The Center for Interstellar Studies and Relations: First Notes in a Briefing for Sapiens



February 3 2019

The afternoon nap is aborted and I sit now at the keyboard at the seeming request/instruction to do so by 2 figures who suddenly appeared in the burst of sights and sounds in my mind’s eye as I drifted towards sleep.

“Miguel..!!!…billions and billions of neuron microtubules and channels to get to you, HI!”

I could see a vaguely familiar woman standing by this exuberant man, the voice and face instantly recognizable as the former Carl Sagan.

“I have with me someone you read alot as a young teen and she and I want to get down to business mitigating a lot of confusion out there, and since this hynogogic contact can’t last long, please get up and sit at the keyboard and write what just happened…then just relax your fingers over the a thru l line and Coral and I will take it from there.”

The movie abruptly ends and I get up (tingling) , and with a start as I sit down, I remember the photos of Coral Lorenzen posted on paperback book jackets from decades ago.  Wow.

I type the above and sit as instructed, fingers lightly resting over the A thru L line of the keyboard.  I feel a light magnetic pulsing in my knuckles and await thought-free.

CORAL:  Carl and I have focused much of our energy “here” on interstellar studies and relations.  Generally, that means we study and absorb the cultures of planetary civilizations in other solar systems and we do so in interaction with a network of fellow discarnates who have differing native and long time association with cultures other than ours.  Like Carl and I associating with the sapien being on earth through the reincarnation process, over a great span of measured out time, there are beings existing  with different histories based on their incarnational fusion with highly developed biological beings in other star systems.

And, we can easily access each other, at the speed of thought and navigating with focused attention.

Having shared that, I dont want to arouse expectation that our contact with you  in this manner is to reveal any sort of picture that we could potentially share (based on our studies in this subtler zone with our greater perceptual reach).

The factors leading to you as one of our several incarnated contact points on Earth relate to your recent focus and recognition of key issues when doing your intensified revisiting of ufo data over the last couple of years:

~how  the growing and deepening focus among students of ufo matters on the government cover up issues has been a major league case of taking one’s eye off the ball!  The ball actually being a rich ore of Intel in the form of the best documented and seemingly credible close encounter cases of the third and fourth kind.

~the need to devise a framework for a comprehensive course of study that can be a beginning model for academic and journalistic organizations.  It is very encouraging to see the New York Times publish several detailed and accurate pieces in 2018 that delved into the historical background to key ufo events and issues.

We want to help enliven that by pointing to certain cases on the record already that give good clues about patterns and meanings of humans (native to Earth) encountering and interacting with beings from different extraterrestrial cultures.

Since the process of incarnation is like an artist’s enterprise, involving spontaneous creative development, we will not be sharing what we know of that remains unknown and not on the record anywhere in your domain.

Besides, we dont “know it all”, and we only have a slightly better sense than you of what is to come.  Which is never a certainty set in stone….Here is Carl with a few words.  Bye!

CARL:  Miguel, speaking of cover ups, give my regards to your old partner Eduardo and let him know that his casting me as a member of MJ12 who replaced my esteemed colleague Donald Menzel was a hoot.  We made up some theater “over here” based on his storyline.  It was a hit!

Ok, for future contact, you will feel slight rhythmic pain pulses in the knuckles of your left hand.  Just prepare by the basic shamatha meditation of focusing on the breath and then go to the keyboard like I already described.