UFOTwitter Directory of Some With Most Active Voices & Efforts

Many thousands now follow and participate in twitter postings that are associated with the hashtagged domain of “ufotwitter”. Included now more than ever are a large number of people with new or recent accounts (with many under assumed names), but also a growing number of openly identified mainstream journalists, members of Congress, writers, academics, public influencers and others with clout appearing to read and follow “ufotwitter” now.

Since groundbreaking reporting in the NY Times in late December 2017 appears to have spawned ufotwitter and inspired many individuals to become active voices and involved in various forms of efforts, a directory identifying some of those voices and efforts might help direct a growing readership to information resources and developed perspectives.

Accounts with close to 100,000 followers perhaps suggests the size of regular followers of ufotwitter. This list will miss valuable participants so email me at michaeldj1950@gmail.com with suggestions to add people.

1) Joe Murgia https://www.ufojoe.net/

2) Danny Silva https://silvarecord.com/

3) Ryan Robbins or aka UFO Jesus https://youtube.com/c/Postdisclosureworld

4) Bryce Zabel and Ross Coulthart https://needtoknow.today/

5) Bryan Bender https://mobile.twitter.com/bryandbender

6) Lue Elizondo https://mobile.twitter.com/lueelizondo

7) Christopher Mellon https://www.christophermellon.net/

8) George Knapp https://mobile.twitter.com/g_knapp

9) Sean Raasch or aka Witness Citizen https://youtube.com/channel/UCscu8PT7kcdzULAEFhjF81Q

10) Tim McMillan https://www.lttimmcmillan.com/

11) Jason Colavito’s ufotwitter bot (warning: it’s not taking it’s meds) https://mobile.twitter.com/ufodefender

12) Ryan Graves https://www.uncertainvector.com/

13) Sean Cahill https://mobile.twitter.com/mintyhyperspace

14) Gary Voorhis https://www.uapexpedition.org/

15) Michael Huntington https://mobile.twitter.com/mhuntington7 His not-yet developed website linked there

16) Lynda Thompson https://www.lyndathompson.info/

17) Christopher Wolford https://mobile.twitter.com/devgru1980mi

18) Brandon Fugal https://mobile.twitter.com/brandonfugal

19) Jack Brewer http://ufotrail.blogspot.com/?m=1

20) Jay Christopher King http://www.forexperiencers.com/

21) Jason Colavito https://www.jasoncolavito.com/

22) Bob McGwier https://mobile.twitter.com/bobmcgwier_n4hy

23) Steven Greenstreet https://linktr.ee/sgreenstreet

24) Alejandro Rojas http://www.alejandrotrojas.com/

25) Red Panda Koala https://youtube.com/c/RedPandaKoala

26) John Greenewald, Jr https://www.theblackvault.com/documentarchive/

27) Alex Anne Dietrich https://mobile.twitter.com/dietrichvfa41

28) James Iandoli https://linktr.ee/EngagingThePhenomenon

29) Julie Farrell https://mobile.twitter.com/julesofthwood

30) David Haith https://mobile.twitter.com/wotzitt

31) Greg Black (pseudonym for unknown journalist). https://medium.com/@GregBlack

32) Vinnie Adams https://allmylinks.com/disclosureteam

33) Diana Pasulka https://mobile.twitter.com/dwpasulka

34) Cristina Gomez https://youtube.com/c/ParadigmShifts

35) Erica Lukes https://www.ufoclassified.com/

36) Aida https://mobile.twitter.com/aida_x

37) Thomas Whitmore https://tomwhitmoreblog.wordpress.com/

38) Tom Rogan http://www.tomroganthinks.com/?m=1

39) Mick West https://www.metabunk.org/home/

40) Anjali https://mobile.twitter.com/anjaliongaia

41) Buddy Bolton aka Alien Protocols https://youtube.com/channel/UC9Y35rDAXlWJDPN5Ya8VODw

