Volume 2 of a Chronicle of Emergence, Exposure and Disclosure

April 18 2020

The previous volume:

The last entry, dated April 17, in the previous volume reported on a surge of puzzling sightings in my home county. Any followup information reported related to these incidents will be shared here.

My focus shifts to fresh developments on the “emergence” aspect of what is being chronicled. The disclosure side of the process of coming to a full societal recognition of the “alien” presence has frozen in its tracks: all nations and their leaders will be busy for quite some time crafting what is being called the “new normal”. When it comes to the “exposure” factor, there are a couple of efforts that were noted in the previous volume which may be facing constraints from the limits set by public health officials to our in-person colloborative activities.

Additional photos from the end of the previous volume have been posted and I will now add them here. Note in the 3rd and 4th pics below the tree top reference point in the lower left. First, here again is the story:

One young woman from the south end of Ukiah replied with her story of sighting something strange during the evening of April 14. She shared a dim photo of 4 lights seemingly positioned on the edge of perhaps a single craft:

“So I might just blow it up with some pictures [she posted one]. I was outside 2 nights ago [and] heard a strange sound. I looked up and light was coming toward us. I was going to go live [she’s probably referring to Facebook live video] because it was in a sort of weird shape and the light was changing colors but I took pictures instead..I don’t know why the colors don’t show, but here’s the picture. It stopped and hovered and its lights dimmed and disappeared. It was traveling north and when it disappeared, it went straight up as the light disappeared…”





And, the dim picture posted in the last chronicle:


This case came to light as described in the previous volume:

When a Mendocino County online news service called The Mendocino Voice posted on Facebook late in the afternoon of April 16 a shout-out for information and photos related to sighting reports of “bright lights” in the region, some witnesses suspecting drones with others noting features making that unlikely, they received replies with reports and photos of sightings happening just in the last couple of days from various locales in the county and one from neighboring Lake County.

Some of the replies shared sightings of Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starlink satellites. Most people were aware that is what they saw.

But, reports and photos not involving the Starlink satellites came from people posting replies from their locales, including Anderson Valley, south Ukiah, Laytonville and one from Lake County to the east.

The Mendocino Voice asked for alot of details in the original post and when people replied with sighting-reports—and photos in most cases!—he followed up with questions to flesh out various details.

The original inquiry was spurred by “at least 2 reliable sources [who] corroborated the report of a different set of lights, lower and stationary and red, possibly drones, flying over Potter Valley”. It was noted that “some say they look like drones, others report them from higher up”.

Another person who said someone from Cobb Mountain, in neighboring Lake County, alerted her to something odd , shared some pics also (but without too many details):



The inquiry that was made on the Facebook page for The Mendocino Voice was issued by Adrian Fernandez Baumann. Their online news site:


Below the new and old news articles are their postings on their social media platforms. There is as yet no news article on this story.

The Mendocino Voice Facebook Post

April 20 2020

James Iandoli hosts “Ask UFO Twitter” videos and his last is about “human initiated” contact with extraterrestrials and/or so-called “interdimensionals” (the latter being an ill defined category). This is called CE-5 or close encounters of the fifth kind. Retired US Navy Master-at-Arms Sean Cahill, one of the USS Nimitz crew in 2004 witnessing the famed tic tac craft, provides excellent info and advice related to sky watching efforts which I will adopt in my own skywatching activities:

I have started testing filming via the phone during dark conditions, Here is a helicopter at the tale end of dusk, April 19 (near 20:30)

Zooming in distorts, creating impressive blob of light, letting it be (on auto focus, no zoom) results in sharper image with actual features apparent. I remember Sean Cahill noting this recently…and UFO film expert Scott Browne I seem to remember also noting that also (via twitter).

Aside from today people misidentifying the Starlink satellites, Venus still remains as a commonly misidentified object. This is Venus at dusk:


There has been quite the uptick in many puzzling home-made ufo videos being posted on youtube from many locales worldwide, often over major cities.

I wont focus on reporting or archiving any of that in any depth.
Instead, I will note whatever is happening in my immediate region. That will now be the main focus of this chronicle.

The latest paper at this site is not yet complete, but is in development:


April 24 2020

The social media platforms are becoming even more degraded sites. My activity now ceases there and my monitoring for news and developments will shift to checking key sources that responsibly report.

April 27 2020

This is a day many UFO disclosure activists will mark on their calenders as a date of historical consequence. The DOD, in response to FOIA requests from John Greenewald, issued this public statement:


Statement by the Department of Defense on the Release of Historical Navy Videos

APRIL 27, 2020

The Department of Defense has authorized the release of three unclassified Navy videos, one taken in November 2004 and the other two in January 2015, which have been circulating in the public domain after unauthorized releases in 2007 and 2017.  The U.S. Navy previously acknowledged that these videos circulating in the public domain were indeed Navy videos.   After a thorough review, the department has determined that the authorized release of these unclassified videos does not reveal any sensitive capabilities or systems, and does not impinge on any subsequent investigations of military air space incursions by unidentified aerial phenomena. DOD is releasing the videos in order to clear up any misconceptions by the public on whether or not the footage that has been circulating was real, or whether or not there is more to the videos. The aerial phenomena observed in the videos remain characterized as “unidentified.”  The released videos can be found at the Naval Air Systems Command FOIA Reading Room: https://www.navair.navy.mil/foia/documents.

This news issuing forth today from the Pentagon has necessitated my return to some monitoring of social media, where I saw Harry Reid weigh in:

A couple months ago a person using the username “skrztik” at the subreddit “ufo” posted the fruits of his research into sighting databases at http://nuforc.org and http://www.mufon.com found many civilian-based reports of tic-tac sightings very similiar to what was reported in the 2004 USS Nimitz

Sighting 1 (Riverside, CA, 2004, NUFORC database):


‘It appeared to be shiny, opaque white, not self-luminous. There were no wings, fins or other protrusions visible. The shape was a short tube with rounded ends, like a vitamin capsule or maybe an aircraft drop tank. I watched it until it disappeared in the distance to the south.’


Sighting was reported 11/1/2004 in Riverside, California. Nimitz Incident took place 11/14/2004.Craft was heading South.

Sighting 2 (Novato, CA, 2007, MUFON database)

‘I saw what appeared to be a very long, bright white fuselage of an aircraft heading due south at subsonic speed, approx. 20 miles away (which would put it close to the coastline)…The object was at approx. 10,000 feet, moseying along. Upon closer examination, I noticed that the bogie had no tail or wings, and was about 6-7 times longer than a 747. The white cylinder presented great contrast (and was subsequently easy to track) against a sky that was perfectly clear and blue. There was no contrail or sound.’


Assessment of craft size seems inconsistent with some other sightings – difficult to gauge distance?Heading South.

Sighting 3 (San Diego, CA, 2011, MUFON database)

‘It appeared to be a white/shiny, short, cylinder-shaped object with no discernible wings or lights, and it moved in a straight line. All I was thinking was it must be very high up to appear to be moving so slowly. As I was watching, the whole object flashed on and off a few times and then completely disappeared. I continued to search the sky, wondering if I’d somehow lost sight of the object. As I tried to find it, it seemed to me there was some kind of cloud cover very high up. I asked my dad and he said the sky was clear. So, what was IT? How does a craft DISAPPEAR in broad daylight and plain view?’


Interesting description of the craft simply disappearing.Heading South.

Sighting 4 (Yuba City, CA, 2011, NUFORC database)

Full report: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/078/S78557.html

‘I could immediately tell it wasn’t an airplane. It lacked the usual appearance of the commercial airline planes I see periodically; tail, wings, exhaust stream, markings of any kind, windows. It was a gleaming white yet translucent. Each end was “rounded” and the center was a different shade which made it look like it had a “band” around it. There was absolutely no sound coming from this craft. The weather was calm; no wind, blue skies, and a bright morning sun in the east…I was only able to catch one pretty clear photo.’


Reference to ‘band’ around object.Heading South

Sighting 5 (Palm Springs, CA, 2006, NUFORC database)

‘A fuzzy shaped object crossed the sky, that was from my perspective, the size and shape of a medicine capsule. It quickly crossed the sky and then did a zig-zag motion for about a second, and then kept speeding in the original direcion.’


Sighting was at approximately 10:30 pm so not clear how good visibility was. I thought the reference to a ‘medicine capsule’ was intriguing though.

Sighting 6 (Soquel, CA, 2010, NUFORC database)

‘I saw a white cylindrical object flying erratically over my area this afternoon. Object appeared cylindrical in shape and had a diameter of say 20 feet and a length of 50 feet, like a fat tin can shape. It was white. It had a trailing tail or tentacle-like objects dangling from it. There was a band around the middle of it.’


Description of something ‘dangling’ from bottom of object consistent with claim that Nimitz tic-tac object had some things protruding off it?Another reference to a band around the middle of a craft.

Sighting 7 (Ojai, CA, 2013, NUFORC database)

‘Silver/white cylinder object hovers then vanishes…Saw what looked like a plane in the sky. It grabbed my attention because it looked taller than a commercial aircraft (as if the passenger area was 4 levels tall), and it also seemed to be moving too slowly to stay aloft. I kept an eye on it with the understanding that it could easily be an optical illusion created by my position relative to the object. As my physical location became clearer to see this thing, it became obvious that it was barely moving forward at all. The size and its speed did not follow the known laws of physics. The last moment I looked up at it, it simply became less and less opaque until it vanished from sight. This vanishing (fading out) lasted about 2 seconds.’


Hard to know what to make of this but another interesting reference to disappearance.

Sighting 8 (Garden Grove, CA, 2007, NUFORC database)

‘Medium-sized white cylinder follows aircraft and departs over Garden Grove. I was in my backyard observing the thick cirrus cloud cover when I saw a low airliner travelling westward leaving a persistent contrail. Along side the aircraft was a small white object that I can only describe as a cylinder. It continued to move with the aircraft, and then went on its own path moving southwest. It continued to move in that direction until it began to slow down very fast. It was hovering in one spot for about a minute. During this time I went to retrieve my camera, but when I came back the object was not there. I scanned the sky hoping to find it but to no avail. The object during the whole account was at an altitude of about 15,000 feet. It had a long and rounded shape with a line down the center. It was probably about 30 feet from one end to the other.’


Another reference to a line down the centre.

Sighting 9 (Riverside, CA, 1990 [!] (Reported in 2011), NUFORC database)

‘What I saw was tube shaped with flat ends the color was a pale white. It was at what appeared to be very high altitude. I could see shadowing with some contrast, it remained stationary for about four hours. There were two other people who observed it. I was able to look at it with a pair of field glasses while laying on my back. This thing was in some sort of geo sync. I watched it untill it faded from view due to diminishing daylight. It never moved, it remained fixed in one position above my location. It slowly faded from view while never moving. Again it appeared to remain at a stationary point, but must have been in the atmosphere at high altitude because as daylight waned it slowly faded with the approaching dusk’


Perhaps some bizarre optical illusion? Another reference to something slowly fading.Something strange staying at some stationary point for hours and hours crops up again in 2015 ‘East Coast’ events.

Sighting 10 (Madera Ranchos, CA, 2015, NUFORC database)

‘Pure white tube – west to east – disappeared – returned & hovered & disappeared again. [Whilst driving …] I noticed a pure white object which I assumed was a jet or plane. It was traveling west to east towards Millerton Lake – It was climbing & I couldn’t see any wings. I took more notice & I still couldn’t see any wings, cockpit, propeller, etc. Then it shot off at a high rate of speed – disappeared. I thought it was unusual as I couldn’t see any wings. Next, I get up to Avenue 12 & I see the thing again – real close. Now its basically over me going west. I pulled over as I almost went into the opposite lane. I see this thing stop & hover over a pistachio grove. I wondered how it could just stop, but it did & then it flew off. I don’t know if it was some farming drone or what, but I estimate it was 20 to 30 feet long and about 1,000 feet off the ground.’

Sighting 11 (Woodland Hills, CA, 2014, NUFORC database)

‘I was swimming in the pool, then while in the water I looked up into a very clear blue sky. I noticed that there was no air traffic in the area. After a minute or two I spotted a white shape moving slowly, possibly cigar shaped. I watched carefully as it moved in an Eastward direction, slowed and came to a stop and appeared dissolved into then air, in the matter of a few seconds. The entire sighting lasted about 15 seconds. After about a minute or two of vanishing from sight a couple of regular airplanes flew approximately in the same location at various altitudes, which gave me a very good reference as to the difference in the esthetic of what I was seeing.’


Again a reference to a white, possibly ‘cigar’ shaped object which is briefly visible and then seems to simply dissolve.

Sighting 12 (San Pedro, CA, 2000 (Reported mid-2017), NUFORC database)

‘I was on a boat just off shore of Cabrillo Beach. I was looking nearly straight up and saw a huge white object at a stand still. It looked like the shape of a Tylenol pill. No lights or noticeable marks on it. Before I could show someone the marine layer of clouds were moving towards shore and began to hide the object. It made no sounds but I’ll always wonder what it was I saw that night.’


White object with no noticeable marks on it. One person’s giant tic-tac is another person’s giant Tylenol pill? Is this the same object as the ‘medicine capsule’ of Sighting 5?

Sighting 13 (Phelan/Victor Valley, CA, 2011, MUFON database)

‘At approximately 7:30am on 02/12/2011, I saw a white/silver cylindrical object moving east by northeast in the sky above Phelan at approximately 200 – 300 mph and low in the sky. Not sure of the altitude, but guessing 10,000 ft. It was much lower than the commercial or military planes in our area. I called my wife out and she seen the same thing. The front was not pointed like a typical airplane. There were no wings. My wife said to her it appeared that there was a depression on the rear of the cylinder and behind that a small tail or rudder pointing upward. There were no markings, lights, landing gears, windows or other features that we could see. There was no contrail, vapor or noise. Right after my wife came outside a second, identical object became visible a bit south and behind the first in a “wing man” position. This one was closer to us and only at a slight angle from where we stood so we could see underneath it to confirm there were no visible features on the underside. The two objects continued flying East by north east until they were out of site.’

Sighting 14 (Lee Vining, CA, 2011, MUFON database)

‘This is the 2nd time I’ve seen what appears to be the same object. The first time it was traveling due south, this time due west. I spotted it just before it passed behind the mountain. The best way to describe the shape is to think of a Twinkie, but a bit narrower at the top, and the bottom is convex (rounded) instead of flat. It’s white, with well defined edges. It doesn’t look irregular, but appears to be engineered. I was standing at 7900′ elevation looking south towards a nearby mountain (11,000+ ft) that forms part of the canyon I was in. The object caught my eye three or four seconds before it passed behind this mountain. It appeared to be moving fast. From where I stood, the summit of the mountain is not visible (I’m too close), so it’s difficult to say if the object passed behind the mountain or over it. It moves in a straight line and doesn’t appear to climb or descend. I almost didn’t report this second incident (after reporting the first) because both events were rather unremarkable. Same mountain, but coming from different sides of it.’


One person’s rounded Twinkie is another person’s giant tic-tac?

Bonus non-California sightings from MUFON database:

Sighting 15 (Coon Rapids, MN, 2013, MUFON database):

‘Saw white cylinder with no wings or tail asending and moving off to the east. As I was going home from work and about to make a right turn on get ave on to Coon Rapids Blvd – about to go north – I looked up and south to see what appeared to be a White Cylinder with no wings or tail heading towards me at approx. 8000 ft. an two miles out I turned the corner and pulled into a residential driveway. I got out of my car and watched the object rise and gradually turn east at a moderate speed. The Cylinder was about the size of a commercial airline fuselage without wings and tail, rounded on both ends with what appeared to be a black band around the middle. I watched until it was out of sight’

Sighting 16 (Old Lyme, CT, 2014, MUFON database):

‘Beautiful blue sky with white billowy clouds. Something caught my eye as I was driving my convertable home. Slow moving shiny white reflective metal, cigar shaped with a black band right in the middle. I pulled my car over … I heard nothing and the object came to a stop. The object (without turning) started moving the oposite direction at a much faster pace. I watched it for a total of about 5 minutes and lost it in the tree line as it flew away. I sat there for about 5 minutes looking at the sky and then drove home. I was home in about 10 minutes. I got out of my car and as I walked to the house I was looking at the sky again and all of a sudden there was another object flying from my right to left. Same color, no noise but about half the size of the first object. This one was moving very fast and I watched it go from blue sky to behind the clouds then it went behind a cloud and never came out on the other side! I watched for about another 5 minutes but nothing else happened. At NO point did I ever think these objects were planes or anything else I have ever seen in my life.’

Sighting 17 (Lawrenceville, GA, 2011, MUFON database):

‘So I watch this thing get closer to me, which remained completely silent by the way, and notice that there’s no wings, no tail, no nothing. It looked like a long white Tylenol gelcap, complete with a black seam around the middle of it.’ ‘It was a solid white capsule with a black ring around the middle of it. A flying headache capsule! I realize I should have taken a picture with my cell phone, but I kept thinking it was a plane. By the time my brain kicked in, telling me, okay kiddo, this is no airplane, it was already over the trees to my west and it was too late. After thinking about it for a few days, and not being able to come up with any logical conclusion, I googled “capsule UFO” to see if maybe it was some new aircraft. I found, on Google images, the exact thing I saw. This is it, exactly. http://lightsinthetexassky.blogspot.com/2010/07/navy-veteran-witnesses-cylinder-shaped.html ‘

Sighting 18 (Waycross, GA, 2008, MUFON database):

‘I noticed that there werent any wings and there was a wide black band that went around the circumference at a point slightly less than halfway from the from the front of the cylinder. The cylinder was shorter and fatter in proportion when compared to the passenger jet fuselage that I saw but seemed to be approximately the same size. Afterwards I think I may have said I had seen something like an airplane without wings and tried not to make a big deal of it. I wanted to keep thinking about what it could be and didn’t want to be distracted by kidding. Thoughts—Somehow it looked “normal”. I didn’t look menacing… How did it get its lift and propulsion? Was an airfoil inside the “tube”? Was it a lighter than air device with a propeller inside the “tube”? Why did it seem to be shadowing a fairly low flying passenger plane?”


Again a reference to Tylenol.Sightings 4,6,8,15,16,17,18 all mention some ‘black band’ around the middle of the craft. Are they all seeing the same thing? Counterpoint from commenter ‘Bad Example’ here (http://www.ghosttheory.com/2011/10/13/black-banded-cigar-ufo-spotted-in-several-states):

‘I’ve seen this too in the crisp fall air, at least 50 times — it’s an airplane banking, the wings seem to disappear when viewed looking directly at one of the wing tips. The effect is exactly like a cylinder with a black band in the middle – that black band is just the airplane engine. Sometimes you see two in a row as described as planes follow each other on common routes. If you look long enough you sometimes eventually spot the tail, or wings, depending on the light and distance.’


A very long post but hopefully some interesting information here, particularly regarding repeatedly observed features. I’m not aware of any of these people subsequently coming forward to say more about their sightings in this post-Elizondo era. Most if not all of these reports are not particularly sensational.

There are many sightings on these databases of white/silver pill/cylinder type objects specifically with a dark/black band going around the middle of the object – this has been described over many years in the 21st century and in many US states.

May 1 2020

After Trump weighed in on the UFO videos “officially” released by the Pentagon, Russian Today wrote an article gauging our reactions on twitter.

My comment is at the end of this article (includes twitter profile pic):


As you can see by the tweet quoted in the article, I am not holding my breath for a disclosure. And, I dont spend too much time pondering over the issue of a government coverup.

Instead, like I keep saying, I am focused on the exposure and emergence factors. On the exposure front, I saw some great advice for skywatching:

The exposure effort known as UAPTN, or Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon Tracking Network has been reforemed now at http://skyhub.org

May 8 2020

The Skyhub effort has posted its introductory description and an active chat page where people are working on the mechanics of their project:

Coming this Summer

A world-wide, public search for UAPs using a global network of machine-learning, smart cameras and sensor-arrays built by you with our opensource software

Our Principles and Purpose

WHY SKY HUB – On April 27, 2020, the Pentagon confirmed, for the second time, that there are unknown, beyond-next-generation objects flying in our skies unabated. Given the low-cost & the capability of today’s consumer grade technology, there has never been a better time to assemble a network of smart sensors to capture these objects’ digital signatures.MACHINE LEARNING – The driving forces behind this project are: 1) the rapid growth and evolution of machine-learning for streamlining the analysis of large data sets; 2) the increasing affordability of AI-ready hardware like the Nvidia Jetson Nano; and 3) the continuing, perplexing presence of unidentified aerial phenomenon in our skies.GROUP EFFORT – Given the timing of the facts above, we are creating a crowd-sourced network of smart Trackers that will each recognize with “Edge Processing” whether an anomalous event has occurred, and that will each automatically upload the anomalous data to the Sky Hub Cloud.
OPEN SOURCE – UFO data—like all data concerning the public good—should be made and kept Public. We created Sky Hub with the ultimate goal of building and hosting a worldwide, digital UFO database that anyone can access and use under a Creative Commons License using our opensource software created by us and offered to the public under the MIT license.


On the heels of the April 27th DOD news release affirming the reality of the released 2004 and 2015 US Navy’s film of UFOs, Harry Reid has been interviewed:

Vice interviews Harry Reid

May 20 2020

This entry marks the first year anniversary of the start of this site, an introductory background briefing on the ufo subject and also purposed as an encouragement for academic institutions to adopt this field of study.

This entry also concludes the journaling. There will be no further activity at this site. Instead a traditional ad campaign targeting college newspapers will be my focus.

Alot is happening:

Susan Gough, DOD spokesperson, responded to Swedish researcher Roger Glassell that military/ufo events are addressed by a multi-agency task force.

The DOD responses to inquiries is a developing situation and represents movement on the disclosure front, as does apparent growing attention from members of Congress. A media outreach group on ufotwitter is focused on drawing further pressure from news outfits, doing so with carefully crafted conservative briefings avoiding talk of et or aliens.

Growing attention from mainstream journalists is movement on the exposure front. Also, on that front, we have the developing efforts previously reported on in the various volumes of journaling here: Skyhub; UAPExpedition; the Vault.

On the emergence front, sightings seem to be on the rise, perhaps in a major way judging by the growing volume of reports posted at the National UFO Reporting Center and homemade videos posted on youtube.

Again, I now bow out to craft an ad campaign. I will post update material only at 2 Facebook groups:
Operation Right to Know and Extraterrestrial Cultural Center.