareness of a sample of UFO incidents reported to MUFON and investigated by their trained investigators. The source for profiled cases is the monthly MUFON Journal available to dues-paying members. Specifically, there are cases written about in great depth in feature articles and also multiple cases shared every month in the journal section “UFO Activity Report”, maintained and presented by Shelly Goodman.

Many cases are accompanied by photos. Due to copyright restrictions I will not reproduce those. MUFON grants advance permission to quote up to 200 words (with attribution) so I will largely paraphrase report details.

The National UFO Reporting Center has a completely open-to-the-public data base of reported cases, shared in reporting parties own words and with sometimes a follow-up report by Director Peter Davenport on highlighted cases. Photos and videos accompanying cases also are openly shared there, at

I will start with cases profiled in the April 2022 issue of the MUFON Journal. Reports are on the rise, it is said, in both military and civilian sectors.

~~April 2022 MUFON Journal

“Large cylindrical UFO photographed over Missouri” (Case # 11956)

(Photo with article, page 6)

Wentworth, Missouri … 6:09pm…December 3 2021..

Two witnesses: female, 64, masters degree orthodontics, male 59, engineering degree

Observed from front porch: estimated 200 feet long, 12 feet diameter, at height of 500 to 1000 feet with speed of 80 to 100 mph. Sighting lasted for 20 seconds. No sound. From west to east, from area of a spring. About 15 large lights in a line, maybe brightly illuminated windows. “The outline of the craft could not be seen in the dark sky, but seemed to have a radial shape and were symmetrical.”

Photo taken with iPhone 11 with slow shutter speed.

Case closed as “Unknown Aerial Vehicle”.

“Low-flying cigar-shaped object reported over South Carolina” (Case # 20774)

A man in Charleston, South Carolina commuting to work at 8:35 am on February 9, 2022 observed for about four minutes, while on the Westmoreland bridge, a cigar-shaped object hovering over a nearby marsh about a half mile away. Object described as silvery-whitish, 15 to 50 feet long with perhaps a teiangle-shaped structure on the underside. The object didn’t move at all during the time the witness sighted it. He lost sight after getting off the bridge in heavy traffic.

Case closed as Unknown Aerial Vehicle.


“Bright objects seen and videoed over Tennessee”. (Case #120100)

Brentwood, Tennessee…12:14am…..January 1 2022

(Still photo with article page 7)

Witness and another person on porch see and videotape (over a nine minute period) 2 bright lights coming from the south. Witness notes that some moving lights in video are Christmas lights on porch whereas two in alignment are not. Still from video shows a clearly rectangular shaped object of significant apparent size with house rooftops evident below in foreground. Witnesses reported feeling odd for 24 hours afterwards.

Case closed as Unknown Aerial Vehicle.


“Objects emit loud booms, cause kids to scream” (Case 120584)

Hillsboro, Oregon…3pm….January 20 2022

The witnesses are a ten year old boy and his friend and the ten year old’s Dad at the end. The boys outside on the porch witnessed different shaped craft, one briefly emiting a loud boom on descent. Shapes included boat and bell-like. The Dad comes outside after hearing the boys scream and sees the craft, noting that one exhibited “instantaneous horizontal velocity”.

Drawing of craft features, with brief text.

Case closed as Unknown Aerial Vehicle.


“Bright red object photographed in the sky” (Case 120085)

Boynton Beach, Florida…midnight January 1 2022

Man out walking his dog sees a red orb shaped objects, apparent size of a basketball, move slowly from SE to NW and as it passed over the area of his house, it shot up vertically and disappeared in “the blink of an eye”.

Very clear photo page 9.

Case closed as Unknown Aerial Vehicle.

~~May 2022 MUFON Journal

“Triangular objects photographed in the sky.” (Case 120592)

Yelm, Washington……9:15 pm….January 28, 2022

A woman was with her husband and daughter outside engaged in star-gazing when her husband noticed clusters of light in triangular formation.

Photo of that on pg 6. Case closed as Unknown Aerial Vehicles with investigator noting that “these are clearly hovering identical black triangles with the vertices each containing a white light, where some are seen in profile, and some are seen edge on”.