Welcome to this site, envisioned as an online academy engaged in what I am calling Cosmic Pluralism Studies but what is more commonly known as “ufology”.



This post will serve as the menu of site content and is in continuous development, until death or invalidism or some point when complete in crafting a beginning course of study.

Any and all material here is free to use without restriction or conditions (including attribution). The purposes here are to provide an online course of study and also provide a model for academic institutions who have finally recognized that this subject (as of 2019) just got “real”.



In Lecture number 1, an outline of this course of study is introduced:

Lecture One: Introduction

In Lecture number 2, we jump to the subject angle that is now bringing significant public attention onto this field of study:

Lecture Two: Military/UFO Encounters, part one

Lecture Three: NY Times, May 26 2019, gives 5 US Navy pilots a voice

Lecture Four: Military/UFO Encounters, part 3

Lecture Five: American Government’s Very Beginning Examination of UFOs

Lecture Six: Project Grudge, February 1949 to March 1952

Lecture Seven: The Shifting to the Debunking Mode and the Robertson Panel Agenda


—The Hypotheses: lectures #1 ,

—Military/UFO Encounters: lectures #2, #3, #4

—Civilian UFO Investigation Groups and Efforts: Historical overview article , List with links of active researchers and analysts,

—Close Encounters of the Third Kind: South American cases from Lorenzen 1976 files,

—The US Government and UFOs: lectures #5, 6, #7 ; KB article on NRO references in UFO lit; PJD on AF 2017 reporting guidelines ;


~~From this site:

History of Civilian UFO Investigations and Studies

Currently Active UFO Research/Analysis Network

Briefing with key news & resource links for developments from Dec 2017 to May 2019

Notes: South American Close Encounters, 3rd Type, from Lorenzen files

A (non-ufo) Field Investigation (personal history)

Resources for studies in this arena of focus necessarily must come from many other disciplines and fields of study (nearly an endless list!).


~~Background and context from off-site:

Anaximander 610-546 BCE (noted early Greek philisopher, broke from closed universe view of cosmos encased in celestial vault; thought beings elsewhere, ie cosmic pluralism)

Compilation of UFO organizations worldwide (very up to date)

Keith Basterfield article on available info on NRO-related role with UFOs


Disclosure Journal #1, May 2019

Disclosure Journal #2, June 2019

Random Notes and Quotes: July 2019 thru December 2019



—Alejandro Rojas

Den of Geek articles:


Opem Minds TV:

Alejandro Rojas

—Kevin Randle



—J Allen Hynek Center for UFO Studies

This largely inactive org now does have an extensive archived online database of cases and more, available via the sidebar links here:


—Manuel Lamiroy’s Exopaedia:


(Here is his article re: the organization I co founded with Ed Komarek: http://www.exopaedia.org/Operation+Right+To+Know )

—Albert Rosales: Humanoid Contact Database

Note: the compiler informs us that he took an unfiltered approach and therefore he says readers need to take care to discern cases known to be hoaxes.


—Washington Post



New Paradigm College, Lucerne CA


Jeffrey Kripal of Rice University

Course reading:



Thomas Bullard, PhD Folklorist

Course reading:



Chris Mattmann, PhD of University of Southern California 2018 UFO data analysis project by students


Princeton University Press book by Jeffrey Bennett (astrophysicist, educator)

Course Reading:



Online UFO courses, $75 for Continuing Ed certificate, $50 without:



Richard Dolan’s 9 online UFO courses, each $197, hosted by International Metaphysical University (link to 1st intro course):



Five psychology academics’ Extraterrestrial Enthusiasts Research Project:


“The Extraterrestrial Enthusiast Research Project (E.E.R.P) is a team of psychological researchers interested in how belief in life beyond our planet influences individuals in a number of unique ways and viewing that influence from several different perspectives. Asking psychological, anthropological, and sociological questions, and as we interact with members of the community, our team is examining UFO and extraterrestrial believers to help both believers and non-believers to better understand the community as a whole.”


David Pares, modern-day model for Emmett Brown (Back to Future fictional mad scientist) or Zephraim Cochrane (Star Trek fictional mad scientist)? Article good description of localized warp drive potential:

Vice Magazine: Scientist still working on warp drive in garage

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