The Disclosure Journal #1, May 2019

May 2 

On April 23 Politico reporter Bryan Bender broke the news that the Navy was preparing guidelines for personnel to report ufo encounters (or, as referenced by the Navy spokesperson, encounters with “unidentified aerial phenomena”).  Bender was told that these encounters, apparently previously unaddressed and leaving personnel angry and frustrated, have been increasing in sensitive military spaces since 2014.

This story has been shared widely with some added significant quotes in the Washington Post article.  The Washington Post yesterday followed up with a report noting the Navy announced military incident reports would not be publically available.

Am almost ready for first mailings of the briefing paper, this 1st wave going to the presidential candidates.


Senator Mike Bennet of Colorado just joined the race, so his info was just added to this list (261 Russell Senate Office Bldg, Washington DC 20515).

Each briefing paper has space at the top for a handwritten note above the title:


Bryce Zabel, a former reporter and long time Hollywood-based tv and movie writer, director and producer, initiated a #ufo2020 campaign to question presidential candidates about this issue in the framework of all the emerging news since the December 16 2017 New York Times story on the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program.

Am learning of an interesting new project in my area that is backed by Daniel Sheehan of The Romero Insitute. Sheehan is a long-time UFO disclosure activist and now is putting energy into the newly formed New Paradigm College in Lucerne, California.

In looking at their planned course of study, I thought “hey, this sure looks well-suited for helping the midwifery of us into a more mature culture, one capable of adapting in a new context of being openly aware directly of the reality of ‘cosmic pluralism’ “:

Andrew Yang is so far the only candidate to be asked about UFOs in a small New Hampshire q and a gathering with the Conway Daily Sun and 40 locals.  He said he felt ufos were probably real and he was curious to learn more:—enhanced-audio/youtube_437e0abc-4f06-11e9-8fd7-f3ed5115526c.html

May 3 

Mailed out a few of the briefing papers to presidential candidates today.  Each one will have a handwritten note with this message:


Despite good and clarifying followup reporting from ufo journalist Alejhoandro Rojas, related to recent news that showed the form authorizing the DOD release of the Tic-Tac, Gimball, and Go Fast videos, the anti To the Stars Academy fever in some quarters still exists with continued and now suspicious trashing unabated by not only the above good news, but by the complete ignoring by some key ufo figures of the Navy-related news:

The  Navy (and Congress) were lobbied by TTSA team members, including notably by former deputy secretary of defense for intelligence Chris Mellon, to have the Navy begin addressing (and no longer just sweep away) an increase of ufo encounter reports by personnel.  They were successful and that success was widely reported in the major papers.

Yet, this news was not even noted by many key ufo figures!

The subject is now escaping the grip of the so called ufo community and is showing beginning signs of being grasped by mainstream outlets.

Still…we need academic institutions also to reach out and grabbed this subject out of the grip of “the ufo community”.  Less signs of that right now.

May 4 

Have been pondering appropriate terminology to apply to a study of this subject, which is currently and imprecisely called “ufology”.

There does appear to be a term that refers to a point of view in an old philosophical debate in Greece over 2500 years ago which abstractly considered the existence of living sentient beings beyond our world: “cosmic pluralism”.

A focus on anthropology is of course going to have to go hand in hand with Cosmic Pluralism Studies, especially in light of significant regressive movements now in our unfolding story that are demonstrated by the rise again of authoritarian and ultranationalistic impulses.

The situation is acute and likely will slow significantly any movements towards disclosures that make cosmic pluralism a concretely evident reality to all of us.

We are in trouble.

There are no Saviors coming either.

This is our art project and it could very well be that it ends up as some crude demolition derby event.

That is okay in the big scheme of things, for there appear to be alot of different types of artists at play “out there” (who wisely keep their distance from us native-to-earth sapien artists).

May 5 

Going hand in hand with cosmic pluralism studies is an anthropological study of the pluralism in the history of our genus “homo”.  Sapiens are one of several species in this genus and we successfully had offspring with two at least, Neanderthals and Denisovans.

