The #ufotwitter Debate Issues Journal

June 27 2022

“UFOtwitter” is now likely a reading zone for some significant number of members of Congress, journalists, executive branch personnel (especially military and Intel branches), public influencers, etc. A possible indicator of that was Congressman Mike Gallagher, a Republican Congressman from Wisconsin who actually asked a Department of Defense official and also a Navy official at a May 17 hearing about the “Wilson/Davis notes”. The House Intelligence subcommittee hearing was organized by Intel Chair Adam Schiff (D-CA) and chaired by Andre Carson (D-NY). The purpose was to check in on the slow development of the government UFO program and to assure vigorous attention and transparency.

A public forum venue where these notes were focused upon and discussed often in heated ways existed on twitter in a community organized under the hashtag #ufotwitter . Extensive documentation surrounding these debated documents emerging from the estate of the late Edgar Mitchell (6th person to walk on the moon) exists at the UFO journalism site of Joe Murgia, aka UFOJoe:

Look for the introductory or overview articles at Joe’s site, amongst the various articles there. The notes discussed there were read into the Congressional Record by Representative Gallagher the morning of May 17 after it was clear the 2 witnesses (Mr. Bray and Mr. Moultrie) were unfamiliar with the notes or discussions surrounding them.

That subject is just one of the key issues, some seemingly eternally reocurring, receiving significant attention and energy on ufotwitter since it’s start near the end of 2017. This journal will focus on issues and avoid getting into chronicling the different dramas surrounding personality conflicts.

A key issue, certainly a source generating some perennial conflict heat, is the matter of good scientific, academic and journalistic standards of practice, according to the views of a consistently present and expressive band of persons, as allegedly being very poor among many investigating, reporting analyzing ufologists. The criticism asserts that entertainment, recognition and profit often dominant the efforts of many.

This regular tribe of advocates for more stringent vetting practices also warn of cult development, using UFO lore to fashion new religious expression.

There is a specialized contingent of self-assigned experts (most notably Mick West) tasking themselves with evaluating sighting reports and film. In another sign of ufotwitter impact and influence, West’s active debunking work on ufotwitter apparently earned him guest spots on CNN and elsewhere.

Those twitter users focused on encouraging what they see as a needed upgrading of ufological practice standards have included mainstream journalists like Bryan Bender of Politico, authors/cultural influencers like Jason Colavito, and ufologists like Jack Brewer and Michael Huntington (among many others).

Yet another key debate front since the development of the ufotwitter forum following the NY Times bombshell December 17 2017 reporting has formed from suspicions that insiders like Lue Elizondo are engaged in a deceptive “psychological operation”. The fact that he and Chris Mellon, a former assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence, have successfully lobbied Congress to begin seriously addressing the UFO subject is explained by some as a “conning” of members of Congress to take up an illusory issue.

The growing escalation of this particular debate to heated personal attacks seems to have recently quieted the previously active tweeting by Elizondo and Mellon. As this subject gains further serious traction now as an object of public attention, I will expand on these and other issues under consideration on ufotwitter.

June 28 2022

UFOTwitter has served as an incubator showcasing the work of new efforts born after the UFO revelations from 4 and 1/2 years ago. That includes a new team journalistic effort, known as The Debrief and organized by an ex cop, now ex pat living in Germany, named Tim McMillan. Team member Micah Hanks just published this report:

Other group efforts focused on gathering more info re UFOs from fieldwork, such as the monitoring the skies with equipment (UAPx and UAPHub), or focused on lobbying the press and Congress with online #enduapsecrecy campaigns, are fueled on the ufotwitter platform.

There are a wide variety of individual work efforts displayed on ufotwitter. Here’s one that delves into historical data:

And, here is an example of a new MUFON investigator and long-time independent researcher who is likewise serving an education function:

There are individual journalists active on ufotwitter, like this one with the New York Post, who do alot of critical poking of others (here the target being another journalist working for Politico):

Here are other key efforts:

1) Joe Murgia

2) Danny Silva

3) Ryan Robbins or aka UFO Jesus

4) Bryce Zabel and Ross Coulthart

5) Bryan Bender

6) Lue Elizondo

7) Christopher Mellon

8) George Knapp

9) Sean Raasch or aka Witness Citizen

10) Tim McMillan

11) Jason Colavito’s ufotwitter bot (warning: it’s not taking it’s meds)

12) Ryan Graves

13) Sean Cahill

14) Gary Voorhis

15) Michael Huntington His not-yet developed website linked there

16) Lynda Thompson

17) Christopher Wolford

18) Brandon Fugal

19) Jack Brewer

20) Jay Christopher King

21) Jason Colavito

22) Bob McGwier

23) Steven Greenstreet

24) Alejandro Rojas

25) Red Panda Koala

26) John Greenewald, Jr

27) Alex Anne Dietrich

28) James Iandoli

29) Julie Farrell

30) David Haith

31) Greg Black (pseudonym for unknown journalist).

