Introductory background material for the UFO subject….Academic institutions are encouraged to break through the obscuring atmosphere of ridicule and denial and direct attention and resources to examining “Cosmic Pluralism” realities becoming increasingly evident.

Moving to a bigger playground of deeper play and new relations.


This post will serve as the menu of site content.

Any and all material here written by me (Mike Jamieson) is free and okay for anyone to use without restriction or conditions (including attribution). The purposes here are to provide an online course of study and also provide a model for academic institutions who have finally recognized that this subject is worthy of being addressed and studied.

 JOURNAL, Volume One: March 2021

JOURNAL, Volume Two: April 2021

(The UFO subject by the end of April 2021 has established a secure foothold in the news media organizations as a serious matter to address and my chronicling ceases.)

A forum focusing on close encounters of the third and fourth kinds was created by me late August 2021:

Cosmic Pluralism Studies Forum


Additional material (such as youtube clips, news articles, etc) beyond the lectures and papers by me for each subject are identified in the next section, “Additional Course Resources”.

General Overview and Hypotheses

Lecture: Introduction (includes summary of the hypotheses)

Lecture 15: And, in conclusion…

The United States Government and UFOs

U.S. Government and UFOs lecture series, part 1

U.S. Government and UFOs, lecture series part 2 (conclusion)

Close Encounters of the Third and Fourth Kind

Close Encounters of the Third and Fourt Kind lecture series, part 1

Close Encounters of the Third and Fourth Kind lecture series, part 2 (conclusion)

Paper: South American CE3 cases from 1976 Lorenzen book

Paper: Light and Energy Phenomenon in Close Encounters of the 3rd & 4th Kind

Paper: A Systematization of Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke’s Published Cases (part one)

Paper:. A Systemization of Cases Published by Dr. Ardy Sixkiller Clarke, part two

 Paper: Part One Sample of Close Encounters Cases

Paper: Part Two Sample of Close Encounter Cases (1900-1940)

Military/UFO Encounters

Military/UFO Encounters lecture series

Civilian UFO Groups and Efforts

Paper: History of Civilian UFO Investigations


Examining Notions of Ancient Aliens


Paper: The gods of ancient India and Persia

Paper: The Birth of Civilizations and the Gods

Paper: Part 2 of The Birth of Civilizations and the Gods


In Lecture number 1, a suggested outline of this course of study for academic institution is introduced:

Lecture One: Introduction

Lecture Two: Military/UFO Encounters, part one

Lecture Three: NY Times, May 26 2019, gives 5 US Navy pilots a voice

Lecture Four: Military/UFO Encounters, part 3

Lecture Five: American Government’s Very Beginning Examination of UFOs

Lecture Six: Project Grudge, February 1949 to March 1952

Lecture Seven: The Shifting to the Debunking Mode and the Robertson Panel Agenda

Lecture Eight: 1953-1969, US Government Tries to Put UFOs Out of Sight

Lecture Nine: Surveying the Databases for Close Encounters of 3rd and 4th Kind Cases

Lecture Eleven: Overview of Close Encounters of the Third Kind

Lecture Twelve: Overview of Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind (with new sub-category added)

Lecture Thirteen: The Issue of Hidden Government Programs

Lecture Fourteen: Close Encounters of the Fourth Kind and Military and Intelligence Officials

Lecture Fifteen: And, in conclusion….


Additional Resources and Content

Poster and letter (with addendum) for Campus Campaign:

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