Some fascinating news just came out regarding the Denisovans:

Speaking of cosmic pluralism:

The last entry for this May 2019 edition will of course be on May 31 when UNIDENTIFIED airs at 10pm that night on the History Channel.

Needless to say, folks are jazzed.  And, despite some anxiety that the show follows the very flawed (perhaps addled is more accurate) Ancient Aliens in the schedule, we can rest knowing that producers external to the History Channel are creating Unidentified.

May 6 

Mailing out the rest of the briefing to the presidential candidates:


Now that my own brief participation in #ufo2020 is over after completing the mailings, i will focus on an outline for an academic course of study.

Hard to say, given the totality of attention on Trump-related dramas, whether the public, journalists, academics, congress, scientists, cultural and religious leaders will be drawn in the near future to directing any significant attention to this subject.

In any event, without signs of any sort of public pressure, like what manifested in the 90s with Operation Right to Know demonstrations, there wont be much movement on this front.

Our attention right now must, in fact, be primarily directed to having the pathology of Trumpism understood and outgrown.  If not, we’re screwed.

May 7 

Have started a course of study outline for the study focus formerly known as “ufology” and which I am calling Cosmic Pluralism Studies:

Outline for Cosmic Pluralism Studies

The United Nations recently released a report that concluded our activities have created conditions seriously impacting biodiversity with 1 millions species threatened with extinction:

UN Global Biodiversity Report

The disclosure hopes and expectations of many will be somewhat frustrated for an undetermined time, due to…



The testimony by Mueller is a week away.

I dont think this factor, obstructing attention on the ufo issue, will impact for long.  Hopefully.

May 8 

Above was mentioned the recent UN biodiversity report.  Here are the opening paragraphs in the May 6 NY Times article by Brad Plumer:

“WASHINGTON — Humans are transforming Earth’s natural landscapes so dramatically that as many as one million plant and animal species are now at risk of extinction, posing a dire threat to ecosystems that people all over the world depend on for their survival, a sweeping new United Nations assessment has concluded.

The 1,500-page report, compiled by hundreds of international experts and based on thousands of scientific studies, is the most exhaustive look yet at the decline in biodiversity across the globe and the dangers that creates for human civilization. A summary of its findings, which was approved by representatives from the United States and 131 other countries, was released Monday in Paris. The full report is set to be published this year.

Its conclusions are stark. In most major land habitats, from the savannas of Africa to the rain forests of South America, the average abundance of native plant and animal life has fallen by 20 percent or more, mainly over the past century. With the human population passing 7 billion, activities like farming, logging, poaching, fishing and mining are altering the natural world at a rate “unprecedented in human history.”

At the same time, a new threat has emerged: Global warming has become a major driver of wildlife decline, the assessment found, by shifting or shrinking the local climates that many mammals, birds, insects, fish and plants evolved to survive in. When combined with the other ways humans are damaging the environment, climate change is now pushing a growing number of species, such as the Bengal tiger, closer to extinction.”

Ok.  What was expressed to the then children of Ariel elementary school one day in 1994 in Zimbabwe?

Steve Bassett, founder of the lobbying, educational and disclosure effort called the Paradigm Research Group, has compiled 312 mainstream stories starting from the beginning of this year:

Aside from this journal, i am working on this:

May 13 

Lecture #1: Introduction

May 12 2019

A civilian-based field of study eventually called “ufology” came to life just a few years after the press highly profiled ufo sightings in coverage that began in June 1947.

Aside from individual academics and scientists who participated as investigators and expert consultants to these groups and efforts focused on ufo studies, this field of study largely stayed outside the walls of academic organizations.

The UFO subject is a popular one in entertainment mediums and today even seems to have provided new story foundations (for a small segment of the population) that spawn newly forming religious and political expressions that reflect fears and hopes.

