A Systemization of Cases Published by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clark, part two

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Part Two covers a sampling of cases from Ardy Clarke’s 2nd book profiling stories of close encounters. See the part one paper (link on home page) for background details describing this effort in discerning patterns from entity description, craft description, and activity observed and experienced.


Sky People: Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica

2015~~New Page Books (The Career Press, Inc)

4 sections with 46 chapters and cases


From 2003 to 2010 Ardy Clarke took seven trips to Mesosmerica during semester breaks from teaching at Montana State University.

When she was in high school, she had become fascinated with the books of 2 explorers, John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood, who during the 19th century traveled the region occupied by the Maya and in their books helped the outside world become more aware of the signs of their ancient culture.

“By the time I made my first trip, I decided not only to re-create the adventurers’ journey but to also search out those sites with legends related to Sky People and extraterrestrials.”

Altogether (over the several years of touring there) she interviewed 92 people. This volume relates the stories of half that number.

She was assisted by local guides/drivers/interpreters who she had hired after vetting them through emails and phone calls. All had a UFO interest. Buddy, the first guide/driver profiled in this book, was also a teacher on break.

The people who she interviewed were surprised to see her pay or gift THEM following her interviews of them. “Most of the participants were people who lived as their ancestors did thousands of years ago”:

~~55% owned cell phones.

~~92% never used a computer.

~~61% had seen a TV, 40% owned one.

~~”None were seeking notoriety, and only a few approached me about telling stories.”

~~Most were “rural people who farmed the land or worked at various archaeological sites as vendors, tour guides, professional drivers, or hotel employees. More than half … ranged from 60 to 99 years old; the youngest was 12. All participants lived in the countries of Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, or Mexico.”

~~Cultural factors included her experience that “women were less likely to speak with me”. Those who did were encouraged by someone very close to them. Also, she found that there were those “who feared the aliens….The fear of devil’s and curses colored many perceptions of their encounters. Those were sometimes viewed within the context of Christian religious doctrines and symbols combined with ancient religious priorities and their own interpretation of events”.

Section One

Seven cases from Belize. Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 6 profiled in this paper.

Chapter Two

Witness: Stephen, a farmer. Distant cousin of Clarke’s guide/driver in Belize ( Buddy).

Entity Description: Different types. “Some looked human….Some looked taller and whiter than me….Others only looked a little like a human.” The latter “did not reach my shoulders” in height, had large eyes, were without evident emotion, and had “strange skin, very wrinkled and scaly”. Witness states that these smaller beings “were not in charge”. Also, they had “power over my body and mind”.

The entities in his initial contact at around the age of 3 are described this way:. “I was tending my little garden that my father set aside for me, when white balls of light burst out of the sky and dropped to the ground around me. Out of the balls of light came these little men”.

Craft Description:. In the early 1950s, the witness (at around age 3) and his father see “lights zip around the sky at night”. The next day the event described above happened. In her excerpting of her taped interview with Stephen, Clarke appears to focus in reporting on activities as craft details are essentially nonexistent.

Activities Described/Experienced: From the age of 3 through 9, Stephen remembers episodic visitations to his small backyard garden by 4 small entities appearing out of small balls of light. He was told to keep everything a secret. Around the age of 10, Stephen realized that during the several visits to his garden, they were taking him aboard a craft.

When asked, he didn’t consider this negative but definitely annoying as he realized they were studying his every move, like when he worked on putting a puzzle together. He resisted only briefly as “with a look they can paralyze you” and “make you forget things”.

At some point he learns that their project entails creating a clone of himself, who he mets and over time absorbs Stephen’s knowledge and ways as a farmer.

The last visitation was the night Stephen graduated from college. They “took me onboard and told me they were finished with me….My double had learned what he needed to know. He would be a farmer like me on another planet, and I had taught him all he needed to know. They never thanked me. I think it is a concept they don’t understand….”

Chapter Three

Witnesses: Ardy’s driver/guide introduces her to an elderly man, “Raul Manuel”, who lived in his grandfather’s village. Buddy (her driver and a school teacher on break) told Ardy that this man has been openly sharing his experiences that started two days before his ninth birthday, so September 9, 1919 was when the first encounter occurred.