42) Simeon Hein https://newcrystalmind.com/

43) Tristan https://mobile.twitter.com/deepfryguy76

44) Katie Howland https://linktr.ee/katiehowland

45) Tupacabra https://linktr.ee/tupacabra

46) Akam https://twitter.com/Akam1129?s=20&t=i-2icl73v2GrxSqHFiZpeg

47) Christopher Plain https://plainfiction.com/blog/

48) Christopher Sharp https://www.liberationtimes.com/

49) Jeremy Corbell. 3 links at https://mobile.twitter.com/jeremycorbell

50) J Raza https://mobile.twitter.com/mindfuloflight

51) Nick Pope http://nickpope.net/wpte19/

52) Garry Nolan https://mobile.twitter.com/garrypnolan

53) Eric Weinstein https://mobile.twitter.com/ericrweinstein

54) Luis Jimenez https://linktr.ee/LuAngeles

55) James Fox link to his movie documentary “The Phenomenon” at https://mobile.twitter.com/jamescfox

56) Ryan Sprague https://linktr.ee/Sprague51

57) MJ Banias https://www.mjbanias.com/

58) Travis Taylor https://mobile.twitter.com/travisstaylor1/

59) Adam Goldsack https://www.uapmedia.uk/

60) Manuel Lamiroy https://mobile.twitter.com/mlamiroy

61) Jazz Shaw https://mobile.twitter.com/jazzshaw

62) Carolyn Brouillard https://mobile.twitter.com/carolynfreebird

63) Who Is Axelrod https://mobile.twitter.com/go_kick_rocks88

64) Chase Kloetzke https://chasekloetzke.com/

65) Lisa Galarneau https://linktr.ee/lisagalarneau

66) Melinda Leslie https://mobile.twitter.com/leslielinnie Also, link to UFO sighting tours at above.

67) Mind Escape Podcast https://linktr.ee/MindEscapePodcast

68) Daniel Miller https://mobile.twitter.com/siccop1

69) OmniTalk Radio https://mobile.twitter.com/omnitalkradio

70) Omega Point https://omega-point.medium.com/

71) RaynerUAP link to his website here https://mobile.twitter.com/rayneruap/with_replies

72) Carl Anderson https://mobile.twitter.com/carlanderson333

73) David John Lanier https://mobile.twitter.com/munook

74) Logan https://mobile.twitter.com/fullstacklogan

75) Mike Jamieson (that’s me; you’re at my website). https://mobile.twitter.com/ufo_classes

76) ExoAcademian (Darren) https://pointofconvergence.net/

77) Berlinghoff Rasmussen https://mobile.twitter.com/berlinghoff_r

78) Theories of Everything (Curt) YouTube channel linked here: https://mobile.twitter.com/toewithcurt

79) Alien Babble has an interactive and edu site linked at https://mobile.twitter.com/babblealien

80) Emmett https://linktr.ee/realufobros

81) UFOB Reddit link to twitter acct included here: https://linktr.ee/ufob

82) Preston E Dennett has link to his website at https://mobile.twitter.com/prestonedennett

83) Brian Massachusetts https://mobile.twitter.com/brianmassufo

84) D.J. (Call All Beings) link to YouTube channel at https://mobile.twitter.com/call_all_beings

85) Steven O’dor aka Scuba https://mobile.twitter.com/steven_dor

86) MarikvR https://mobile.twitter.com/mvonren

87) The UFO Chronicles it’s website linked at https://mobile.twitter.com/ufochronicles

88) richard butt https://mobile.twitter.com/conterammundi

89) Klaus https://tinyklaus.medium.com/

90) Zac Cichy https://mobile.twitter.com/zcichy

91) Mike Damante https://linktr.ee/mikedamante

92) Cynthia Burnett https://mobile.twitter.com/burnettcynthia

93) Paul Scott Anderson http://paulscottanderson.ca/

94) I WANT TO KNOW (JON) aka Jonathan Davies https://linktr.ee/Jon.Davies

95) think tank https://mobile.twitter.com/528vibes

96) Steven O https://mobile.twitter.com/gohappyalways/

97) Tom Mellett https://mobile.twitter.com/tomfortas

98) NUFORC Bot auto-reposting UFO reporting center posted reports…2nd bot on list (see #11) https://mobile.twitter.com/nuforcbot