While popular as easy entertainment and fodder for a small percent of us to create new forms of religious expressions, the public-at-large basicly ignores this issue.  Even now, as of May 2019, after big ufo-related news has been breaking thru the pages of the New York Times, Washington Post, and Politico since late 2017.

While we all still appear to be generally ignoring this subject except when enjoying some exciting entertainment presentation, a majority of Americans (54%) feel UFOs are real and a plurality (45%) feel that extraterrestrial visitation is, and has been, happening here.

In one of its long history background articles in 2018, the New York Times described the work of a CIA- commissioned science advisory panel in early 1953.  The dramatic UFO events in June 1952 drew major public attention and created great unease which the government would covertly address by using entertainment and press contacts to help instill a societal atmosphere of ridicule and denial around the subject.

Today, the constraints on our addressing this as a society could be a result of very dramatic human-based stories simply oberwhelming our attention.

The main focus in this course of study will be on the very small percentage of reported ufo sightings and encounters that remain truely puzzling despite a wealth of documentation available to flesh out a picture of what happened in a concrete sense, but without the necessary understanding of the context and meaning.

Of course attention will ne directed to misidentifications, hoaxes and other factors that cloud the picture.

Basicly, we dont know what is going on here BUT we can discern some hints of answers from suggestive clues coming from many cases.

The poll numbers cited above are from the 2015 IPSOS survey and basicly represent the leading impression people have today when looking at ufo reports: these events suggest extraterrestrial visitation.

Just a couple of months after the ufo subject garnered widespread public attention in June 1947, Gallup conducted a poll that asked “what do you think these saucers are?”.  The ET visitation hypothesis didnt even get a 1% response.  Instead:

33%, don’t know

29%, imagination, optical illusion, mirage, etc

10%, hoax

15%, US secret weapon

3%, weather forecasting devices

1%, Russian secret weapon

9%, other explanations

Decades later, several hypotheses are commonly suggested by the small number of people devoting significant attention to this subject.  The extraterrestrial visitation hypothesis seems to have the most adherents but over the years several others have gained a foothold in the so called “ufo community” of “ufologists” (the latter a loose term for an uncrendentialed field of study).

Beginning in the 1960s, people started theorizing about a “paranormal/occult” basis for ufo events.  Extraterrestrials were not involved; instead the beings behind it all are “ultraterrestrials”, inhabitants of unseen-by-us dimensions.

Throughout this course of studies we will look at features in ufo reports that have caused people to consider this type of explanation.  The terms “high strangeness” and “oz factor” have been applied to reported observations of seemingly impossible, science fictionish things….like alien beings going through solid objects (and able to bring us through also), or being able to become instantly invisible, or commonly communicating telepathically and so much more.

We have seen over the years and quite recently people asserting precise types of ultraterrestrials as the responsible party for ufo events.  When the news came out in December 2017 about the small Pentagon UFO program, Harry Reid and others reported that there was resistance within parts of the pentagon and cia to even addressing ufo events because demons are behind them and giving it attention draws them in even further.

In the past, figures like Billy Graham have proposed angels are involved.  An interesting and revealing encounter of 60 Zimbabwe school kids in 1994 with beings associated with a landed craft also shows signs of cultural conditioned projections impacting regard of what happened.  While most of the children felt the beings were extraterrestrial, some of the more religion-oriented felt they had encountered demons.  Interesteringly, famed lawyer Alan Dershowitz told the BBC (which was rapidly on scene following this event) that the kids encountered angels not ETs.

Another hypothesis that people propose is that the beings encountered in ufo events represent species who have unknown to sapiens been developing covertly on this planet.

It is true that the extensive cataloguing of close encounter cases of the 3rd and 4th type reveals that most beings encountered are humanoid with quite a few very human-like beings noted (many with distinct differences in features but some who could pass for sapiens).

Another frequently voiced hypothesis identifies time travelers from the future as the source of ufo events.

The hypothesis that is likely the one most asserted as an ETH alternative  by people in general is that ufos represent secret technological development by one or more of the major nations.

