A Systemization of Cases Published by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clark, part two

(paper incomplete and in development)

Part Two covers a sampling of cases from Ardy Clarke’s 2nd book profiling stories of close encounters. See the part one paper (link on home page) for background details describing this effort in discerning patterns from entity description, craft description, and activity observed and experienced.


Sky People: Untold Stories of Alien Encounters in Mesoamerica

2015~~New Page Books (The Career Press, Inc)

4 sections with 46 chapters and cases


From 2003 to 2010 Ardy Clarke took seven trips to Mesosmerica during semester breaks from teaching at Montana State University.

When she was in high school, she had become fascinated with the books of 2 explorers, John Lloyd Stephens and Frederick Catherwood, who during the 19th century traveled the region occupied by the Maya and in their books helped the outside world become more aware of the signs of their ancient culture.

“By the time I made my first trip, I decided not only to re-create the adventurers’ journey but to also search out those sites with legends related to Sky People and extraterrestrials.”

Altogether (over the several years of touring there) she interviewed 92 people. This volume relates the stories of half that number.

She was assisted by local guides/drivers/interpreters who she had hired after vetting them through emails and phone calls. All had a UFO interest. Buddy, the first guide/driver profiled in this book, was also a teacher on break.

The people who she interviewed were surprised to see her pay or gift THEM following her interviews of them. “Most of the participants were people who lived as their ancestors did thousands of years ago”:

~~55% owned cell phones.

~~92% never used a computer.

~~61% had seen a TV, 40% owned one.

~~”None were seeking notoriety, and only a few approached me about telling stories.”

~~Most were “rural people who farmed the land or worked at various archaeological sites as vendors, tour guides, professional drivers, or hotel employees. More than half … ranged from 60 to 99 years old; the youngest was 12. All participants lived in the countries of Belize, Honduras, Guatemala, or Mexico.”

~~Cultural factors included her experience that “women were less likely to speak with me”. Those who did were encouraged by someone very close to them. Also, she found that there were those “who feared the aliens….The fear of devil’s and curses colored many perceptions of their encounters. Those were sometimes viewed within the context of Christian religious doctrines and symbols combined with ancient religious priorities and their own interpretation of events”.

Section One

Seven cases from Belize. Chapters 2, 3, 4 and 6 profiled in this paper.

Chapter Two

Witness: Stephen, a farmer. Distant cousin of Clarke’s guide/driver in Belize ( Buddy).

Entity Description: Different types. “Some looked human….Some looked taller and whiter than me….Others only looked a little like a human.” The latter “did not reach my shoulders” in height, had large eyes, were without evident emotion, and had “strange skin, very wrinkled and scaly”. Witness states that these smaller beings “were not in charge”. Also, they had “power over my body and mind”.

The entities in his initial contact at around the age of 3 are described this way:. “I was tending my little garden that my father set aside for me, when white balls of light burst out of the sky and dropped to the ground around me. Out of the balls of light came these little men”.

Craft Description:. In the early 1950s, the witness (at around age 3) and his father see “lights zip around the sky at night”. The next day the event described above happened. In her excerpting of her taped interview with Stephen, Clarke appears to focus in reporting on activities as craft details are essentially nonexistent.

Activities Described/Experienced: From the age of 3 through 9, Stephen remembers episodic visitations to his small backyard garden by 4 small entities appearing out of small balls of light. He was told to keep everything a secret. Around the age of 10, Stephen realized that during the several visits to his garden, they were taking him aboard a craft.

When asked, he didn’t consider this negative but definitely annoying as he realized they were studying his every move, like when he worked on putting a puzzle together. He resisted only briefly as “with a look they can paralyze you” and “make you forget things”.

At some point he learns that their project entails creating a clone of himself, who he mets and over time absorbs Stephen’s knowledge and ways as a farmer.

The last visitation was the night Stephen graduated from college. They “took me onboard and told me they were finished with me….My double had learned what he needed to know. He would be a farmer like me on another planet, and I had taught him all he needed to know. They never thanked me. I think it is a concept they don’t understand….”