Buddy became aware himself at a young age of this man’s stories. “Raul” at this young age was already being taught by his grandfather about plants, medicinal and otherwise. That appears to be something “others” noticed.

Another witness in this story, aside from other villagers noticing Raul’s absences and UFO sightings apparently related to his return, is a young boy here named “Miguel”. Raul was mentoring Miguel in the world of plant life.

Ardy describes their village as small with “shacks made of tin and plywood [dotting] the landscape with an occasional stone home”. The scene as Buddy drives her into the village includes lazy dogs moving slowly out of the way from the car, chickens fleeing, and shy villagers looking on.

Entity Description: The beings Raul associated with were similiar in appearance to humans except that “their eyes were larger than humans. Big round eyes, mostly black eyes [and] a few brown eyes…”

During the time he assisted these beings in his childhood, Raul would work with other children who appeared to represent different species of beings: “They were not Maya [like Raul]. One had slanted eyes. One was dark, almost black. My favorite was a boy with small hands—almost half my size. His skin was so white and his hair was white. He had green and yellow eyes that changed color with the light. He spoke a language I had never heard, and yet we all understood each other. There were many languages spoken there in the disk, but we all understood each other…”

Craft Description: The main craft in this case is a large one, stationed somewhere in our solar system. It seems to serve as a plant nursery. The only clue about it’s distance from Earth is Raul’s description of the apparent size of Earth as viewed from this craft: a soccer ball. (With the Earth seeming like an oversized beach ball from the moon and a large bright star from Mars, the craft is somewhere beyond the moon but short of Mars.)

“It was like a huge silver sombrero….It was lighted but the lights were greenish everywhere but in the plant room…The disk was circular and there were living quarters all around the outside for the workers. Toward the center, outside the garden, the men who took me worked there. They were scientists, I think. Maybe botanists. The garden was located along the back side of the disk, away from the place where the leaders worked. At the end of the garden was a room full of beds stacked on top of each other. The children gardeners slept there. I did, too, when I was with them. The garden contained trees and plants from all over the world. There were birds, some I had never seen. A water tank kept the plants alive…”

Raul then mentioned that he sometimes saw them sending out “smaller craft to collect water”. He further described the craft (generally functioning as a nursery] as huge with three levels, with the top occupied by the beings “who operated the city”, the middle level for dining and relaxing, and the bottom including the garden and sleeping quarters.

Activity Description: Just two days prior to his ninth birthday, Raul was out at night alone when he was “taken into the sky by a bright light” and then found himself in a “strange place” with “dull gray metal” everywhere that was “cold to the touch”. But, he then remembered being “led down a long hall” into a hot “area that was like a forest with trees and flowers”. Noting that it smelled of damp soil and flowers, he said that he joined some boys, all different alien species described in the entity description section above. They planted trees from in the village and also some area medicinal leaves, with Raul guiding them on the ways to do so for these plants.

It would appear that Raul had been noticed by this other intelligence already planting fruit and medicinal trees throughout his home village, under the training of his grandfather. “When I was a boy, I would go into the jungle looking for small trees. Fruit trees. Coconut trees. I planted them in people’s yards so they would have food…” Today: “This young man, Miguel, is like me. He loves trees and plants them all over the village.”

After the first incident in 1919, Raul says he told no one what happened, only that he got lost and fell asleep. He even thought the event was a dream. By the third trip, this time initiated in the daytime, he realized it was for real.

Raul described to Ardy how his role changed when he became a young man: “I became a teacher of small children. I worked with scientists teaching them the mystery of the plants they retrieved from the jungles. I showed them how to prepare them. I discovered we had diseases on Earth they had never known, and they had diseases I had never known.”

Raul further related the following glimpses into the culture and planetary home of these beings:

~~~He was aware of several trips they took to their home planet (during his lifetime) and he went on some of them himself.

~~~”It was a desert. It was a purple-gray land. There were no trees or rivers. Only dust and rocks. Dust and wind. They lived underground and tapped deep underwater reserves. At one time, there was a large above-ground civilization, but they were forced underground. Despite their advanced knowledge, there were problems they did not forsee. Artificial light was not like natural light, and a high percentage of their people suffered mental problems. But today that is no longer a problem. Many of their stories were told about life when they lived above ground.”

~~~Raul was told only generally that several catastrophes struck the planet; the beings seemed unwilling to elaborate. They now lived in massive underground caves. The planet itself is “several times larger than Earth” and are temperature controlled. Raul described different sections as “hot and moist”, others dry and cooler, and some like the desert.

~~~”They live all together. There is no private property. Everything is owned and given to you by the community. There were couples like we have in marriage. Children were born, but for the first few years they remained in a nursery and couples took turns taking them to their quarters to spend the nights. The whole community raised the children. They did not have a mother and father as we do.”

~~~After time in the nursery, the children essentially become independent with their own quarters. There were no limitations or separate roles for men and women. Most of the work focus was on planning to find ways for restoring above-ground living. They ate vegetables and fruit from all over the universe. Their diet was mostly raw. The civilization had no money or currency exchange amongst themselves. Precious metals were used in trading with other civilizations.

On her next trip to the region (the following winter on Christmas break), Ardy tries to followup on this case but learns that Raul died three months after her visit. During her visit, Raul had told her he was preparing Miguel to take over for him (assisting the beings he worked with). He talked with Ardy about having Miguel go to college and be trained as a botanist. That desire was enabled, as Miguel’s mother would relate to Ardy during her subsequent visit.

Raul had left a note saying he was leaving everything for Miguel. Miguel’s Mom found bars of gold under Raul’s bed and cashed them in. (Ardy was frustrated by the Mom not exhibiting too much curiosity about the strange markings on them, obviously something that could have been explored.) Miguel was sent to boarding school, where staff reported back that he periodically went missing for short stretches (even after being locked into his room!).

Ardy was told by Buddy that the year before she met Raul, that Raul had distressed the village community by missing for two weeks. The family rallied the village to search for him. People assumed he had injured himself in an isolated location and couldn’t get back home. They couldn’t find him. “One night, about midnight, he returned home. Several people saw a bright light that turned the whole village from night to day. They believe a UFO brought him home.”

Chapter Four

Witness:. “Alexandro Jean”, manager of small boutique hotel where Ardy stayed during her stay in Belize City. In the course of him telling his story to her, he references a sighting that had just occured over Belize City and asks her if she saw it. She had, during her first night in Belize City when her driver Buddy took her on a tour of the city that would include the experience of a “five-minute sighting of a UFO hovering over Belize City”.

This is one of those cases where Ardy was approached and not referred by a guide. She naturally was curious how the manager knew she collected stories. He revealed that one of the security guards overheard a conversation between her and her guide. Word of Ardy’s interest gets to him and he finds her interesting, or “curious”: “A woman alone, traveling Belize looking for UFOs…”. He becomes even more intrigued when she informs him that she’s also retracing the travels of Stephens and Catherwood.

Alexandro tells her that he has observed her easy-going and approachable manner with the locals and tells her he has a story from many years before, when he was 18 and living in a small Belize village 60 miles outside Belize City.

The incident he relates also was witnessed by 3 other boys his age.

Entity Description:. Looked a little similiar to humans but with “unusually high foreheads”. They had very thin hair set back on the head and we’re taller and thinner than us.

“They wore strange uniforms. They were two-piece. The shirt was like a tunic that came down over the waistband of the pants. The pants were tucked into boots. The strangest part about their uniforms was that when they moved about, the color changed to match their environment…”

Craft Description:. Cylindrical, or as described like a long gas tank “dull and dark” in color. Before seeing it in the plaza, the teenage boys all smelled “a strange, unfamiliar odor which Alexandro was unable to describe.

Activity Description: Alexandro and three other teens went to a deserted and overgrown Mayan city outside their city to get drunk. The others were a cousin, a best friend and the friend’s brother.

After smelling a strange odor, as they approached this ancient and abandoned site, they emerged from out of the tree canopy and saw the craft as described above.

The young men briefly debated whether to get adult men from the village and also, for a moment pondered if they were witnessing American military on a special operation. Four occupants were seen “walking around it, occasionally stopping and recording something in a glowing tablet they carried”.

Then: “After a few minutes they walked towards the temple, but they did not climb the stairs; they walked through the stairs. We were all struck speechless.”

Alexandro explained to Ardy that he and his companions knew there was a cave underneath the temple, having discovered the entrance when younger, and that was something they kept secret. They were protective of the artifacts. So, they decided to approach that entrance carefully, hiding behind foliage and “the scattered remains of other buildings”.

At this point, the four beings reappeared and that is when the young men saw their features more closely. They also heard them speaking in a completely unfamiliar language and had the impression they were looking for something.

Next, they observed the beings moving west towards a completely overgrown temple behind the main temple the beings had just exited. As they carefully followed the beings, they were again shocked to see them go through this other temple in the same manner as before, this temple appearing as a mountain of trees and grass.

At this point, one of the young men got the idea to board the craft and as he began running towards the plaza, his comrades followed him. When they got to the edge of the plaza, “the strange men reappeared out of nowhere. Like a puff of smoke”. The young men were now seen but there was no interaction as the beings instantly disappeared. Within less than a minute, they saw the craft start to ascend.

The craft hovered overhead briefly just above the trees. The young men had the impression they were being examined. Then with quick zig zag movements it was gone. This incident was during the late afternoon before nightfall.

The incident left the boys so rattled that they didn’t go ahead with their drinking plans. This would be their last drinking party anywhere. “Jean said it was a sign. We should give up drinking.”

Chapter Six

Witness:. “Enrique” is the head waiter of a hotel restaurant and, as in the previous case, approached Ardy after hearing she collected stories. Ardy had already observed him for a week after he had introduced himself after checking in to the hotel earlier: “he ruled the dining room with an iron hand,” paid “meticulous attention to detail,” and spoke the local Mayan dialect, Spanish, English, and French.

Entity Description: Enrique first saw 2 rolling balls of light and then 2 small beings (size of a child) emerge from them. Skin color between white and gray, heads pointed at chin, very skinny arms and legs. “The truth is they looked like insects.” Enrique also noted that their “strange suits” blended with the appearances and color of their immediate environment.

Craft Description:. Shaped like a gas tank. Dull gray. No sound. Small indentations at the top. Size five times the length and three times the circumference of the tanks brought by truckers to replenish gas stations. “The strangest thing was as I was watching it, it seemed to vanish before my eyes and then reappear again. It did this twice. Once when it was flying north to south and then again when it flew south to north….”

Activity Description:. The owner of the hotel and restaurant sent Enrique on an errand to the city, which he left home for at 6am in order to arrive when shops first opened and he would be able to be back at the restaurant for the dinner rush. While on the road, he stopped as the sun was rising to smoke a cigarette and shake off sleepiness. This is when he saw the craft, dropping to his knees in fear (details of craft behavior and appearance described above). After the craft came back a second time, and then vanished instantly before his eyes, he decided to hide behind the back of his van. He assumed he hadn’t been seen. While excited by what he was seeing, he was aware of abduction stories and didn’t want that experience.

Thinking the craft was gone, and that he was safe, he returned to the driver’s side of the van to leave. He heard the sound of a “car door slamming” and turned around, assuming someone else had also seen the massive cylindrical craft. This is when he saw approaching him two blinding “rolling balls of light”, then the 2 entities described above emerging as the balls of light disappeared.

The UFO seemed to move directly over him, which is when he noted a “sickening smell” and then the beings disappearing as he is concurrently feeling the loss of consciousness.

His next memory is sitting behind the wheel of the van with a headache and sore throat, feeling chilled while also heavily sweating. He tried to utter a prayer but had no voice. He opened the door and collapsed to the ground. After sitting awhile, he crawled back in and called his boss on his cell phone but couldn’t speak. Eventually he heads out to complete his errand.

Enrique’s trip altogether should have taken 6 hours but it was 12 hours long and he was late for the dinner crowds. He told his boss what happened, who in turn told him that if he relates that story to him again he would be fired.

Enrique also reported that his wife thought he was crazy and covering up meeting another woman. He asks Ardy to talk to her, which she did, explaining to her that there were many other similiar accounts reported by very credible people. Relieved, the wife kisses her husband all over his face.

Section Two

There are 13 cases from Guatemala presented in this section. I will profile six: chapters 11, 13, 15, 16, 17, 21.