32) Vinnie Adams

33) Diana Pasulka

34) Cristina Gomez

35) Erica Lukes

36) Aida

37) Thomas Whitmore

38) Tom Rogan

39) Mick West

40) Anjali

41) Buddy Bolton aka Alien Protocols

42) Simeon Hein

43) Tristan

44) Katie Howland

45) Tupacabra

46) Akam

This is a growing list, fully presented here:

June 29 2022

Alot of attention yesterday and today on a recent sighting event, widely filmed, in the San Diego area. The consensus seems to be people were seeing flares while some people feel flares were dropped after something anomalous appeared first.

The reporter for Politico, Bryan Bender, received additional critical pokes after the initial ones yesterday from NY Post reporter Steven Greenstreet. His “sin” is characterized as being too chummy with UFO fans participating in the Roswell, New Mexico annual UFO celebration. (He’s moderating a panel of Ufologists there.). That’s seen as a conflict of interest.

And, a taste of the discussion over the San Diego sighting, including Huntington teasing Rojas:

A more positive sharing:

Las Vegas tv journalist George Knapp interviewed Dr. Travis Taylor recently, a heavily credentialed scientist recently retired from the Space Command (employed since 2007), and we learned he was the chief scientist for ATIP (informally, said DOD spokesperson Susan Gough today). This unleashed much criticism from those concerned with his many roles on TV, including Ancient Aliens and the Secret of Skinwalker Ranch series on the History Channel. A very hostile-to- the-UFO- subject journalist (Keith Kloor) added to the anguish expressed about that with an article posted on ufotwitter:

June 30 2022

Followup on yesterday’s last news item:


The comments in the above Colavito thread reveal the email was conveyed via a very addled (politically very pro Trump and alt right) scientist named Jack Sarfatti and his 500 person email list.


July 1 2022

July 2 2022

July 3 2022

Steven Greenstreet from The New York Post isn’t resting from drama this Sunday

July 4 2022

I was one of the 200 or so listening in to this live twitter space chat last night. Not the whole thing, it was long, but Brandon Fugal had difficulty getting in and enabling the speech function so for a time a co hostess was relaying questions and assertions to him via DM. I didn’t hear any lost tempers between those disagreeing, but I didn’t stay for the whole session.

I’ve been watching the show, now in it’s 3rd season, and there do seem to be strange mysteries that they are gathering data on through various experiments.

The PAC mentioned in the July 3 entry recently released this:

July 5 2022

July 6 2022

July 7 2022

Danny is front/left, James Iandoli front right.

July 8 2022

My personal focus of activity has been on encouraging more attention & energy directed towards addressing close encounter of 3rd and 4th kind cases. I have a poll currently active:

July 11 2022


July 13 2022

July 12 was a big day for NASA, releasing five images from the very first targeting jobs from the Webb Space Telescope.

To followup on the action day on July 11, where ufotwitter activists called members of the House to support the Gallagher-Gallegos amendment to the NDAA:

The following video clip of Lue Elizondo will be the last entry for this ever so brief journaling of ufotwitter discussions. The reason is that I am happy Lue simply identified the necessary focus for us, a focus I have been emphasizing heavily: finding out who is here, what they’re doing, and why:

September 24 2022

Due to serious meltdowns on ufotwitter recently, a brief update is in order. I thought this, and then saw a spoof video update on ufotwitter this am:

The use of the audio twitter space meetups has grown alot with Logan and Tupacabra in particular often doing marathon sessions.

Jeremy McGowen on UAPx finished an expose series criticizing Lue Elizondo and Sean Cahill on some issues deeply bothering Jeremy. Lue and Sean briefly responded, but not at any great depth (ie no detailed point by point response).

Melinda Leslie from Sedona was interviewed last night after gathering updates from key figures and reports that the initial Lue Elizondo/Danny Sheehan complaint filed with the DOD Inspector General has been resolved to their satisfaction and a new one filed presumably for new issues. (?.…I haven’t really gotten in the weeds of her report yet so don’t know if issues detailed.)

Bryce Zabel wrote a hopeful piece in The Debrief pondering the potential for the scheduled government public UFO report on October 31 to be an “October Surprise” issue for the mid-term elections.

And, Stanford biologist Garry Nolan has been very active, often dancing with the skeptics and exercising his sharp wit in engaging with them.

Finally, the debate issue mentioned at the top of this journal, ie the Wilson-Davis notes, was clarified in a big way last night: