The Dawning of Clarity, Realizing Our Contextual Reality: SHORT ESSAYS and TOOLS

September 27 2019

Turned in onto ourselves, overwhelmed by the growing complication of attending to even the basic needs requiring our attention and energy to sustain our existence here, has left us blind to so much of the “interrelated conditions in which something exists or occurs” (as the word “context” is defined in the Webster dictionary).

Homo sapiens have no actual concrete obstacles to realizing their essential nature, or what some behavioral/cognitive scientists call “the self as context”.

Fused as we are with the “conceptualized self”, this contracted condition of entranced involvement with subjective movements leaves us blind to, or only with a dim recognition of, our essential nature, ie the “self as context”.

Lucidly recognizing our essential nature and relaxing into a spontaneous allowing of that realization into the forefront of awareness and feeling is Liberation from our suffering-inducing ways of recoiling from the movements of “what is”.

Our essential nature is not an objectified something that can be grasped and shown through conceptualization. It is not a state or an experience that we can strive for and attain. There is no achievement of becoming enlightened, as all beings, and I mean ALL BEINGS from unicellular to the most advanced, are ALREADY the intrinsically Enlightened Condition, whether realized at the forefront of awareness and feeling, or not.

There is NO iconic great “Other” to worship or appease, as Shiva tells the Goddess in the course of their dialogue in the Bhairava Tantra. (Shiva is Consciousness Itself, the Goddess all of the energetic and manifest Universe, and they are not two “things” but a seamless singularity.)

There is absolutely no need to dissociate from the “daily grind” or take up some goal-oriented course of action to achieve some grand attainment. To borrow the characterizing terminology of the Dzogchen tradition, this is already The Great Perfection or The Great Completion.

All beings, everywhere, with no exceptions are ARTISTS manifesting the expressive creativity of the Cosmos, in a seamless movement with the totality of energy. The art is limitless in potential. The potentialities are like seeds that sprout out of the total Sphere of what is, becoming evident in the light of non-local, non-dual naked awareness.