99) D.Dean Johnson https://mobile.twitter.com/ddeanjohnson

100) Chris Spitzer https://mobile.twitter.com/chrisspitzer7

101) Jacques Keel https://mobile.twitter.com/fortean777

102) Ivan Januskevic https://mobile.twitter.com/ivanbuchanjanus

103) Project Unity links to their you tube channel here https://mobile.twitter.com/theprojectunity

104) Paul Reddington https://mobile.twitter.com/junglist1973

105) #EndUapSecrecy their website linked here at https://mobile.twitter.com/enduapsecrecy

106) Chris Fowler see link of his own site posted at https://mobile.twitter.com/chillifowler

107) Dan Zetterstrom link to his YouTube at https://mobile.twitter.com/thezignal

108) Steve Bassett link to his UFO lobbying site posted here https://mobile.twitter.com/stevebassett

109) Reddit/r/UFO host of reddit group, linked at https://mobile.twitter.com/reddit_r_ufo

110) Reddit r/UFOs this different forum host links to reddit forum and Discord venue here https://mobile.twitter.com/r_ufos

111) Lucybelle https://mobile.twitter.com/lucybelle47

112) Graeme Rendall https://mobile.twitter.com/borders750

113) John Ramirez https://mobile.twitter.com/jram_11_11

114) Aliengirl111 she has web address for her link tree posted here https://mobile.twitter.com/papercrane111

115) UFO News Network Sunday (host Frank Stalter) YouTube channel and FB group links at https://mobile.twitter.com/ufosunday

116) API Case Files link to their report/investigation site here https://mobile.twitter.com/apicasefiles

117) Susan Fenton https://mobile.twitter.com/susanfensten

118) David Smethurst https://mobile.twitter.com/dsmethurst66

119) Jeremy D McGowan link to twitter acct included here https://linktr.ee/JeremyDMcGowan

120) Jan McLaughlin https://mobile.twitter.com/janmcla96148225

121) Nick Madrid link to twitter acct included here https://linktr.ee/nickmadrid

122) Elf https://mobile.twitter.com/elf_whatever

123) Scott Manning https://mobile.twitter.com/manning123sm

124) Thomas Winterton https://mobile.twitter.com/thomaswinterton

125) Ted Roe link to Narcap org posted at https://mobile.twitter.com/tedroephotograp

126) Dave Beaty link to Nimitz film at https://mobile.twitter.com/dave_beaty

127) Greg Betts https://mobile.twitter.com/gregbetts1968

128) UFOJane link to a link tree posted at https://mobile.twitter.com/txufosightings

129) John E. L. Tenney includes link to his work at https://mobile.twitter.com/johneltenney

130) Bob Johnson https://mobile.twitter.com/l7tothemax

131) Tom DeLonge https://mobile.twitter.com/tomdelonge

132) Haley Morris links to UAP Guide at https://mobile.twitter.com/haleymorris

133) StandforBetter.org links to their PAC at https://mobile.twitter.com/standforbetter

134) robwatsonauthor https://mobile.twitter.com/robwatsonauthor

135) Jet (a young woman) https://mobile.twitter.com/littleblueorb

136) Vennie Kocsis https://mobile.twitter.com/venniekocsis

137) Rob Heatherly https://mobile.twitter.com/robheatherly1

138) Nick Drake Equation https://mobile.twitter.com/sheisartmoney

139) Jake Mann https://mobile.twitter.com/itsredactedjake

140) Deep Prasad https://mobile.twitter.com/deepneuron

141) Kingston https://mobile.twitter.com/veilroaddude

142) Ryan Bledsoe https://mobile.twitter.com/ryandbledsoe

143) Charlie Parish https://mobile.twitter.com/mrhustlemcr

144) Spartacus (Anna Whitty) https://mobile.twitter.com/annawhitty2

145) John Hiers https://mobile.twitter.com/johnhiers13

146) UAP Tracker has link to it’s site here https://mobile.twitter.com/uaptracker

147) Nimbus https://mobile.twitter.com/19nimbus

148) Bruce R Fenton https://mobile.twitter.com/geologicalseti

149) Nick Cook https://mobile.twitter.com/iamnickcook

150) Greg Newkirk https://mobile.twitter.com/nuekerk

151) Steven Cambian https://mobile.twitter.com/stevencambian

152) David Bates https://mobile.twitter.com/davidbwriter