A popular variation of the above idea proposes that ufos are a product of secret Nazi development that started during the 3rd Reich and continued beyond thru a powerful cabal operating in the shadows.

Being such a complex issue and requiring deep wading into the data with reliance on a multi-disciplinary approach, I have tried to organize an outline that could help contribute to a development of a course of study offered by academic institutions:

Contextual and Comparative Examination and a Pre-20th Century Historical Survey 

~~~Basic survey of astronomy, physics, chemistry, genetics, anthropology, world history, sociology, psychology, and technology developmental history.

~~~Signs of unidentified and unusual aerial phenomena indicated in primary historical records pre 20th century (openly published or private like letters, church records, ship captain logs, etc) and including artistic visual representations going back 10s of thousands of years.

~~~Comparative analysis of contemporary ufo encounter reports with the folklore and mythology of other times and cultures.  Examine the stories of endogenous peoples encountering otherworldly interventions and interactions.  Survey of “ancient aliens” claims and possible supporting evidence.  Survey of the work of contemporary academics in religious studies who have looked at visionary and paranormal religious phenomenon in comparison to ufo events reported. (Jeffrey Kripal, David Gordon White, Diana Walsh Pasulka, Thomas Bullard, etc)

~~~Specific cases pre 20th Century of close encounters of the first through fourth type.  Up through the airship sightings of the late 19th century.

~~~The “cosmic pluralism” philosophical and literary expressions, beginning with the 6th century BCE debate among Greek philosophers.

~20th Century Emergence of a Mystery 

~~~Survey of close encounter types 1 through 4 prior to World War 2 in the 20th century.

~~~The Foo Fighters of World War 2 and the Ghost Rockets of Europe afterwards.

~~~The emergence of UFOs in 1947 as a public object of attention.

~~~Patterns of Reported Military/UFO encounters.

~~~Advent of attention to close encounters of the third kind.

~~~The emergence of close encounters of the fourth kind cases.

~~~Survey of focus on government coverup issues.

~~~Disinformation and advent of dark side visions.

~~~Delusions and hoaxes in contactee cult movements.

~~~Hypotheses attempting to explain ufos.

~~History of civilian ufo investigations.

~~~Commercial pilot/ufo encounters.

~~~Physical trace evidence.

~~~Survey of case databases developed by civilian-based organizations or individuals.

~~~Addressing the High Strangeness and Oz Factors in UFO Cases.

~~~Survey of the 38 scientific study papers contracted by DOD’s AATIP effort.

The above outline is actually a bit shy of being a comprehensive identification of needed course subjects.  The last item in the above outline itself would involve delving into multiple subject areas related to the mind blowing capacities observed by military personnel during their encounters with ufos.

May clarity dawn.

May 15 

Made copies of 2 (the side by side horizontal ones here), printer not fully accurate.  Other 2 dzogchen-inspired mandala imagery are originals:


Three other of the recently made images didnt make the cut.

May 18 2019 

Part 1 of a lecture series on the history of military/ufo encounters is now being prepared and written in spurts:

Since it is the exposure of 2 US Navy encounters with UFOs in the 21st century (2004 and 2015) that is reviving the UFO subject now, I figure a good, concise historical survey of well-documented and jaw-dropping cases going back decades is in order.

Added a 5th image, a dzogchen-inspired but simpler-patterned yantra:


May 20 

New website address!  And new setup and precise focus.

Reminder: May 31 10pm History Channel “Unidentified”

Our (ufo community’s) journalist Alejandro Rojas has published a great review with indicators of the content in this 6 part series:

(Rojas is thankfully sane, sober and working according to his trade’s standards—not assured among many of the “reporters” toiling in this field.)

One of the key figures in the above uocoming show is Chris Mellon, a former assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and now part of the To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences.

He has just published an opinion piece in The Hill in its national security section:

He is calling for Congress to be briefed by in-the-know executive branch insiders.  Also, there is a call for a transparent public program.

May 29

On May 26th, the NY Times published quite the story: